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  1. Man! That's GREAT! Thank you! I'll check those URL's and if it's different from your MP3: yes, I'd like that too, please. I flew Flugpark a couple times again this morning; BK working intermittently. It'll go between 20 and 30 minutes and then goes into red-light standby mode. Comes back on unexpectedly after a few minutes. Takes a little getting used to. I still "flinch" as if my engine just quit. But no! The tachometer says it's still running! (Except at the end of my first D7F flight today; where my engine got hit and eventually quit. Saved the plane.) The BK quit again when I was flying the Dr.1. Then, I was working on a bot Camel when a bot Albatros came out of nowhere and collided with my plane; taking off the top and bottom right wings. I got knocked inverted; don't know what happened to him. Got it upright but it was bucking like a bronco. Still had the engine and prop but guidance became a matter of trying to maintain a nose-high knife-edge attitude while continuously re-balancing extreme control and power inputs. Looking around, I was near their aerodrome and headed west. Ach, schnit! Getting it turned around east and back across the mud took a lot of work. I lost it and recovered twice. Once I was back over our green; I bailed and landed in a crater at the edge of the mud. As soon as I left, the plane augered-in. I was lucky to get back and there wasn't any way I could have landed that wreck. The BK was working again when I jumped. The difference between cockpit noise and the silence of the saddle is physically palpable through the BK. Really adds a lot to VR. Gotta get my JetPad working.
  2. Do you mean the Jimi Hendrix' Oakland concert at the Colosseum in 1969? I heard part of an audio version of that thirty years ago but I don't think I have it in my collection. Is that what you have? Hope so! To quote Willie in THE BLUE MAX, that is "hard to get." I've got Jimi's videos like ALBERT HALL, SWEDISH EROTICA, and others. Have you ever seen A FILM ABOUT JIMI HENDRIX? Best documentary ever. Let me know about that Oakland concert. Maybe we can work a trade. I was there. Jimi took the microphone at one point and said, "We're going to play a song by the Fresh Cream called Sunshine of Your Love. We're not saying we play it any better or worse than anyone else; we just like the song, okay?" And then he proceded to blow Eric Clapton's version completely and totally away. BAAAAD!!! ADDIT: Now that I'm thinking about trades; I've got some things (not music related) you (or others) might be interested in. Several old twist sticks; MS and Saitek. A functional Dell laptop with an MS twist stick, RB3D, WOFF, and Full Canvas Jacket. Works just like it did back in the day. Several aviation, submarine, and tank PC games from WWII. All Versions of RB, RB2, and RB3D. Maybe others. Ask.
  3. Yeah, I can't wait until I get both the BK and JP working together; that's gonna be deluxe. Hopefully, tomorrow night. I'd have to agree with you; Wyman is a laid-back bassist but musically he's very capable. Watts and Starkey did what percussionists are supposed to do: provide a reliable meter for the music. Watts looks like he's sleeping most of the time but he never misses a beat. Speaking of the Rolling Stones: I think Keith Richards is a great guitarist in his own right. He's got them old-school Black Blues down pat. He's not a shredder but he is the reason I got into experimenting with Open-G tuning. You can do a whole lot of really nice sounding stuff in that key. Most of what I've done with an acoustic over the past two years has been in Open G. I started by figuring out Wild Horses by the Stones; The Flame by Cheap Trick; Everybody Wants to Rule the World by Tears for Fears; Bad to the Bone by George Thorogood and the Destroyers; and i even figured out a fifty-cents-down acoustic version of Community Property by Steel Panther; just for grins. But beyond covers, Open G is really nice to roam around in and see what comes up. Mostly, I just like to free-form jam and see where it goes.
  4. Thanks. That's reassuring. I suspected as much but it's good to have someone confirm their own similar experience. I've got carpentry to do tomorrow but I'll be back trying to get the JetPad working tomorrow night.
