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  1. AWESOME historical example of this! I knew that the Germans 'painted over' the old crosses with the newer style, but I'd never seen an example of one mid-paint until now!
  2. Have another look at the red noses as well - AFAIK the red wouldn't have extended as far back as the pilot seat (meaning the rear upward panel which the guns sits over would have been left unpainted) depending on which sources / colour plates you look at, and the shade of red itself has come out quite pink. If it's any help, I used the following HTML colours for skins I've worked on: Jasta 11 nose - 7d2020 USAS 1st Flight Nose - 821616 I've also seen examples which show Vollbracht's 'zigzag' having more 'peaks' or 'points' (6), but can't speak on how accurate that is.
  3. Excellent work, guys. Flew on Sunday and had a blast. A couple 'unconfirmed' with no parser was a very small price to pay to have the Flugpark back!
  4. Always liked J5's D.VIis. Great detail with historical factory markings - love that kind of stuff!
  5. Yessir! We'll get a SPAD rigged up for you! It may or may not come with a conscription notice
  6. Will do, chief! 😆 Yeah, hopefully it all goes smoother. We're keen to see some No. 56 S.E.5as tearing up the Hun!
  7. Off to a bumpy start, but we still had a good turnout for the thursday fly-in at the end of it! We also got some great pics of the 3rd P.G's line-up...
  8. Last minute update: We're flying on JG1 FC server starting now. Sorry for the confusion, all!
  9. Yeah, noticed a recent update sniped about half of my recorded track files...including all the ones I was going to make some videos out of. Great stuff! 😑 Thanks for your continued efforts, Matthias
  10. At the moment, with J5 Flugpark down and no alternative, we're calling the GMT session a bust and hoping that we can make the second window happen. Perhaps, if everyone's on board, we can rearrange the GMT session for Friday Night, server issues dependent!
  11. UPDATE: J5 Flugpark has been having some technical issues - we are hoping that they'll all be cleared up in time for tonight! If not, we'll try to switch to JG1's FC server if it's up and running.
  12. Bristol Squad, you say? Can't be anything other than No. 20. Highest scoring RFC / RAF outfit of the war - 613 air victories!!
  13. On, I believe! I'll double-check once we get your application. It'll be the 93rd for you, I think
  14. Afternoon, all. This week we want to try and introduce a window for our EU flyers to get involved! The Thursday Night Fly-In is going to run on the JASTA 5 FLUGPARK server this week, and will be running during the following time frames: EU time: 8PM - 12AM GMT US time: 8PM - 12AM Eastern Time Stats server is here http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/ Jasta5 have kindly provided some comms channels on their discord, free for use by all. Flugpark Discord: https://discord.gg/h8MRmyN Our livestream should be up by 8:30pm Eastern https://www.youtube.com/user/PaulLMF S!
  15. Yeah, that sounds like it would be a good "Fix". Re: long-range shooting, I definitely don't want the return of the aerial shotguns. It always bugged me in RoF when an otherwise-fatal attack was thrown off by guns spraying all over the sky instead of shooting straight - perhaps dispersion isn't the best fix, but I also think it just doesn't seem realistic that you can kill a pilot in a dive at 400m range with around 10 rounds per gun. Then again, what do I know? I wasn't flying in 1918!
  16. This doesn't make sense to me - I can't see how changing a prop and adding a high-compression engine would affect the airframe's turn rate! Where did you find this out? This sounds like it might be the best solution. A level of dispersion that, at close ranges, is negligible, but at far ranges is enough to throw the pilot's aim. I also agree that high turbulence would be irritating - I was flying on a turbulent map the other day and getting quite frustrated cause I couldn't land any killing blows while shooting at under 100m because the nose was rocking all over the place! I am with the 'lesser dust puffs' crowd - I think RoF's 'hits' looked much more tasteful and, although I LOVE watching a line of dust puffs walking the length of a side-on D.VII F from the tail fin to the cockpit, the effect does seem quite overdone. That being said, I've never shot a sheet of Irish linen full of holes, so what do I know? Perhaps one of our buddies in the States could take a doped linen target next time they go out to the shooting range and report back the results 😄 As for gunnery itself, I'm a little torn. I love the effect it produces at close range, where a single well-placed burst can end the fight in an instant (as it should at those ranges), but on the other hand it definitely feels like you can snipe people at unrealistic ranges. For context, during 3rd PG's training night yesterday I was the 'Designated Hun' during a training exercise - I sniped a SPAD pilot in a dive when he was 400m away and extending, killing him outright with a half-second burst. That seems a little too accurate, even if you're a crack shot.
