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  1. Funnily enough, while doing some DM-tests I fired up TacView to do some 'no damage' G Limit testing and I was recording between 4-7g manoeuvres for several aircraft without any adverse effects past a very unhappy pilot...weirdly enough, at higher speeds, wings were failing at as little at 2g. I can't profess to have any in-depth knowledge about aerodynamics, but I was under the impression that airspeed shouldn't affect the load-limit of a plane - the only thing I can think is that: A) The increase in G-forces was so quick when pulling sharply out of a dive that Tacview didn't register it in time B) Airspeed has an effect on airframe durability within IL2
  2. I'm still thinking that the current pilot wounding model seems to be a little random , and way too lenient on body and extremity shots. I've never been shot myself (obviously), but look at Billy Barker's famous last fight in his Snipe vs Jagdgruppe 12. One of the German rounds blew his elbow off. ...I can't even imagine how hard it would be to fly a WW1 bird if your f***ing elbow has been blown off!!!!!!! But, as it stands, it seems that pilots (and gunners) can just keep on trucking unless they get hit in the head (which won't always kill them either, but will certainly mess them up enough to have a distinct effect). It would also be nice to see a 'bleed-out' effect, like WoFF has. It would definitely make pilots and gunners think a little more once they get caught by a bullet.
  3. I'll have your .50s for my SPAD XIII if you don't want them ๐Ÿ˜„
  4. I think it was a strange loaded question with strange loaded answers ๐Ÿ˜† At least, in my case, I found it extremely hard to remove the mental image of Albatroses crumbling in a split-S after two hits to the wings (not spars) when coming up with an answer. That probably muddled my answer up.
  5. I've always been curious about the memorial flight's SPAD XIII. I might try to think up some questions to ask them, should they be willing to reply! Am I reading this right? Does that have the D.VII F being both slower in a climb and less tight in a turn than the Dolphin, SPAD and the S.E.5a? If so - wow!!! I'd be quite dubious about the S.E. and SPAD being able to out-turn an F...all evidence appears to be to the contrary...but the climb rates are quite interesting. I'm curious as to how they reached that conclusion, given the F's climb performance in-game...Although, without any solid evidence as to where those figures were obtained, you couldn't really do much with them. I wouldn't complain too much if 1CGS went with those figures though...
  6. T16000m is what I use and it's a great entry-level, not too expensive, stick. Only comparison I have is an old Logitech though, so the others might be more clued up.
  7. So, last night marked the first time I've specifically aimed for wings when bouncing an EA since RoF. I got the Halby's wings off in one pass. I'm very interested to see what the revised DM is going to look like, though!
  8. I did, or at least tried. Like you say, the Camel runs away very quickly! But, using TacView to count bullets fired and watching the track I think I got a fairly accurate test!
  9. We had an absolute blast tonight doing the formation flights for Sturmovikfest. Lots of really cool scenes! Here's the 3rd P.G. representing WW1! EDIT: Shamelessly stole these images from Talbot.
  10. That was absolutely special! Seeing the P51 formation flight coming past our U.S. marked SPAD XIIIs was amazing. Huge thanks to @JimTM and the other organisers for putting this on. @361st_Ripper* I'll sort through the tracks I got tomorrow and pick out the good bits You can watch through the misadventures of Stratus (WW1) Flight on Wolfpack's fantastic stream, HERE: I hope we'll see another Sturmovikfest next year!
  11. Love these - and appreciate the care and attention to detail you put into them!
  12. Yeah, the S.E. would defo be more 'noob-friendly' (although the BnZ fighting style takes a lot of practice and patience that a Noob might not necessarily have). I think something along the lines of a Nieuport 17 / Nieuport 24 (If done correctly and not with severe, hard-to-tame handling issues like in RoF) would be a great Entente noobie plane, and would make for a great match-up VS. the Alb D.Va.
  13. 3rd Pursuit Group is looking forwards to flying out in a SPAD 13 formation for Sturmovikfest! If anyone wants to see us in our historical U.S. WW1 livery, install these skins! https://drive.google.com/file/d/1PV8kPi6ShOf9Z50B63coiM4b5HqUL9kp/view?usp=sharing
  14. I think it was low to the ground, wasn't it, over an Aerodrome? Both planes landed immediately after Lewis had been thoroughly "Shot Down" IIRC...I'll see if I can find the page EDIT: "I came over St. Omer at about five thousand feet and saw a back-staggered scout circling the aerodrome. I turned to have a look. When I came close, I saw that it was one of the new Sopwith Dolphins. I plunged down onto his tail as a challenge for a scrap". (p.182) So, sub-5000 ft?
  15. Definitely - I'm planning on 'Going Hun' for a bit once current V-life "Goes West"
  16. That would be cool! And we'd get to experience the Alby woes, too - but you need to be 'F'd for the full Entente experience hahah!
  17. Oh, I have - I'm typically the training night "Target Tug" for the 3rd PG...I know aaaaaallllll about getting kicked around by BnZers in that thing! And with the new wings the Parachute is the best part of that plane. ...but it's not the Albs I'm worried about!!
  18. S.E. more so than the SPAD....try them out for a week and tell me what you think! ๐Ÿ˜‰
  19. I think yes, at lower speeds, the S.E. should be able to fight on the level of, or (probably) better than, the SPAD. The pilot accounts suggest it should be somewhere on the level of the Albatros (which could mean either our S.E. is too weak in this aspect, our Alb is too good in this aspect, or both (which is what I kind of suspect). According to Cecil Lewis, the Dolphin should, in turn, beat the S.E., and should sit somewhere between an S.E. and a Camel. But the Dolphin would need its own thread if we wanted to really examine that plane At the moment, I feel like the SPAD is closer to how the pilot accounts make it out to be. I can't say if it's bang-on, as you seem to hear about SPAD pilots being perfectly happy to turn with Albs (Guynemer), and D7s (Nordhoff, Hall), but the general consensus seems to be the same - the German planes had the edge in a turn-fight, but there was little enough in it that a good SPAD pilot could out-dogfight an Alb / D7. I would wager that the D7 would be far better vs a SPAD than an Alb would be in such a situation. RFC / RAF accounts said similar things about the S.E. Could turn with Albs, could beat an inexperienced D7 pilot in the turn (but couldn't match them in an equal-pilot-ability turning contest) - but, the current S.E. bleeds energy at such an alarmingly fast rate that, unless the S.E. can fight 'going downhill' it won't even last 30 seconds unless the guy at the controls is a flying genius. I'm in the "Make the S.E. a better turner" camp (I'm sure many will disagree with me on that), but more than anything I'd like to see the prop pitch addressed, so that the S.E. can at least return to being a great BnZer, and not a pawn-shop SPAD
  20. Can it? I'll trust your word but I've found Camel engine way more easy to randomly blow when you drop the nose down...I've never had it happen to me in a Dr.I. Triplane's engine can't take a hit, though... ...but what do I know? I'm just a SPAD pilot ๐Ÿ˜„
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