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  1. That's cool, I'll have to try this. Will be interesting to try and setup 2 routes then trigger the sub to switch to a submersion route when enemy get within visual range some variation of that. thanks for sharing.
  2. Didn't realize the thread was open again... I really like the update, awesome work...! but technochat options caught me off guard since I have to change the way I use IL2 online now in multiplayer. I really like the update, and I'm all for having the SDS option; however without the technochat basic options that use to be found in the dropdown menu of basic options for user level changes that could be done in game in multiplayer, now I have hit "H" to hide everything if I don't want to see technochat on a server that has it enabled.... tested it tonight with the squad. I posted under suggestions. So all technochat or none if I need to read subtitle messages for a mission... I don't want to stop anyone from having technochat, but I don't want to be forced to see it if I don't want too... wasn't and issue until now. Thanks, keep up the great work... always impressed.
  3. Well the squad flew tonight, had both on, then had to turn the tips off, no one could turn that off at a user level. I had to hit "H" to hide the technochat so I had no compass if I want it, didn't matter what my personal realism settings were set too. So I'm all for having the option in the SDS; but without having some user level options to turn tips on/off or technochat on/off in basic setting for any servers allowing technochat is disappointing. Hopefully Devs might consider adding the drop down menu back to the basic options which had off/technochat/technotchat and tips, all at the user level for on the fly changes while in multiplayer. For now, I just hit "H" to hide it since the squad is not going to fly without technochat, but that also means now I don't get important subtitle messages without being forced to look at technochat as well, so it's all or none. bummer... I'm forced to change how I use IL2... But the update is looking fantastic... really a great job done, please consider adding the user level options back. Thank you...
  4. Just did the update and noticed the change so you have to go into the realism settings to check/uncheck info feed/handling tips to hide technochat or use "H" to hide it which hides everything. So now if I have my realism setup this way I can not turn technochat on/off via basic options while in game as needed. I don't fly with technochat on, however if I want to Repair Refuel Rearm, I really need the technochat so I can see when the rearm is completed, how much fuel, etc. There are no consistent audible sounds that can be heard as an indicator of fueling rearming, etc. Typically in game if I get into a situation where I need to RRR, I land, hit ESC, Basic settings, switch to technochat, RRR, hit ESC, Basic settings, then turn off technochat. Now I also use the compass in the lower left corner without technochat, so if I hit "H" to hide technochat it hides everything........ arrrrg. It would be nice if you still had the basic options show up if you enable info feed/handling tip in Realism: Custom settings. Then you still have the ability to hide it / turn it on/off via basic options as needed in game. Thanks......
  5. It does use <b>bold</b> It does not use <strong>bold, emphasis for people that are blind and having content read to them by an app</strong> Just stick with the simple tags, I wouldn't use the HTML converter, you have to change remove more tags then if you just add the simple tags as needed by hand. It messed me up the first time I started using html in the description and realizing this does not work like like standard html. It would be really cool if I could setup my own style sheet and use standard html/css within the descriptions. But you can't... 😞 Maybe setup a mission description test demonstrating the different tags to get a feel for it, what it will/won't do. <b>My bold subtitle text using the b tag</b><br /><br />I used 2 break br tags to create a paragraph space<br />I used a single br break for a hard return.<br /><br /><b>My next paragraph intro text bold</b> - this is the rest of my text<br /><br />paragraph beak title<br /><br ><li>bullet 1</li><li>bullet 2</li><br /><br /> <i><b>next paragraph line bold b tag, italicized i tag</b></li> <br> works fine, I'm just used to <br /> wich works fine... just tinker with it. This is not for everyone, but - Sometimes I'll write and format in microsoft word, basic bold, bullets, etc. When I'm done, I go in and add all the tags within the word doc (copy/paste tags is handy), backspace bullets and add <li></li>, etc. Then copy/paste it into notepad and backspace/space every line as needed to remove white space and paste it into the ME description. Sounds worse that it is. Then fine tune it within ME as needed.
  6. It would be nice to have a choice, or be able to set up some buildings that are enemy communications, blow it up, no warning on the map. 30 min later, it's fixed, kind of thing, but still have an option to show it as a text message, map warning, objective, or just turn it off in the multiplayer options. Some flexibility would be nice.
  7. "Daggers flash on and off" and you see the "plane icon with a count" of how many enemy at the airfield, tankfield. Be nice to stop that from showing up...
