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  1. Hot times at the Zoo tonight. Good fights with Barker and Capt Maxx. Did a steeple chase and some street racing. Got my clock cleaned. Salute! Hey Fly! I flew through the train station building! Had an aileron gone but tried it anyway. I remembered what you said about "which way to go" on the other side and got a quick look at it as I was coming around. Suh-weet buzz-job, brah! And when I reached the other end I pulled up and went to my right. I gotta check the FR. There's gotta be some interesting pics there. Thanks all. Had fun. Prosit!
  2. First of all, I don't care about stats other than in the immediate to see how I did in the sortie. But something happened that raises a question. The other night at the Zoo I popped a balloon and the observers hopped. I didn't shoot them. Don't recall checking the stats, but am wondering how the game sees that. If I shoot down a balloon; is that a kill? If the observers jump and I waste them; is that three kills altogether? Don't want to put any evil ideas in impressionable young minds; just curious. Heh! ;-)
  3. Cool, thanks. That had me wondering. The first thing I instinctively did was chop the throttle and you're right; it abated. But when I'd go full throttle, there it was. Okay. Full throttle only with some altitude. Got it. I toasted my engine in the Alby several times trying to cope with Scouts and Spads. Really had to watch that RPM. Enjoyed flying the Pfalz, D7, and Cl2. I always wanted to be a truck driver. Dumbo the flying elephant. Sheesh! (I know. I'm just high on Triplanium. Don't mind me...) Been looking at the FR's and making some pics for DD just now. Everybody flew really well. In FC I've had bots work together against me; but a human pilot takes it that extra mile; he's just that much more intent and focused. That's the best thing a dogmeat server can offer and I was seeing that tonight. Good job. But the bots are excellent; they do all kinds of things that catch me laughing out loud; things you wouldn't expect. Prosit! Lots of big smoke from stuff blowing up in the free-fire zone but I didn't notice any ruins; doesn't mean they weren't there. (I was looking for planes.) I read one of the servers has a map with bombed-out buildings; I think it's the J5 Flugpark. If inserting ruins is possible and Fly does it, that'll be great. I enjoy making graphic screengrabs and some good warzone ruins would help me a lot.
  4. Wow. I flew the Murder Mud Map at the Zoo and it was rippin'! Had some great fights with Scottsman and Baker. Hairy. Hectic. Frantic. We wuz GOIN' fo' it! Great flying, gentlemen all. Very impressed. Had a great time. I am actually bushed. Gonna kick back for a while and check the FR.s Had a great time. Thank you. THE MAP: Everything seemed to work well. Sure was a lot going on in the mud. I could hear their muzzle reports when we were turning down low. Gunfire. Explosions. Used the smoke from an ordinance blast for cover more than once. Really just a damn good map. I had a great time. Got a balloon! I did miss my Dr.1 but it's always fun mixing it up a bit. But the engine in my Halberstadt makes an odd, arythmic clattering noise over the sound of the engine. I haven't flown that one in FC yet; anybody know what that might be?
  5. I don't know. I've got at least one FR in FC1 where it was night and I was dodging spotlights. Think I might have two or three, even. Was a few months back but I do remember shooting one of them out. But maybe this is old news? I got Misfits' night map loaded a couple days ago and was starting the engine when the map changed so I haven't flown it but I do have it in my server list and could fly it some time. I'll take a look. If it's a glitch I see the Devs working on things. Virtual Reality is the greatest advancement in WWI A/C flight sims since Red Baron. We've waited roughly 25 years for this and now, finally, we have a simulator that effectively takes us out of the gaming room and puts us in the cockpit. So I am not at all depressed by what's missing. Sure there are glitches and imperfections but I see improvements being made. I am just overwhelmingly thankful to be able to fly in VR. Thank you Devs and please keep up the good work.
  6. What? No triplane? Bwaaaaa!!! Okay, I'll fly it anyway. (digs toe into sand and pouts) ;-)
  7. You're right about other people seeing the skins; I forgot. Thank you. I did not know about the double-hosting thing, either. We have three computers wired to our router. I have spare CH stick and pedals. So, with a second account I could fly on one computer and someone else could fly the other? We could dogfight each other that way? Hmmm... I bought a used computer from the University that was a gaming computer in its day. I upgraded it, too. I wonder if it can handle FC1 with Track IR? If so, I have what it takes to make the system you described work. Interesting! Thank you.
  8. I just want to thank the Developers for Flying Circus. I absolutely love flying these planes in VR. Prosit!
  9. All good. Next time I go there I'll be mods on if it shows up in the list of mods on servers. Thanks. I was flying the Voss skin last night. Did you see that or did I look generic to you?
  10. Hey Fly! Had a great time yesterday. Haven't done a street race through town or a steeple chase fight in too long. You flew the living schnit out of that Brisfit, too. It's a big plane and to hang in the turns with a triplane, you gotta be good. That was great. S! The site; everything is just perfect. Thank you! When I saw you head into that great big quonset hut-shaped building, I thought you were gonna fly through it. (You and your gunner both survived the crash, BTW.) So I came back around to try it. But when I lined up and could see through, I thought the back wall was closed. At that altitude, a moment of disorientation, my wheels struck, and I crashed. But after checking the FR, I see it does go through and what I saw were the buildings on the otherside of the street. So... gonna go back soon for the expressed purpose of flying through that building. I save all FR's and have made some screen grabs of the action at the Zoo. I'll try to get them posted at DD this weekend. Prosit! QUESTION: Is it possible to set the Zoo up "mods on" so we can fly and see each others custom skins? I've got a couple GooseH made for me. You probably have several of your own, as do others. Wouldn't that be cool? Is it easily doable; maybe something you could install by clicking a checkbox or something like that?
  11. Thanks brother. Don't worry about it on my account. I like to fly whatever's going on; catch-as-catch-can, you know. All good. The one thing I noticed is the FR recorder goes off at 1/2 hour? I must keep resetting it or it says I've reached the end of the buffer or something like that. Thoughts?
  12. A bullet to the stomach lowers the blood pressure to the brain and often results in a loss of consciousness. There's nothing wrong with the DM.
  13. Okay, I just got back from Misfits. It was dark when I spawned in but that map closed after I took off and the next one was daytime again. I can't read or text in VR so I missed your message. Thanks. The day map is cool. I must also have the night map in my list of servers so I'll try that some time. So, I'm starting up in Voss' triplane (probably looks generic to you) and two triplanes collide in front of me while taxiing. One was all red, too. Heh! So I take off and head toward the front. And hey! here comes Manfred, behind me! I turned around and followed him to the action: a smorgy of fighters over the mud. I expended all but 09 rounds in my left gun and headed home. And wouldn't you know it? There's two BrisFits dogging my base at high altitude. I come swooping in to the sound of air raid sirens; tried to slip in a bit too fast and low and crunched it. Survived but the plane will never be the same. I did leave a text and thanks at the end of my sortie but I can't text while playing. Sorry. Anyway, another exciting time at Misfits. Thank you!
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