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  1. I did a little bit of turn messing around on NFF from time to time, but for the most part I was very much a strict BnZ'er in RoF so that's probably it. It'll be fun to re-compare them in FC2 with that in mind though, I definitely noticed a change between the RoF and FC S.XIII's handling
  2. I keep hearing that but honestly I never noticed much of a difference between the VII and XIII in that regard.
  3. Visibility-wise? I think it's because you can 'sit up' further in your seat than RoF in the XIII, so you can 'flatten out' the big obstructive top wing better. Turning also became a little more stable (as not very useful as that is with a SPAD). S.E. felt like it had the opposite happen, weirdly, as well as an apparent decline in energy retention. Weirdest 'magical' change for me was D.VII / VII F dive acceleration increase. Lack of flying wires, perhaps? IMHO Spad VII's overwing lewis was one of those silly mods where there was one or two documented cases, but it was far from being commo
  4. Yeah, I always preferred the VII - I wasn't so big on the Lewis gun though, tbh...didn't do much for the elegant SPAD look for me Not to mention that the overwing lewis was just an experiment by the RFC and I'd bet that no VII never seriously took that configuration into battle
  5. Can't say for certain until we've flown them of course, but as far as the scouts go: - N28 is a bit of a lemon, but it's quite fun to fly around. Best used as an 'ambush predator'. - SPAD VII was tons of fun in RoF - it'll likely face slightly tougher opposition in FC until the RoF plane-set is fully implemented but she's still a very capable little ship (and looks great too!). - Sopwith Triplane is going to be really interesting. Very keen to see how that one turns out. Overall, really excited to see how the two upcoming Entente scouts turn out
  6. I've thought for a while the 200hp D.VII (which is practically confirmed - good news!) and higher-compression SPAD XIII would help balance off the 'top of the food chain' in the FC scout line-up... - D.VII 200hp to counter SPAD XIII 200hp - SPAD XIII 220hp to counter D.VII F The Hisso S.E.5a would be a very welcome addition as well, along with the Camel variants. As for the DM, a couple of the 3rd PG guys have higher hopes for the FC2 planes based on what we've seen of the N28 - which as Trupo mentioned could have been designed more in line with the new DM - but that'll remain to
  7. Not saying you're wrong about the Clerget, but wikipedia also says that "By early 1917, however, the S.VII had been surpassed by the latest German fighters such as the Albatros D.I"...there are better sources to quote
  8. .....I mean, I don't really like the way they bounce off the ground.... 😬
  9. AFAIK the SPAD VII was only ever mass produced with the Hs 8Aa (150hp) and the Hs 8Ab (180hp) - the Hs 8Ba was trialled in the VII, but it was decided that a new airframe was needed to house the engine - and so the SPAD XIII was born. The 8Ba-equipped XIII is the one we have in FC at the moment. Later-spec XIIIs carried the higher-compression 220hp Hs 8Bd or 8Be. I'd love to get my hands on one of them in FC...
  10. In this particular instance, because I was copy/pasting the "Pilot's notes" from TVAL's website and there weren't any for the Camel. But I'm all for identifying any discrepancies between FC aircraft and the real thing (when we have decent evidence for what the real thing actually did). As for the Dr.I, the low speed was being mentioned in the N28 thread that just got Locked (tm), and I'm sure it's been mentioned before as well. It's one of three aircraft which AFAIK don't perform up to historical spec (as sources would suggest) - the other two being the SPAD at sea level (which IIRC doesn'
  11. I don't remember there being any kind of control damage / loss in RoF / FC past having a control blown off by gunfire or having the pilot wounded. I'm not so convinced the issue is just the spars (if the spars are an issue) - it feels like any kind of wing hits will cause some kind of structural weakening - I.E. "canvas" hits that should be otherwise "harmless" and cause nothing but a hole in the fabric. I also came across an interesting part in one of the Osprey 'VS' books (I think Albatros D.III vs SPAD VII?) that talked about an Albatros having its spar broken by
  12. Throw in laser guided AI gunners and flak and you've got a deal
  13. The fact that these two phrases are addressing the same game is absolutely delicious...
  14. Not atm, but wouldn't mind picking one up to try out someday. I don't think it makes the comparisons moot though, at least not all of them. Fair point on the rudder on the ground...it's more in the air where it feels a bit underwhelming 😉
  15. Nearly! But I got put on balloon detail and the laser flak did for me....twice in a row LOL! Kind of a bummer after surviving losing my wings to a Becker at 2000m the sortie before... Bender deserves a special mention on that list - only one death for the event and he was in a Dolphin the whole time (it was a Becker again that did for him in the end)
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