  5. Absolutely nothing. e pent minor blues is a source; probably my favorite. But I've heard Jimi was getting tired of it and wanted to branch out. Oh, Gilmour's great. Randy took over the guitar from Tommy Iomi with Sabbath: did songs like CRAZY TRAIN, MISTER CROWLEY, and others. Very influential stylist in his own right. Died too young. I flew again at Flugpark with the BK on. It does cut out for a few minutes every so often; maybe every half hour? I'm guessing that's to keep it from over heating. I can't get it to come back on but eventually it comes back to life by itself. This last time I got another Dolphin and an SE5A. I saw some crap in the distance and went thattaway; was closing in on another SE5A when the Buttkicker quit again. It's weird! I thought my engine quit. Had to regroup while I was on the attack approach from behind him. But I can't blame that for colliding with him; my bad. I bailed out and got captured. I play "Dead is Dead." If I get killed or captured, that's it for me that day. I'm out. Visually, I am in an Oculus Rift VR headset with +2.0 corrective lenses. 22" is kinda small these days. I was flying a big curved Samsung monitor before this. You oughta go VR. That's where it's at. The vibrations aren't that bad and my wife was actually happy to "hear" I got it working again. She supports everything I do 100%. I'm lucky. I married somebody who turned out to be a true friend. OPEN QUESTION: Who's your favorite bass player? So many. Cliff Burton? Geezer Butler? Geddy Lee? Yeah, for sure.
  6. Amen, brothers. There's all these things like nationalities and religions and political parties and favorite sports teams that make us all different and opposed to one another. Music brings us all together on the same page. It don't matter where you're from or what language you speak; if you can jam, we can communicate. Music is the universal language. Yes, I'm very familiar with the Rainbow Bridge performance; have it on video. Think you're right about the jazz influence, St_C. I think he liked esoteric jazz; the freeform kind. I've read he was talking to Miles Davis about a collaboration before he died. Tired of E pentatonic minor Acid Blues Rock and three chord progressions; he wanted to develop more as a musician. Who knows where it might have gone? Randy Rhoads was the same way. He was tired of the same thing all the time and wanted to get into classical guitar. A tour-bus driver that thought he could fly a Beechcraft while high on cocaine put an end to that. FAWK! I like so many guitarists I hate to specify any favorites, but for me: (1) Jimi Hendrix, (2) Carlos Santana, and (3) Randy Rhoads. Nothing but admiration for those guys. Anyway, getting back to the sim: I flew the Buttkicker at Flugpark in a D7F again a few minutes ago. It was snowing. Saw a bot Dolphin trailing steam; being shot at from more than a click away by a bot two-seater. I closed in and got the kill. Then I saw a bot SE5A below me in a fight with a bot Alby. I slowed down and zig-zagged a couple times to get lined up; then dropped into a steep pass and shot the pilot. Made it back for a nice, smooth, three-point landing with a straight rollout and controlled taxi to the hangar tents. I think I'm getting landing the D7F figured out. It used to turn on me uncontrollably during rollout but now I've got her tamed. Nice horsie! The Buttkicker worked fine throughout the flight except it quit for about three minutes when I was over the mud and back on our side headed home. I fooled around with the controls; tried starting and restarting, changing volume, etc. No joy. Then, about a minute before I landed, it came back on by itself. No idea why it did that but I'm gonna try to find out.
  7. Yep. Absolutely right: Jimi Hendrix is to the guitar what Bruce Lee is to the Martial Arts. The one who got everyone else to take notice and follow. Thanks for the offer but I have a pretty good Hendrix collection myself: records, CD's, and videos. He's my favorite. I graduated from High School in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1967 and missed seeing Jimi at Monterey due to car trouble. I got to see him at the Oakland Colosseum in 1969, though. I was a trumpet player in grade-school and got into rock and roll, soul, and then surf music before Jimi inspired my interest in the guitar and changed the face of contemporary music forevermore. (And yet, we were watching JEOPARDY on TV the other day and the contestants didn't even know who Jimi Hendrix was. Sad. How soon they forget.) But to some of us, Jimi was an unfading inspiration. So great. And he only played the guitar ten years before he died. Amazing. Back in the 1980's I was living in California when a local shredder kid heard me playing my Fender Musicmaster with a Craftsman crescent wrench; introduced himself and asked me if I wanted to jam. Dan plays Bass and, at only 18, was a total Hendrix disciple. He's got teenage kids of his own now and lives in So-Cal where he jams with a really good guitarist that's younger than him. A few years ago I flew to the Mainland and we all got to jam together; three generations playing things like Ozzy's Crazy Train and Iron Maiden's Trooper one minute; and Santana's Europa the next. Three different generations; but musically, we're all the same. Hard to describe how it feels when something like that comes together; but it feels good, happens all the time in music, and that's why music is one of my favorite things in life... next to flaming Camels and SPAD's, that is. ADDIT: Oh, I've got FC1 working with the Buttkicker but so far the Jetpad is still "no joy." I'm waiting on some USB extension cords and will enjoy flying the BK for the time being. Adds a lot to the VR experience. I really, really like it.
