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  1. Always thought that one looked really cool in the film Great job!
  2. Hello, all! This is where I will be posting the FC skins I create. The list below will be updated as and when new skins are created. SKIN PACKS: ENTENTE: CENTRAL POWERS: FICTIONAL SKINS: Albatros D.Va of Wulfe: https://drive.google.com/file/d/107xx6thIPeFeOFLn744PFECpSGiUZm3H/view?usp=sharing TEMPLATES: NOTE: Official Templates for the below planes have now been released. S.E.5a (RoF 4K Retextured) https://drive.google.com/file/d/18vqZrsAMqQOo4UN70EHJBOmPAw1F5jhS/view?usp=sharing Version 1b Albatros D.Va (RoF 4K Retextured) https://drive.google.com/file/d/1BsUq9I7dQOXEZihSpvhaf9wf-1k0Dh3W/view?usp=sharing Version 1 THE 103d AERO SKIN PACK: 103d Aero Squadron Skin Pack: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c5knfjkRh3sDn-DHGoNgvbXBVhLkz_im/view?usp=sharing
  3. Well. That's it - you're hooked now!
  4. I'll get the ball rolling with one of my faves: No. 74 Squadron RAF, Maj. Keith 'Grid' Caldwell Download Link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1s3LnITU_UXjs2sUQQgZlEalFSYaCEXuC/view?usp=sharing
  5. Morning, all! I have a present for the skin makers in the FC community. Presenting, my own humble attempt at a 4K resolution S.E.5a template for Flying Circus, made using the old RoF 2K template: Features of this template are: Re-textured Wooden, Fabric & Metal Surfaces: Everything from the Struts to the Linen has been completely re-textured and brought up to 4K standard! In total, re-textured surfaces include the fuselage, wings, wooden struts, metal cowling, wheels, and propeller. Complete Re-Weathering of Wings & Fuselage: This template was designed to give the look that your machine has been to war. The linen is faded, the undercarriage is caked in dirt, the nose cowling has scratches and blemishes, and the entire aircraft is coated in a healthy layer of French dust - all giving the appearance of a Warbird, rather than a Showbird! Textures Added to New 3D Model Parts: Thanks to 1C's efforts, the Flying Circus 3D models are more detailed, with some extra parts that weren't present in RoF, such as the bolts on the Prop Hub. Of course, the old RoF template didn't have any textures for these new 3D additions. So, after some searching, I found the corresponding positions on the 2D layout and created some new textures to fit over the new 3D model parts. Reworked Alpha Channel: The Alpha Channel (which determines the 'shine' of the aircraft) has been modified in order to have a more realistic shine to the aircraft. No more reflective linen! Different surfaces will also now react differently to the light - for example, metal cowling will have a slightly brighter shine than linen. PC10 & PC12 Base Layers, Standard or Handpainted Roundels Included in this template are two 'Base' layers - one in standard RFC PC10 (Green), and one in PC12 (Brown). There are also two options for roundels - the standard British roundels or a set made to look 'Handpainted'. PC10 (& Standard Roundels): PC12 (& Painted Roundels): One Final Note: This template isn't perfect - some old RoF textures still remain here and there, but it should provide as a good tool for the skin makers to wait the time out with until 1C's official SE5a template makes an appearance. However: At the moment, this skin only works with ADOBE PHOTOSHOP. Sorry, Gimp users! Hopefully somebody knows a clever way of converting the .Psd file. The template can be downloaded HERE: https://drive.google.com/file/d/18vqZrsAMqQOo4UN70EHJBOmPAw1F5jhS/view?usp=sharing Now, get out there and make some SE5a Skins!! Version History: Ver. 1, 13/06/2019. -Initial Template Released. Ver. 1b, 13/06/2019. -Reduced weathering on wheel covers.
  6. I've sat in one of TVAL's albs, and the metal was green in the cockpit. Granted, it's a replica, but I tend to trust TVAL's attention to detail
  7. I'd be in if I wasn't already with the SPAD boys...would love to see an S.E squadron over the front
  8. UPDATES, 29/05/2019: Download Link (3 Skins): https://drive.google.com/file/d/1L7LviKzBfHyqdfbVVSG8cheaoJjvAE-t/view?usp=sharing PLEASE ALLOW FILES TO BE OVERWRITTEN! 1) Reassignments. 2. Lieut. Paris, reassigned to 1st Flight: 2) New Recruits. Sgts. Biddle & Doolittle, assigned to 2nd Flight:
  9. Oops, meant to say alb. And the tail's only half-wrong
  10. In anticipation of the S.E.5a and Alb (and also just because I enjoy all those gaudily-painted Hun machines), I decided to paint up a Pfalz. Take a look! DOWNLOAD LINK: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1i3bXEOyBMFMjL4nHbhB4OP2JrZyIinB5/view?usp=sharing
  11. Sorry, that should say 775M. A Mac actually, believe it or not, running Bootcamp! Like I said, not originally intended for gaming
  12. Safe to say it's really not fit for purpose - never was meant to be a gaming computer in the first place, but it ran RoF okay so I never bothered replacing it. i5-3570k and GTX 77M. That being said, single player seems to run decently well. I'll give those threads a look while I consider a proper rig. Cheers!
  13. Showed up yesterday, was fun but it appears I may need a new rig! Was getting pretty horrendous stutters. Great to see a proper big fur ball on FC though! Also didn't notice any combat messages, but I may have just bonked my settings there.
  14. I suppose you were at the right end of the aerodrome to do so...I never strayed far from the spot you took the shot of the Bristol at, and never noticed it on the ground. Lucky you! (P.S - spotted it while on the way to have my breakfast...must have been indoors while it was pottering about. Oops...)
  15. I was lucky enough to see that crate fly overhead on Sunday. Showed up briefly at Old Warden aerodrome. What a sight!
  16. Would love, love, love to see the N17 in FC1 - the rotary effects aren't so harsh, and I'm really curious to see what a N17 that isn't flopping like a fish can do... ...would like to see the Alb. D.III come along with it - but rumour has it you need at least a D.Va to effectively fight N17s 😶
  17. J5's D.VIIs look great. Can't wait until they're available. Maybe even 4k versions? 😄
  18. I think it had something to do with knights...or something...
  19. Spot on. I'd sooner put a bullet in the guy's back when he's distracted, rather than finding out how good he is.
  20. What changed? You run into some low Brisfits? Surely you can't mean us
  21. Neither will that video be made by Talbot, or anyone else...
  22. Are people seriously that offended by this?! Wow...good luck in the DiD events...
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