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  1. I've noticed the Camel really lights up in FC1, the DR1 by comparison seems pretty tricky to set on fire. The fuel tank fires really make a difference! I was doing a little testing to see how frequent 'flamers' are in FC...in a DR1 against 4 camels I flamed 3/4 in attempt 1, with the opposite setup I didn't flame a single DR1!
  2. Funnily enough, for some reason in FC it takes me a while to notice the jams - usually it's when I only see the one tracer stream! On a side note, I think it'd be cool if there was some kind of percentage modifier to unjam the guns...would make fights a lot more tense if you had a double stoppage! P.S - I think the Camel's shells are in a blind spot
  3. Heyo, another Brit RoF'er - but there was a mix-up and I was posted to a yankee unit!!! I've been really enjoying FC1 recently and have been appearing on it more and more, although I'm currently in the process of getting the 103rd's crates painted up, so I fly singleplayer a bit more often than MP. I think it'll be a little while before FC1 really picks up, but we and JG1 have been plotting the odd off-night from ROF to fly FC!
  4. Bringing up A.G. Lee again, he mentioned one incident where a bullet from a two-seater got the flight stick right in between his legs and ricocheted off, sending the stick jolting back and pitching him into a prop-hang! Imagine the devs added that in!!! Ome other thing I think would be incredible would be prop blades getting shot off... P.S - I heard a distinctly metal impact when my camel’s tank got hit today...coincidence?
  5. In Gould-Lee's books he often mentions his riggers finding holes in the fabric afterwards, but very rarely mentions ever hearing any impacts... Perhaps it varied from pilot to pilot, or from plane to plane... For gameplay purposes I think it's a nice indicator that you need to get out of dodge! Of course, that being said, I'm excited for the level of realism that FC1 seems to be going for, and I can't help but think you wouldn't hear bullets hitting any non-metal surfaces over the sound of the engine and the wind...
  6. When people mention gunnery I can't help but think of the alleged stories such as Rene Fonck being able to bring planes down with as little as 6 rounds...if such stories are true, the guns can't have been THAT inaccurate.. ...although, I suppose it wouldn't take 4 rounds to kill a real pilot...
  7. Awesome work with the Fokkers! But, now that the SPAD template is out... Eh? Eh?
  8. Sounds about right! We'll see what happens when the Dr.I is FC-ified...
  9. Petrovich - sounds like you're doing a fine job! Just one quick question - a bit off topic, I'm afraid - in regards to the damage models, how likely are planes going to be to catch fire in FC1? The reason I ask is, in RoF it's very rare to see a plane catch fire (at least from my experience), but much of the subject matter seems to indicate that planes caught fire a lot of the time. Just curious!
  10. Ah, the SPAD XIII template in all its glory! Worth the wait, I think! Edit: Only problem I can see is that the wing surfaces seem a bit too shiny
  11. 103rd Aero Squadron, Flying Orders, 11 November 1918:
  12. Very true, the devs are doing a stellar job...I'm just passing the time being harmlessly picky about the pilots while we eagerly await some more crates to play around with
  13. New WW1 Entente pilot looks great! Personally I'd love to see different variations for each allied nation...A French pilot in their blue tunic, a R.F.C pilot with that awesome brown leather trench-coat, etc.
  14. A thought's just occurred to me... At the moment we have just an 'Entente' pilot...what do we think of the idea of having a French, R.F.C, Russian and POSSIBLY (I say possibly because it's a little tricky aircraft-wise) an American pilot? Or, in other words, Same basic pilot model, but different historical uniforms for each nation. Good idea, or not really worth the effort to model? (Or are the Devs already doing this and I've just failed to notice)?
  15. Halberstadt Ds were very cool...It would be great to see them make a comeback in FC! I think the Fokker D.III would be a cool addition too!
  16. Yeah, Voss is a funny one to see...looks incredibly young at the start and incredibly old towards the end...war is hell, eh?
  17. Hey all, some of you may have noticed that we have a new Entente pilot model for FC1: I think it's a big improvement on the old pilot (old being a pretty choice word here ), but although I appreciate the hard work of the devs I think we're not quite there yet... Given the ages of most WWI pilots, I think the new pilot model still looks a bit too 'man-ish' and not 'boy-ish' enough...Just look at pictures of Mannock, Ball, Guynemer, Caldwell, etc. etc. I'd prefer to see a pilot that looks closer in age to those guys, in his early 20s rather than our new fellow who, to me, looks like he's in his 30s or 40s...but perhaps I'm the only one seeing the new model that way, or perhaps I'm just being a little too pedantic. Thoughts?
  18. Huh, I guess I never really noticed...only ever had trouble hitting shots when someone's going under my nose... very interested to see if anything feels different with FC1's S.E.5a now!
  19. Ah, gotcha. I absolutely prefer shooting guys that don't know I'm there - that's the way to rack 'em up... Guns seem fine to me. Last sortie in the S.E. I had 26% Accuracy with 2 victories. True, the S.E. requires more patience...different planes for different styles, I suppose. I'll get the high huns in my S.E, you get the low ones in your Camel
  20. Funny, I'm the opposite... Comparatively excellent visibility, Much more stable gun platform Excellent speed in level flight / in a dive Easy to handle, hard to spin Pretty good climb rate You can dictate the terms of the fight in it I'd much rather be in an S.E than a Camel in almost every engagement (yes, that includes fighting Triplanes). As for it not being an Ace-maker, well, look at some of the top Wargrounds V-Lives from this year: Hells Angel (#5 top Ace in 2018) scored 28 victories - 20 in S.E.5s. Furlow (#4) scored 6 of his 29 in S.Es. Hell, in my first month of playing RoF online the S.E.5a was my top Entente plane! ...The S.E.5a is dangerous in competent hands and a nightmare for German pilots in experienced hands!
  21. Only just seen this - I'm not very observant - but sounds like a lot of fun! Native Brit - If you're still looking, 23, so I'd like to think I've got the "youthful" part down I've got a pretty good mic on hand. My accent's a little on the funny side - London with the odd Scottish inflection mixed in (very subtle, but folks down south seem to pick up on it...up North, not so much 😄)!
  22. Oh, speaking of SPADs again .... SPAD XII anyone?
  23. Yeah, that'd be cool too! Less scary than a D.VII F, as well...
  24. Oh man, that one's really nice!! ...Although, i think I prefer it from this angle... ...Gotta take any chance when the infamous Ricky doesn't have a rear gunner, right?
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