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  1. Good stuff, VonR. Too bad we couldn't make your Sopstick work with my old equipment. Wish we had. From what I've seen, your quality is excellent. You know I'm building a Dr.1 pod and my approach is different from yours; I'm building scale replica parts that will mechanically interact with my existing PC Flight Controllers. Chill gave me a set of Dr.1 plans and I recently bought a 1/2 scale kit of the stick and rudder bar assembly for reference. I'm not thinking of producing these parts for sale; doubt they'd work for anyone else. Just building the pod for personal enjoyment. On the stick: the throttle, blip, triggers, and a few other game-necessary buttons will be built into the head. On the pilot's left, the mixture lever will switch-operate the sim's designated mixture keys. (The Fuel On-Off valve on the left and the spring-loaded "emergency" lever on the right will be present but inoperative as their function is not represented in FC1.) To cock the guns, I'll reach up and manually-cycle the cocking lever on a scratch-build replica Spandau 08 receiver. I tested my first prototype of the Dr.1 rudder bar last week. It was sloppy. That part needs to be built with strength, precision, and have some means of controllable friction if one wants to replicate the feel of a real cable and pulley flight control system. I'm going with a concealed pillow-block bearing and matching shaft; a torque-nut eliminates the use of springs to simulate friction. Anyway, making progress on my project and wishing you luck with yours. Prosit!
  2. Well described. I went through all that myself. Got frustrated and quit three times. But I couldn't let it go. So I flew a lot of QM taking it up really high and experimented until it made basic sense; and then fine-tuned my technique for target-relative flight. Now that I have a feeling for the rotary-specific control inputs (and subsequently, those of the Camel which I also could not master) the plane is an absolute joy to fly and a great blade to bring to a knife fight. Don't give up. Just keep flying it; you'll figure it out. It's worth doing. Good luck.
  3. Wait. Broccoli flies solo and without comm; yet he's frequently a top scorer at the Flugpark? I think that's quite an accomplishment. Salute!
  4. Downloaded newest update two hours ago. Flew three QM Duels in D.Va versus Dolphin; and two more in Dr.1 versus Spad. Same symptoms: AI hit and split in a straight climb unless brought down by gunfire. Expended ammo; disengaged to land; he came back around to try bouncing me again. I evaded and pursued; he split. Realism = Normal AI = Random I'm booted-up right now; will make 'em Aces and Veterans and see what happens. Will also test multi-plane skirmishes. ADDIT: Two plane duels in QM: against aces and veteran AI: same symptoms. One pass and climb straight away. 16-plane skirmishes: D7 and Dr1 vs SE5A and Camel. Seemed pretty normal. Twice, though, I put hundreds of rounds into a Camel's vital zone from maybe 20 meters distance and he refused to fall. Eventually he caught fire but it seemed like that took a lot of ammo. Only had it happen a couple times so I can't say there's any bug or trend there. Could be just where my rounds hit at the time wasn't enough to do the trick; but it seemed like it took a lot more ammo than it should have. I'll keep looking into it. SECOND ADDIT: Checked the FR from a 16-plane QM Skirmish. In all, I think the damage model is about right. The shots I landed in vital areas had serious results; the ones that cut cloth, not so much. The Camel where I thought it took a long time and a lot of ammo from close range? The sim is legit. I missed the good stuff and popped a lot of holes in his empennage cloth before the fuselage tank finally caught fire. Otherwise most of my victories were pilots killed by gunfire; and checking the FR from his perspective and mine: I feel the sim is accurate. I've heard people say "one shot shreds the wings off the SE5A." Could be but that's not what I saw this time. The last Scout airborne at the end of the fight decided to run and was chased by myself, another Dr.1, and a D7F: all shooting. Afterwards, I watched the FR from the Limey's perspective. I saw his plane absorb a hail of lead and be slowly shot to bits; various sounds indicating cloth, wood, or metal. Parts of the struts were getting blown away. Then parts of the control surfaces. Finally a well placed stitch of several rounds along the wing root literally sawed the lower left wing off; but it looked legit. Really good. The sim provided a realistic presentation. I have no complaints there. Still not sure about Duels where the AI is making one pass and then disengaging. It is a tactic we've all used and some rely entirely upon; so I think it's a legitimate inclusion to the sim. But if that's all two-plane duels are going to be like from now on, that won't sit well with those who enjoy a good ol' dogfight. Keep the zoomies if you like but don't eliminate the turn-fighters, please! But overall, I like what I've seen of the new improvements so far and look forward to where it's going from here on. Thank you, Devs.
  5. Thank you! Oh, and nice landings in those videos, BTW.
  6. Hi Chris, Hope all's well with you and yours. I'm working on my sim pod and don't have easy access to the plans you gave me at the moment; that file's on a computer in another location and we're on lockdown. So I need to ask you for a dimension. What is the diameter and depth of your Dr.1 engine cowling, please? Thank you.
  7. WOW! That looks great to me! Send me the files and I'll make you some stills of 'em in action. Very cool of you; thanks! ADDIT: I just looked at them again. Very nice, indeed. You even got those unique gray lines that separate the duo camo colors. Plus, the graphic and lettering look very faithful to the film image. Outstanding! Prosit!
  8. Thank you, TheDude and GooseH!
  9. You always know better about that than I do , Andy. I'd think it best thing to try to replicate the colors as seen in the movie; after all, this isn't "my" skin, it's the "movie" skin. But that's not a simple task because those colors often appear differently depending on what we're watching the movie on, the graphic settings of the stills we grab from the screen or download, etc. So all I can say is what I've always said: "Use your best judgement and I am sure it will be fine." Many thanks for your help, brother. You've always been an Ace in my book. Prosit!
  10. Dude and GooseH, I made these additional screen grabs from the movie. Don't see the J-5 red band around the vertical stab and rudder; has kind of a "streaking" effect trailing the cross, too. Basically green above and gray below with streaked sides; duotone camo on the wings; white band with totenkopf; and the "TVO" slogan on both sides of the fuselage. Prosit!
  11. If there's anything wrong with the FC skins; I'm unaware of it. I haven't flown the sim in a couple months but all of the skins you made for me (several versions of the DV.a and Dr.1) work fine. Thanks for everything and keep up the good work.
  12. Agreed: the movie green is pretty but too tropical for the time and place. I think the drab is right. I will fly this one for sure, thank you! Green rudder for sure. I haven't actually watched the movie in years but I think I recall a quick glimpse of that plane on the ground and I believe the green tail had the red edging usually associated with J5, maybe? And of course, the "TVO" slogan on the fuselage; forward of the totenkopf. That seems to be what they did to turn Monnington's Alby into the movie version. I wish there was an FC skin for the movie-version of this Alby; slogan and all. I know it's pig-ugly and I already have my own Alby skin (thanks, GooseH) but I'd like to fly this one, anyway. Maybe others would, too? I like the two-color pattern you did for me on the NFM Albatros.
  13. Cool! Many thanks! I found this page about a model; looks like he got it about right, eh? http://www.virtualaerodrome.com/image_thread.html?p_aircraft_id=267&p_user_id=784
  14. GooseH: Thanks! Yep, that's the one; Monnington's plane slightly embellished for the movie. Here's a pic I found online. Looking but haven't found an FC skin yet. ADDIT: Dude: Wow! Thanks! Great! Does that file also work with FC or is it only for ROF?
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