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  1. For fun and practice, Take off and trim for best climb speed and do 1-2 circuits climbing hands free, rudders only. Some planes like the Mk.VB I can trim it out and take my hand off the stick, then continue to climb circling the airfield using only my rudder pedals only to steer the plane. I usually shoot for 180 mph, though its best climb speed is 160 mph. I take off/ turn cross/ downwind leg / by the end of the downwind maybe turning base in the circuit as I continue to climb, I have my nose trimmed up almost full and it settles in and I can take my hand off the stick. As you steer with your feet you can control the speed using your bank. If you straighten out on upwind leg and actually have wind you will notice more climb and drop in speed, so rudder to turn a bit and decrease your climb, turn to much increase speed and climb rate, etc. But you get a great feel for trimming the plane. Also this flying straight, trim the best you can for a best climb, then just use your pedals, let the plane climb and speed drop until it gets closer to stall or the nose starts to drop, speed increases, nose rises, etc. You will want to grab the stick, don't do it (unless that's where your trim is) See how close you can trim for hands free with the least amount of speed difference as the nose rises and fall during hands free flight. Blackouts - you will be surprise how much having your nose trimmed up can increase blackout. Put any plane in a steady hard turn to hold yourself on the edge of the blackout, grey going black, just where you can hold it for several seconds. Once your there, keep the stick steady and trim the nose up and down..... you will see the blackout softly increase/decrease. I still get surprised when I hear pilots say they never use trim... you can fly without trimming, but why. 😉
  2. Technically yes, you will get the additional thin layer above the thick clouds sometimes when you adjust the cloud base level and height, depending on which clouds you pick from the drop-down settings. With the plugin you will see the thinker clouds in layers in addition to the thin cloud layer above, depending on settings. I kept seeing screen shots or videos with these thinker double layers of clouds seen in the MODS... Default Clouds: How do play with the spacing between the 2 layers? Far as I know you pick a cloud set, light, heavy, etc.. Level is for the base height of the clouds from the ground Height is the thickness from base to above... Example: Level 1200 klm - cloud base Height 1800 klm - means the cloud thickness is from 1200 klm base to 3000 klm, making it 1800 km thick... If I make the height max, 10,000 and depending on cloud type it adds/changes thin clouds above.
  3. I like layered clouds; far as I know that's not possible with default clouds, at least that I know of. I use the "More Realistic Clouds" version 8 MOD. Simple, just drop the "Sky" folder in the graphics folder, then when you want to use the clouds check the MOD box. NOTE: if you have the "Sky" folder in the graphics folder you will see the "More Realistic Clouds" when view in the Mission Editor 3-d view as describe above. You would need to rename that folder to something like "Sky-disables" or anything so you see the default clouds in ME. Hope that helps.
  4. Duck, here's another one - Notice when the bandit gets shot his "icon" disappears, I assume that is when the pilot is killed, then about 15 sec later the plane disappears. If that's normal, it would be nice if both the pilot onkilled and plane hitting the ground need to be met before the plane gets deleted.
  5. Fun with trimming the plane.... Can’t fully trim unless your power is set, throttle, rpm and not changing Can’t fully trim unless your speed has settled in and the speed is not changing. Achieve these 2 things maintaining level flight will require back pressure or forward pressure on the stick to maintain level flight. Now keeping speed and power the same, trim nose up/down until your stick is neutral and your still maintaining same power and speed. Your now trimmed. After you trimmed for that power/speed/altitude. If you allow the nose to pitch up or down changing your speed will making you think you need to trim more, level out and wait for the speed to settle back in before making trim adjustments. If you change the power, that will change your speed, you will need to trim again… You don’t need force feedback to know if your stick is neutral and the nose of your plane is not going up or down. (I’ll assume you know if pulling back or pushing forward on your stick base on spring resistance.) Fingertip flying, hands free will tell you what’s going on with the trim. The longer it takes a plane to settle into a speed for level flight based on a specific power setting at any specific altitude, the longer it will take you to trim out the plane. Can’t fully trim until the speed stops changing, and no power adjustments are being made. If I’m in the P51, 2700 rpm, 44-46” mp/throttle, level flight… When I climb at 180 mph then transition into level flight, it takes a while to reach full speed for level flight, might be at 250-275 mph, then slowly reaches around 300-ish mph.(varies based on weight) I recommend trying 50% fuel, no bombs, then test out the plane. Trim for best climb, level out, trim for level flight, etc. I will be trimming the plane throughout the climb to level flight transitions as needed until I’m in level flight and the speed stops changing. When the plane finally settles into its speed for that altitude and that power setting. I no longer must keep trimming the plane and just use my fingertips on the stick to fly the plane. Very relaxing. Note: P51 has elevator, aileron, and rudder trim for a reason… Tendencies … More power nose goes up, less power nose goes down – so set the power and leave it More speed the nose goes up, less speed the nose goes down – so you must settle into your speed. More weight – (less responsive to trimming) more likely to need to trim nose up (depending on the plane and fuel tank placement) Less weight – (more responsive to trimming) less nose up trim, more sensitive to trimming in general. Etc. Hope that helps.
