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  1. I've focused on flying fighters in VR. But I've just added the JetPad and ButtKicker haptic devices and this looks like a good time to start flying all the planes again; especially those with things that fall off and go boom. Honestly, I thought the trains blew up way too easily in ROF. Will be interesting to see what they are doing now. Prosit!
  2. A few days ago, GASCAN showed me where the zoom functions are for VR; all this time I've been flying without them. I assigned my short and long range zoom functions to the up and down buttons on my hatswitch. Now, when I'm in cockpit view (F1) the zoom works well for distant targets plus now I can read my instruments (if I need to which ain't often in planes like these). But when I switch to F2 and try to zoom in on my own external cockpit view to take a vanity screen grab, it goes all "wonky" and presents views from different angles instead of zooming in.
  3. Lately? Two things: VISION: Early Rift with corrective lenses. Planes begin to show up as tiny flickering dots at maybe four clicks. Gotta get close to identify and it's not hard to lose visual contact while turning. PROFICIENCY: I love the Dr.1 but I've been flying the D7F; so that's what i showed up with at Flugpark lately. But I noticed people were down low in Camels, Dolphins, and Scouts; so I got back into a triplane. Wow! Lost my touch! I haven't had a problem getting that plane to turn left since my early days with it; but it balked out on me thrice in
  4. To paint it with a broad brush: there's two kinds of pilots; those that fly by the numbers and those that fly by the seat of their pants. I like FC1 because it lets me do the latter. You start out flying by the numbers but if you ever get into working an airplane commercially you'll soon discover that, if you can't fly by the seat of your pants; you'll be replaced by a pilot that can. It's hard enough to make a living with an airplane and it all comes down to operating costs; to your employer, time on that Hobbs meter is money. You futz around in the
  5. I guess they took the straight jacket off and gave him his crayons back. He's active on the ROF Forum but now he's using an alias: KNALP. (Oh, THAT'LL throw 'em off! LOL! ) Sounds like he and Arty are still having fun. Moro, Mamo, and other famous fliers still participate there. ROF might even be seeing a small resurgence of activity. If I wasn't so sold on VR, I'd go back there for a visit occasionally. But 3D spoiled me. Wait... what was the topic?
  6. Back when I was new to ROFMP, I was starting a D7F and got vulched by my good friend PLANK in a Nieuport; he'd slam my top wing with his wheels before I could get rolling. He did it twice. Just his way of being playful. But I'd been flying ROF-MP about two months and that was the first time I'd experienced that kind of behavior. Not knowing what else to do, I went for my pistol but pulled out my flare gun by mistake and fired as he approached for a third attack. BOOM! He exploded! I thought I'd shot him down but actually (as RAKER and TABASCO explained) he got hit by FLAK abo
  7. Outstanding! Thank you! My wife and I cast this to our TV tonight. Always were fans of DOGFIGHT. Thought your presentation was spot-on; just excellent in every way. I'd love to see one about Werner Voss. Prosit!
  8. Yep! Good enough for Werner Voss; good enough for me.
  9. Saw this on eBay and had to have it. I think it's a Dr1 flaming a Camel. Then again, it could be Chill observing a crop duster. Who knows?
  10. KF: Yep, me too. I like simulated WWI dogfighting in these old crates because it's an extreme (yet safe) way to test my aerobatic abilities that also hones and develops my real-world stick-and-rudder skills. That's why I do it. I'm not playing games here; this is flight training. (Next, I'm buying a helicopter flight simulator because I always wanted to learn to fly one of those; even though I hate flying in 'em. ) About wings coming off too easily these days... I'm not having that problem with the planes I fly; but there have been quite a
  11. They wait until I'm dogfighting a worthy pilot; then run past and slap me with their purse. Or they fly a Brisfit. Other than that, I usually kill the pilot, flame the fuel tank, or defeat the airframe with gunfire. Been that way since WOFF and ROF; and they know it. Thus, the purse. That's what happens when you excel; the mediocre conspire against you. My whole life has been like that and I've realized it's actually an unintended compliment. I try to not let it go to my head but it's difficult to keep your feet on the ground when you'
  12. My best sortie was playing a game I call "Voss" in FC1VR: one Dr.1 versus five SE5A. Here's the entire unedited sortie; all I did was jump back and forth between views I thought would best depict the action. The first guy got his petrol tank holed and was steaming when he disengaged and ran for it. I couldn't fixate on him; had to deal with his buddies. (I got shot up pretty good a couple times, too.) He ended up stuck in a muddy field with his engine running full blast until just as I was approaching to land; then it quit (out of fuel?) and I got credit for the victory but the
  13. He flew on for maybe 20 seconds before exploding in mid-air. Nice!
  14. Pilot-kill from 30 meters,
  15. Update 4.505c Yes, they do catch fire. Had his tanks streaming and here's the shot that set it off. Distance = 40 meters.
  16. Flew my SPAD flammability test in 4.505c: one single-plane duel and two sorties with three duels per: total of seven dogfights. Novice bots, this time at 1500 meters altitude, head-on; getting into position at 0.05 KM / between 4 and 8 o:clock relative; firing short bursts striving for the vital zone. Or, at least that has always been my intent. This time, that SPAD flew like Erich Hartmann in a Gustav: big, fast, and all over the sky. In all fights, I had to work more than usual to get into position. Not saying there's been a change or not; just describing what I'm experiencin
  17. Got the Hot Fix: Flew the D7F in 15 more individual duels against helpless novice bots in SPAD 13's; striving to maintain a distance of about 50 meters in a turn while shooting from either aft quarter; aiming for the fuel tanks and having no problem putting rounds on target. They stream green fuel now from both tanks. Not one flamer, though; and that ain't natural. Only had two of 'em steam. That, too, seems off. My feeling is that SPADS have always been prone to steaming when shot. Not now. Only saw two engines puff black smoke and one quit
  18. Confirmed. I've been flying a controlled test of SPAD fuel tank flammability for the past few months; over 250 duels: I'm in a D7F at 0.05 clicks in a turn at his 4 or 7 o:clock; shooting short bursts aimed at the top tank. I usually get em all leaking fuel and steam with the first few shots; flamed three out of five up until this update. Now, it's a waste of ammo. The SPAD looks torn to pieces but not a trace of fuel, steam, or flame. I think that's a significant glitch. Needs fixin'.
  19. Just loaded the new update and flew one Skirmish. What stands out is how smoothly the sim flew in VR this time: absolutely beautiful. Not one stutter and the image in my VR headset didn't "swim" or "swirl" at all. Nice. ADDIT: Just watched the FR. I flew the Dr.1 and shot down a Camel. I think I may have damaged his rudder but this time, instead of jamming hard over to one side; it was kind of flapping around and switching from one side to the other with changes in heading. Didn't look like the usual normal rudder inputs I've seen in FC1 so far.
  20. Very nice addition; thanks! Can I get vectored to a thread or post somewhere that explains how to build a mission step-by-step and by-the-numbers for those whose computer skills are modest? I'd like to give it a try. Prosit!
  21. I need 2.0 reading glasses but was able to find (1) a company that makes round corrective lenses that will fit the Rift and (2) a company that 3D prints a frame that adapts the lenses to the headset. About $40 altogether, IIRC. Don't recall the name of the lens manufacturer but I'm sure if you Google the subject you'll find it. Prosit!
  22. Here's another from recent Flugpark action; thought it had a nice kind of "historic oil painting" quality to the theme. Great graphics at FC1! Here's another view of the above. Prosit!
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