  17. Well done, sir. To get that many, AI or no, without any fatal mistakes is greatly impressive.
  18. Good to see a proper two-seat unit forming....even if it's just the two of you! And good news about the Belgians arriving to the front, we need more Entente squadrons!
  19. Exactly like Talby says! Really, you only need 2 guys flying wingman as each other, and a Squadron identity! Funnily enough, I was originally going to make a 'How to Start a Squadron" post here, but created this list instead. I can definitely still create that thread for a more in-depth explanation (in fact, I think I will), but for starters all you'd really need is a Squadron tag and one or two other people to join in! It'll grow from there...
  20. Speaking as a SPAD pilot who frequently enjoys ludicrous dive speeds, getting away from an EA is quite literally hit-or-miss. Our dispersion is much better than in RoF, as we know, but it'd usually down to the pilot behind me whether or not I can make a crafty escape. The average pilot might get one or two hits at range, but only the good aerial marksmen can hit you at any kind of extreme range. I'm simultaneously peeved that it's harder to get away and thrilled by the fact that it's harder to get away - it definitely makes things more tense. I agree with SW in regards to dispersion. I think it's more realistic than in RoF. Yes, the technology was primitive, but pilots such as Rene Fonck and James McCudden would, on occasion, come back with a victory to their names and an armourer's report of as little as 4 rounds expended. I do think some dive speeds / accelerations need to be looked at. The SPAD 13 doesn't match up with historical accounts at the moment. I don't know so much about the Albatros, but if diving from Camels was a known tactic, and the Camel can catch an Alb in a dive in FC, perhaps that needs to be looked into as well. I also have a sneaking suspicion the S.E.5a was more closely matched to an Alb in turn than we see in FC, based on WW1 pilot accounts. But, FM changes are always tricky.
  21. Afternoon, all! It's probably no secret that I'm a big advocate of squadrons being formed in FC. I think that it offers a lot of really great aspects to the game that would otherwise be missed, such as flying in a community, having a sense of 'Unit Identity', and getting into big furballs with opposing Squadrons! For that reason, I've decided to put together a list of some of the more famous historical units for inspiration! The list will include aircraft flown historically by each squadron. Aircraft in-game will be marked in Green, and aircraft not in-game will be marked in Red. I've tried to include at least one squadron for each aircraft type! Check the spoilers below! BRITISH & COMMONWEALTH SQUADRONS: The Royal Flying Corps, Royal Naval Air Service and Royal Air Force all played host to some of WW1's most famous historical squadrons during the Great War. Many of the well-known units flew the aircraft we have in-game. FRENCH SQUADRONS: The French were considered among the best aviators of WW1, and had an extensive list of elite Squadrons to prove it. Although the Spad 13 is the sole French aircraft currently in the game, there are sure to be many interesting aircraft to fly with the French if FC Vol. 2 is released. GERMAN SQUADRONS: The gaudily-painted machines and Pour-le-Merite wearing Aces of the German air service are well documented in WW1 history, and many elite units served among their ranks. Almost all Jastas of the war flew the most iconic German aircraft, making them a popular choice for new squadrons. AMERICAN SQUADRONS: The Americans made an explosive entry into the war in 1918, bringing with them several units that would go on to achieve elite status. BELGIAN SQUADRONS: Although less talked about than their other Entente counterparts, the Belgians still played a large part in the air war and boasted several air aces.
  22. Yup - not noticed any difference in damage between 7mm Vickers and 11mm Balloon Guns to date.
  23. Looking through my track files earlier to make a video, I spotted another instance of the appearing D.VII F - it came as something of a relief, actually! Sizzlorr bounced a wingman and I, after I was positive I'd cleared the area around me, resulting in a fiery doom. I thought there was no way I couldn't have seen him - but the track revealed that I had become a victim of the invisible aircraft bug!
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