  8. Yes I have a test mission, my test show it's not working, hoping for confirmation from others on yes it does not work or only works under specific condition, current status of how works, bug, etc... That manual reference is the same area my reference is. DF Multiplayer Lapino test - AI battle it out so I can watch the groups and messages for behavior, what's killed, etc. Just select a plane from Yantar and sit on the runway then cycle through the planes as there activated watching the messages, cycling planes counting to check for accuracy based on messages. Messages at the top of the screen - Behavior changes for first 3 groups top left - random AI skill level, repeat selected, on damaged selected top center - skill level selected top right - onkill deactivated. Message at the bottom of the screen - Plane kills, when a group is activated bottom left - shows 2 of, 4 of, 6 of planes killed for the each group - G1, G2, = group 1, group 2, etc. bottom center - message saying next group has been activated based on how many planes have been killed, etc. bottom right - shows when count balance has been moved activating the timers that allow the next timer to start counting remaining planes. 30-40 min test... DW-Battlezone-Mood-Swings-v4c-DF.zip You can pop a player plane at Yanker, set it to invulnerable, unlimited ammo, save it as a single mission. then run it that way, otherwise you need to self serve via multiplayer or run on dserver to test. VIDEO EXPLANATION: View at 1080 res so it's not blurry. https://youtu.be/r51OvTuu65w If someone has deactivated counters counting so when activated they will fire if the max count has been met or activate with a current count, then continue counting firing when hitting max count, let me know. If my example is accurate showing it's not counting, maybe someone can confirm, yes, they get the same results showing it's not counting. Thanks for any input. DW
  9. So I'm setting up counters which are deactivated, assuming they are counting, so that when they get activated, if they have hit there max count they trigger, if not and there activated, then once they hit max number, then it triggers. Manual... So does this still work? From my tests it doesn't seem to count until the counter is activated, then it counts my onkill and activates? Can someone confirm if deactivate counters count, then when activated should trigger if count is met?
  10. Thanks for the responses, I read about remote console in the manual but was hoping to keep it simpler than that and not have to deal with any external apps or monitoring for what I'm doing.
  11. Basically I'd like to count live players on a map so as the number changes I can activate/deactivate what I'd like base on number of players. I see the different ways I can count ai plane/vehicles, etc. coming, going, onkill, on damage, etc. Or count planes leaving an airfield and returned, etc. But I'm not sure I can count active players/pilots on a map? Maybe the better question is counting players onkilled so I can count planes leaving the airfield, then subtract planes as they are killed. Of course the different ways you count might count planes multiple times. Thanks...... DW
  12. Thanks for the info, that really cleared up how the sphere work... So if your not using a sphere and using a "cylinder" your saying setting the radius will create a cylinder 6000 meters in diameter, and it will be 6000 meters tall with a flat top? Then basically the "Y" axis does nothing? or it needs to be set to ground level, or can you set the "Y" axis to say 1000 meters, and be able to fly under 1000 meters beneath the cylinder undetected? I was under the impression the cylinder is infinite, set the radius and you can not fly above or below to avoid it, you have to fly around it? Thanks for any clarification on this, info is appreciated.
  13. Thanks, the Airfield in Moscow is Migalovo, Grid 0413 T9 I extended the airfield to included a place to practice S Turns, weaving in/out around bridges. Aerobatic River Race https://youtu.be/Snlb8Y0QQc0
  14. For fun and practice, Take off and trim for best climb speed and do 1-2 circuits climbing hands free, rudders only. Some planes like the Mk.VB I can trim it out and take my hand off the stick, then continue to climb circling the airfield using only my rudder pedals only to steer the plane. I usually shoot for 180 mph, though its best climb speed is 160 mph. I take off/ turn cross/ downwind leg / by the end of the downwind maybe turning base in the circuit as I continue to climb, I have my nose trimmed up almost full and it settles in and I can take my hand off the stick. As you steer with your feet you can control the speed using your bank. If you straighten out on upwind leg and actually have wind you will notice more climb and drop in speed, so rudder to turn a bit and decrease your climb, turn to much increase speed and climb rate, etc. But you get a great feel for trimming the plane. Also this flying straight, trim the best you can for a best climb, then just use your pedals, let the plane climb and speed drop until it gets closer to stall or the nose starts to drop, speed increases, nose rises, etc. You will want to grab the stick, don't do it (unless that's where your trim is) See how close you can trim for hands free with the least amount of speed difference as the nose rises and fall during hands free flight. Blackouts - you will be surprise how much having your nose trimmed up can increase blackout. Put any plane in a steady hard turn to hold yourself on the edge of the blackout, grey going black, just where you can hold it for several seconds. Once your there, keep the stick steady and trim the nose up and down..... you will see the blackout softly increase/decrease. I still get surprised when I hear pilots say they never use trim... you can fly without trimming, but why. 😉
  15. Technically yes, you will get the additional thin layer above the thick clouds sometimes when you adjust the cloud base level and height, depending on which clouds you pick from the drop-down settings. With the plugin you will see the thinker clouds in layers in addition to the thin cloud layer above, depending on settings. I kept seeing screen shots or videos with these thinker double layers of clouds seen in the MODS... Default Clouds: How do play with the spacing between the 2 layers? Far as I know you pick a cloud set, light, heavy, etc.. Level is for the base height of the clouds from the ground Height is the thickness from base to above... Example: Level 1200 klm - cloud base Height 1800 klm - means the cloud thickness is from 1200 klm base to 3000 klm, making it 1800 km thick... If I make the height max, 10,000 and depending on cloud type it adds/changes thin clouds above.
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