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  1. I wish this would be fixed, haven't heard anything other than the comment above 8 months ago...
  2. Just tried the flaps, have a squad mission coming up and have to fly the MiG, but can set the flap limiter. Basically you have to operate them like a BF109 only when you're raising and lowering the flaps, they are in the retracted position. Let go of the button, flaps drop to what you have them set to, or up if you raise them. But always retracted while adjusting them up/down.
  3. There is no way to turn down the wind volume. But if you have an EQ, equalizer, then you can adjust the EQ so the wind is less prominent. My Razer Blackshark V2 headphones come with a USB sound card and software. It has a 10 band EQ that I adjust to taste based on my volume settings, then save it as a profile. Check to see what you can do with your audio software.
  4. I'm not sure what everyone is using for audio and the many different settings as well as the different frequencies each person can or can not hear. I think it would be good to post your audio setup and the different volume settings for computer, headphones, in game, etc. How do you have your sound set and what you use will make a huge difference in what you hear. I ended up buying the Razor Blackshark V2 headphones. Comes with a Razor usb sound card so you can dial in your sound, THX spatial sound, 10 ban eq, etc. If I don't use the THX spatial sound and
  5. Thank you! I went in and looked at the sound and the headphones were set to some sonic for windows headphones. Normally I record in normal speaker mode. Not sure when the headphone setting was turned on, that sucked. I'm uploading a new video now. I can leave the old one on for comparison so folks can see what a missed setting can do. 🙂
  6. I'm loving the new updated sounds... did a little Mk.IX dogfight practice posted in videos, recorded at 80% ingame sound. Thanks again devs.
  7. Just having some fun, recorded at 100% then switched to 80% ingame volume. In cockpit canopy closed, shot up, and open. Lots of up close dog fighting with enemy flying over canopy. Sorry, may cause motion sickness. 🙂 UPDATED VIDEO WITH PROPER SOUND SETTINGS THIS VIDEO HAS THE WRONG SOUND SETTINGS - Used windows spatial sound for headphones when it was recorded messing up the sound.
  8. Thanks for the update, love the sound improvements... wind over wings helps me a lot. Reading the comments about sound know different volume settings makes a difference in sound balance and watching the video with sound which is misleading due to mic placement and settings while recordings. Only thing I can think of to make all folks happy would be to have an in cockpit sound mixer in the audio settings. Something allowing pilots to adjust sound levels for engines, wind, airframe etc. Whatever makes sense for some basic balance adjustments. For me personal
  9. I read through all the notes, looking forward to trying out the new model. Reading about the fatigue indicator - small triangle that changes size based on pilot condition. I wish the indication was done more with sound. I know there is sound as you enter high g turns, pilot huffs. If there was any kind of breathing sounds indicating the pilot is starting to get fatigued, to pulling g's, then recovery, etc, fully recovered, no breathing type of thing. Some volume adjustment for the effect, or ability to turn it on/off assuming not everyone would like that.
  10. I added a help video for editing counters and timers to the first post. Hope that help. Have fun...
  11. Thanks, fun little mission, I replied to your message. But I have to post the files here. Try these to fly Allied or Axis. The opposing side airfields are set to neutral so you can only join one side for each mission. Then I slowed down how fast the friendly AI come in. It's the simplest edit so you don't have to mess with the mechanics. I'll try and post a video on how to tweak the timing and counters, removing some planes. If you want to fly Allied, choose the Allied map, Axis, choose the Axis map. These have not been tested and I didn't change the briefing. I did o
  12. I know nuTING!... LOL, couldn't resist...
  13. Recently had some friendly fire issues with static objects, figured out the link/coalition/delete link, then read about in the manual, 🙂 So that makes sense as far as object near objectives, etc. Trains - so if I have a train traveling across the map. I guess i need to go through the route and make sure all the bridges and other objects along the path are set the the trains coalition? I did have to different coalitions on 2 tracks side/by/side. I guess that's just a bad idea. Is that the general practice for adding trains? change the bridges to the trains coalit
  14. Thanks, your very welcome... It's really helped me get used to the WWI planes... tuckers me out. 🙂
  15. This helped me with the sphere, assuming this is how it works. So you can fly above/below without detections and may need to use a few spheres as opposed to one cylinder to cover an area as desired. Hopefully that makes sense. I was hoping it was set the altitude so the cylinder was not to infinity and would not trigger planes flying above the cylinder? Which is the opposite of what's described above? - My current understanding and how I use it - set the radius of the cylinder - altitude doesn't matter. Enter the radius at any altitude; 0 to infinity/stars and it trig
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