  8. Outstanding! Thank you! My wife and I cast this to our TV tonight. Always were fans of DOGFIGHT. Thought your presentation was spot-on; just excellent in every way. I'd love to see one about Werner Voss. Prosit!
  9. Yep! Good enough for Werner Voss; good enough for me.
  10. Heh! Maybe it nearly blew you out of the chair? It could happen! When I booted up this last time: the BK still wasn't working for me. Then I was flying along, tried the "volume buttons", and all of a sudden it came on FULL BLAST. The vibrations were enough to wake my wife up in a bedroom on the other side of the house! Wow. There's so much to learn; these things have so many capabilities and I'm basically an analog man in an increasingly-digital world. I am making progress and think I will have the JP working with the BK before long, however. I am the second-to-the-least-knowledgeable person on the planet when it comes to haptic; but from what little I've seen so far, the JP and BK go together like bacon and eggs. Without BK, JP is kind of like the Jimi Hendrix Experience without Mitch Mitchell or Noel Redding: still awesome without but SO much better with.
  11. Just now got the Buttkicker working with FC1 using Voicemeeter. Now, I'll go through the procedure for SimShaker. Progress! ADDIT: Just took flew Flugpark in VR with the Buttkicker. Wow! I had to dial it way back. (There's indicator lights; you don't want them getting too red.) Without the Jetpad, the Buttkicker adds a whole lot to the mix. The engine is low and throaty through the bottom of the seat. When i fire the guns, i feel it more in the area of my kidneys. That was too cool. Really added a lot to it. Got one more kill and two more assists. Good spontaneous airmanship out there tonight.
  12. Now that I've had a chance (albeit brief) to experience both Jetpad and Buttkicker, I'd say the basic differences are these: 1. Buttkicker works off the PC's analog audio outlet: the headphones and/or speakers. Whatever sound it hears gets electronically blended into dominant bass pulses sent through your chair by a vibrating magnetic piston in a cast metal housing. 2. Jetpad works off the PC's digital audio outlet at the USB. It can be fine-tuned to work with the flight sim program to distinguish between various kinds of sound (engine, guns, etc) and represent those different sounds haptically through eight "buzzers" situated throughout the seatpad. If the buzzing transducers were thought of as speakers: JetPad is filled with tweeters; Buttkicker is one big boom bass. Haptically, their performance employs those same basic acoustic principles. Jetpad gives you various buzzing sensations through your chair (and body) when you rev the engine, fire the guns, or your wheels are rolling over rough ground. Buttkicker physically "kicks your chair in the ass" when your plane hits the ground too hard. INSTALLATION AND SETUP: Between the two, Buttkicker is a little simpler to activate and use if you're only going to use one or the other. If you are going to use both JetPad and Buttkicker with, say, FC1, it takes VOICEMEETER freeware to let the PC and SIM hear from both the analog and digital sources simultaneously. Seems like it will be great when I get it straightened out but so far I haven't gotten that far with it. Working...
  13. Okay, I got my rig working for FC1 in VR with the Rift as before; no haptics. (I'll get back into that later; just wanted to fly tonight. Been a while.) Went over to Flugpark to see what the new map is like. Looks good; several cities burning, etc. Took off in a D7F and meandered around towards the smoke and mud. Got a Dolphin and a SPAD. Was just about in position to fire on another SPAD when he collided with an Albatros and they both went down. The German hit the silk. Checking the FR, he remained in the seated pilot's position all the while under canopy, ass-landed, bounced, and ended-up levitated and floating about six feet off the ground; still in the sitting position. (Hmmm.... I thought I was at Flugpark; not Zoo's Twilight Zone. ) I made it back with minor damage, found my base, landed, and taxied to a full stop at the hangar. 30 minutes; two kills; still breathing. No haptics, though. Oh well; all good. Prosit!
  14. Tonight I again failed to get FC1 working with the Jetpad / Simshaker and Buttkicker haptic devices supported by the Voicemeeter firmware. Now, I'm not even getting sound to the Rift headset; and the buzzers are still silent. Time to regroup. Next: will try setting FC1 up again with my CH controls and Oculus Rift; as it was before. Then, I'll see if I can get the Buttkicker to "hear" in analog along with the digital USB Rift headphones via the Voicemeeter audio firmware. If I get that working, at least I know both analog and digital sound systems are being heard. Then it becomes a matter of solving the problem that's making the Jetpad inop. Still want to resolve this but priorities make it hard to find time to work on it. Haven't given up yet, though.
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