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  1. There should be some tracks in the WW1 thread that was recently locked (linked above). A couple squadron mates and I are under the impression that these planes will render outside of the 10k-render-distance 'sphere' around the player, but when the plane comes into that 10k radius it disappears.
  2. Yep. Centrals - provide some tracks and/or videos. Please. So far, the only PROVEN examples of the bug (with video / track evidence) have been Central planes. We've been aware of it since the O.P in this thread - but it feels like it's getting even worse, and more frequent now.
  3. I hope there's more on the way as well. I imagine Jason does, too. All we can do is sit tight and find out!
  4. Camera angles are really cool. Actual footage is a bit weird. Too many planes in furballs, too many balloons at the front, Bristols and Dolphins level-bombing like B17s, and I can see the D7s!
  5. Two more tonight. Poor old 103rd got bounced by ANOTHER invisible D7(F?) Flight. Luckily this time the Hun's aim was off and everyone got out relatively unscathed. This is absolutely wrecking the game for us by this point, and some of our pilots are losing interest in FC - myself included... As a point of interest: After the first invisible bounce. I saw three high D7s, assumedly Fs from the alt, at far distance (I'd estimate outside of the 10km rendering bubble) As they came closer, one of them disappeared. We flew away from them, so they turned back. Once they were roughly outward of 10km away, the No.3 popped back in. The frequency of this is worrying, and we've started seeing it with other German planes too now (No.74 say they encountered an invisible alb and D7, and Talbot's seen at least one invisible Halby.) Some of the J5s say they've seen it happening with Ententes as well, but no video yet. I'm beginning to wonder when the server's full but I can't find a single enemy over the front...is there really nobody there or are we all invisible for each other...?
  6. Interesting! I was testing the S.E. at 3000m today (about 9,800 ft). Max speed was 109 MPH and max RPM was in the range of 1,860 or so (hard to tell - no indicators between 1,800 and 1,900). Typically when I've flown S.E. the dial seems to be creeping around 1600-1700 while climbing or fighting, only getting to 2000+ in a dive.
  7. Mapping "Fire all guns" (or whatever it's called) should do the trick - unless you specifically want them mapped to fire independently! Then it would be "Fire Weapons Group 1", "Fire Weapons Group 2", etc. Just a note: IIRC the Lewis mounted forwards and above the cockpit don't actually shoot directly forwards - instead, they shoot at an upward angle. just bear that in mind when you put them on!
  8. think it's my all time favourite Alb. The other Jasta 2 D.IIIs were fantastic as well. But yeah, we don't have the right aircraft model in game unfortunately.
  9. SH! Nobody tell him! Conducting some dive tests at the moment - 1600 rpm seems to be a fairly hard limit for all German planes. Anything over and engine is kaput. This is my experience too. You have to 'trick' the D7 into a low energy state and dive before his energy is back. If you start diving and he's at same or higher energy than you then you're in trouble...
  10. Cheers. I'll be honest...I forgot the Pfalz even existed in FC hah!
  11. Yep. But how many Albs were there that had Lewis guns fitted? One? Two? Just seems like a weird choice for a mod, is all.
  12. Likely because the Albatros L-gun doesn't shoot directly forwards when it's declined. A better question is why the hell can you put a Lewis gun on an Albatros?! Hopefully we'll get this Email sent away to Shuttleworth soon. I'm particularly curious about the acceleration of their S.E. compared to our FC equivalent.
  13. What a Brawler of a Biff pilot!
  14. Yeah, I noticed them! "Tiger Squadron" - great unit to emulate! Mannock said they weren't looking for any new recruits at the moment, but if they ever are then I'll be sure to add them as well
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