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  1. Shocking and awful news. Chunko has been nothing less than a class act, and was an absolute pleasure to fly both alongside and against. He has always been a pilot that I aspired to be like, since my earliest days in RoF. My sincere condolences to his family and to Jasta 5.
  2. Eeeeexactly...doesn't seem worth the trouble or added weight (ha!) of taking either atm... There were cases of aircraft managing to extinguish themselves (One poor bastard from the 213th dived out a fire in his S.XIII only to be killed a couple days later, and IIRC Arthur Lee's pup started simmering for a second before quickly going out, much to his relief), but currently in-game it seems like it's harder to get a fire to stick on an aircraft than it is to have it extinguish. Just the other night I saw two different D.VIIs in track recordings that caught fire only to instantly extinguish (s
  3. On this point, has anybody noticed how inconsequential engine fires have become? It seems like every plane I set on fire these days has extinguished itself within 5 seconds... ...to the point where while 'sparring' in 3PG training sessions we've gone from "Oh shit, a fire! You got me!" to "Pff. fire. Hang on, let me just dive this out and keep fighting". Certainly doesn't feel like the number one terror of air combat like all the memoirs suggest! Perhaps worth writing a bug report for that one...
  4. Really enjoying the 'informational' on SA. Great idea to add 'tips' to the post. Also liked the little tidbit on Jean Navarre - the "Sentinel of Verdun"! Navarre was also wearing Red ahead of the trend
  5. Yeah, it's a shame that WW1 falls by the wayside a bit, but the imminent arrival of FC2 and the sort of but not really confirmation of FC3 is promising! There's no doubt that there are new players making their way into FC - hopefully the community will continue to slowly but steadily grow. For me currently the most glaring issue with FC (surprise, surprise) is the DM. The state of wing strength is debatable, but in my opinion the loss and especially the jamming of control surfaces is a glaring inaccuracy in the current WW1 sim experience - and I am a little concerned that it'll turn new
  6. Yeah, from the historical standpoint I'd be far more pleased to see a D.IIIau Pfalz than a D.XII F....the D.VII F making its way into RoF / FC makes sense (less so than the IIIau would have), but as far as I know the D.XII F was virtually nonexistent on the frontlines...
  7. I'm curious about which variant of D.XII we'll be getting...I'd imagine we'll be getting the "D.XII F" of RoF, but I heard that RoF originally had a D.XII powered by a Mercedes D.IIIa, so I guess it's a slim possibility they'll do that instead?
  8. VC on one side, Red Eagle on the other... ...From watching Sahaj you'd think racking up top streaks in the rotary planes was easy 😅 Well done!
  9. I see your J5 gunnery training video and raise you a 3PG spin recovery training video
  10. It's right there! Getting dived on by that 235 hp SPAD! oh, wait...
  11. Good tip - just tried it out and it works a treat
  12. ...Sometimes you just need to take a break from the "Serious" flying 😉
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