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  1. When are we getting D.VII Engine Glitch Fix Vol. II??!!!
  2. Poor Rummy. Rumour has it his gunfire killed the enemy pilot, only for the then out-of-control machine to suddenly pitch up and into his own aircraft as he attempted to fly overhead.
  3. Speaking from the perspective of someone who prefers the 'historically believable' look: It all depends on the aircraft! If you're doing a RFC / RAF aircraft, you'd probably want to go with standard PC10 with, maybe, a small name or legend written under the cockpit, or an identifying initial for the upper wing / fuselage side. If you're doing a Central ship however, you can get pretty creative - but pay attention to historical images of the kind of patterns and styles of imagery the Germans used! The Germans were very liberal with their personal markings, but an aircraft that is too complex, or uses colours they might not have had back then, or uses imagery that's too modern, is going to stick out like a sore thumb as a 'fictional' aircraft if you put it in among a line-up of historical aircraft. Another interesting approach that can generate some inspiration is looking into how and why the Great War pilots marked up their aircraft the way they did - for example, what colours of paints could they readily get their hands on, and what colours were hard to obtain? How was morale at the time? (An alb D.III is probably going to be a lot more gaudy than a Pfalz XII). Did they paint any personal markings, or did they just take what they were given with squadron markings pre-applied? (More likely for Entente services). A while ago I read that one of the reasons the RFC chose to disallow Central-style gaudy designs on their aircraft is because, simply, it made it way easier to tell who was who. "The dull, green ones are our boys, the bright, shiny ones are the Hun"! (Funny story, I nearly accidentally TK'd a Camel once because he had really brightly coloured plane and I initially mistook him for a Hun because of it!) For my own personal SPAD XIII I read up on the USAS' orders for markings of aircraft. I then looked at a bunch of real USAS Spads to see where pilots had bent or broken the standard 'rules' for historical markings, and decided which ones I wanted to use for my own XIII
  4. Personally, I felt the new DM took a lot of enjoyment out of the game, but it was really that coupled with the devs' complete (apparent) abandonment of FC and its community that's caused me to walk away and find something more personally enjoyable to do for the time being. One thing that did shock me is how quickly I went from die-hard FC'er to, just, not interested in such a short period of time - so I can sympathise with this post. That being said, I've admired your ( @J5_Daedallus ) positivity throughout all the DM-fallout. It's really refreshing to see someone still enjoying FC. I also have tons of respect for anyone mad enough to stick with the Albatros in her current state!
  5. One thing that always bugged me just slightly is that you only get the one streamer on one side, rather than two on each wing...
  6. Looks like from the parser this was an intentional....er....field mod. I guess the pilot clipped his wings before taking off, for some reason? If the joke went any further over your head it would be a D.VII F 😛
  7. Poor buggers. Guessing they're not used to the Camel's.....whimsical nature....
  8. @-DED-Rapidus Another example to go with @J99_Sizzlorr 's post:
  9. So that's where you Bosche types think the front is! No wonder the skies are so empty over No Man's Land 😜 The funny thing is, with the unedited footage I had been keeping that course for quite a while...we must have both been flying practically wingtip to wingtip, completely oblivious of each other lol!
  10. Unfortunately lost some good footage because of the game deciding to crash on me (I think a balloon catching on fire was the culprit), but here it is!
  11. Flugpark....I'm still only in Flugpark....
  12. Just keeping up appearances...! Not fully 'back in it' yet but I don't want to forget how to fly completely
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