  6. right click on the item in the tree click "select" should be able to edit, create linked entity, etc. If you click away on the map, repeat steps 1, 2, 3...
  7. Thanks... Yep, lots of cranes up to fly around, helps to have stuff to line up as a guide.... no oil yet so its very expensive to fly at that airfield.. :-)
  8. Okay I confirm, I see the bug. Mk.IX - landed hard, wounded myself, forgot I had RRR, so when it started to repair, I hit the eject to pop the canopy. Plane kept slowly turning in a circle and wouldn't stop, couldn't start engine. As it repaired the same glitch happened with the canopy that's in your video. I hit the open/close canopy button and when the canopy was in the open position the glitch stopped, when I tried to close the canopy the glitch started again just like in your video. Meanwhile the plane continued to turn slowly in a circle, braking, trying to start the engines, nothing happened, open/close canopy cause the glitch to start stop. More testing, but that's what I saw.
  9. On any plane? Only planes that have a canopy that will be torn off if opened in flight? So just open the canopy while in flight so gets torn off, then land and RRR to get this bug? I'll try this out, I have to get in some 109 F4 practice anyways so easy to test. First thing that comes to mind for testing is... If I let the canopy get torn off, land, RRR, do I get the bug Next test would be to let the canopy get torn off, land, then hit the eject button when you come to a stop to blow the canopy, then see if it repairs/replaces the canopy Then test trying open/close canopy after it's torn off... Etc. Then see what happens constantly; every time...
  10. What are the cloud settings being used in Mission Editor to get the "double layer of clouds" ??? I flew Red BoX and saw those and thought WTH! that's awesome, never seen 2 layers before...
  11. This is something I seen 5-6 times. Repair doesn't fully repair the wing, then the plane doesn't fly properly after takeoff. You can see the crack. Single player, MkIX.
  12. I think that's for mat manager, changing stock markings with new decals.
  13. NO ============= Mission file name - open the mission in ME, click file/save as/ now rename the mission file to what you want. File name is different from the "mission name in the mission properties" You don't need to create a new folder unless you want to organize your mission in folders. Then those folder names show up on the mission trees in game, click the folder there's the mission. Open mission in ME / File / Save As / Rename mission - mission file names have changed Mission Properties - Change this to the name of the mission that shows up in the mission list(tree)in game. Changing the name in the properties doesn't change the file names. I recommend naming your mission files and your mission name the same or close or it might get confusing. Now you have your new mission saved with the new file name and new mission name. Lets say you made changes to the mission and saved it, tested it so you opened it up in IL2. That mission tree has been cached, so the mission name on the list is cached. Now you decide you want to change the name of the mission in ME! So you open ME / mission properties / Name / change the name of your mission (again this doesn't change the file name, just the name of the mission that shows on the mission tree) You open up IL2, and the mission name didn't change, it's still the same as it was. (Delete the cache, I typically just delete all 3 cache files, or you can just pick the one, mission, coop, track) Next time you open IL2 it will create the new list with the new mission name and cache it. Cache and mission list names not changing until I delete the cache have been the same for me offline or online if I'm testing a MP mission I host for myself...
  14. I think it's just cached and you just need to go into your /data/ folder and delete your cache files. these are the 3 files. After deleting them first time you load mission list / tree it may take a few more seconds load and cache the new list... ctreecache.eng ttree.... mtree....
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