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  1. Also experienced this - I have far less skinning knowledge than yourself, but my 'quick fix' has been just to eyeball it with the Viewer...it's a bit of a longer process but you get there in the end
  2. Probably an accurate assessment - much like the WW2 German aces on the Ostfront, I guess
  3. Fantastic work. Really brings the community to life, stuff like this! And I'm not sure if a universal "across-all-squadrons / players" awards system was ever implemented in RoF...certainly not when I was flying it. I think it's a really, really cool thing to have!
  4. Doesn't bother us if you ask for some pointers here - in fact, the RoF / FC community has a very "the more the merrier" approach to online! I'm guessing you were flying one of the Entente planes - which require the fuel mixture to be set before take-off. If you go into the settings and find 'Engine Controls' you should be able to bind some controls for the fuel mixture. It's worth setting up the Water Radiator controls while you're at it! In-game, once you spawn in, set the fuel mixture to 100%, then start the engine - once it's idling reduce to 85% and you're good to go! When flying in the 'Full Real' servers, you'll have to regulate both the fuel mixture and radiator while flying, for maximum temperature / RPM. The higher you go, the more lean (or the lower %) you'll want your fuel mixture. It sounds a little scary, but it's really not so hard once you've gotten used to it - which shouldn't take too long! Hope to see you up there
  5. Paraphrasing Mr. Gould Lee again, he mentioned being bounced by the Bad Baron on one occasion, just after the first Fokker F.1s arrived...he assumed the Triplane creeping up on him was a Sopwith! MvR must not have had his morning coffee that day And MvR apparently loved to fly it! Certainly a hell of a pilot...
  6. Oh, he's gotten plenty credit....ha! My understanding is that MvR was a prolific Hunter and Tactician - he liked to go for 'lame ducks', I.E obsolete aircraft, and generally didn't want to get into a dogfight if he didn't have to. His actual dogfighting skills were probably very good as well - but I think there were better dogfighters on both sides. The Dr.I itself isn't an easy plane to fly, owing to a powerful rotary inside a very light airframe - but once you master its quirks it dogfights like no other. Only a Camel matches it in a "Kurven Kampf". If you want to talk Prolific Dogfighters, especially in the Dr.I, Voss is your man. His last fight was legendary. IIRC Arthur Gould Lee of No. 46 Squadron RFC mentioned in one of his fantastic memoirs that the Pup had the advantage on a D.III above 15,000 feet, but that the D.Va was just too fast to contend with if they decided to abandon the fight. The Pup could catch neither in a dive.
  7. OY - don't think I don't know where you got this quote from. He'll take a Pour le Merite instead of a DSO please... (45:12 on the video to witness the death of Talbot via laser-AI)
  8. We had a blast tonight...decided to take it a little less seriously and drop some Cooper bombs on a Hun aerodrome for our last flight, then had to fight our way home through all the angry scouts!
  9. @J5_Hellbender It's okay, we were doing your usual job in your absence...
  10. Biddle caught it on Shadowplay / track record, and Baer caught it on his stream...Waiting on one of them posting it here. I’d heard it was 4 D7s that appeared...then again, I wasn’t there. Maybe misheard on my part - although it might also have been two non-SCG D7s that came in at the same time. By any means, at least two bugged planes can be confirmed. From all the evidence I’ve seen, this bug seems to almost exclusively affects the D7 / D7F, and it only seems to be Entente pilots who can’t see the affected planes, which is probably why SCG hasn’t had any problems with it so far. actually glad you mentioned that SCG feels like most of their shoot downs are being reported as the bug, as it shows how badly both sides are now being affected by this bug... it’s frustrating for Central pilots and totally game breaking for Entente pilots. Agreed that pilots shouldn’t claim invisible D7s without any evidence, it won’t help anything. But, there are a worrying amount of ‘confirmed’ invisible plane encounters piling up each week
  11. This bug has become a massive problem in Flying Circus, occurring at least once a week now. Every instance the FC community has reported seems to be either a Fokker D7 or Fokker D7F turning invisible, and on several occasions multiple D7s flying in formation have turned invisible for the enemy, but not for each other. Having multiple planes appearing out of thin air on a fairly regular basis is a seriously game breaking issue, and some FC players have already stopped playing because of it...
  12. Didn’t fly yesterday but the rest of my unit got jumped by a flight of 4 D7Fs, all invisible. Seriously game breaking issue at this point.
  13. Cheers Vonrd! And thanks again for the fantastic effort in further bringing FiF and FC to life!
  14. Caught us right in the middle of a big skin update. Trying to have them done in the next few hours.
  15. Still seems to be the D.VII / D.VII F that is the main 'culprit' of this, by quite a large margin going on the reported incidents....I'm not sure if that's because it's a problem that affects the D7 more or if it's simply that there's more VIIs and Fs in the sky than anything else... I'd be curious to find out if only certain aircraft are affected in the WW2 side as well...
  16. Matthias continues to push the limits of FC's current server capabilities, to the benefit of us all. I wonder if our community LaF ribbons can have oak leaf devices added to them?
  17. I don't mind the new NmL, personally...it serves its function and looks rather pretty with all the extra barbed wire and whatnot. I think it's always going to be hard for devs to create an 'authentic' no mans land in flight sims. Wings over Flanders Fields has come closest from what I've seen - that front really feels alive - but to create a really convincing feel, with waterlogged craters, burnt out tanks, infantry, properly 3D modelled trenches, etc, would take an immense amount of processing power from a PC..or, at least, that's my guess... Either way, I still got chills when I had my first dogfight in FC over the mud...
  18. I noticed that Triplane here and there on Thursday, suspected it might be you it's a cool skin!
  19. In order of appearance, furthest to closest: Lt. Biddle (#25, 213th) Lt. Hall (#27, 213th) Lt. Doolittle (#37, 213th) Lt. Hobbs (#28, 93rd) Sgt. Bridgman (#2, 93rd) Klugy (#15) Sgt. Cauffman (#5, 103rd) Lt. Parsons (#29, 103rd) Capt. Larner (#0, 93rd) And the schmuck in the hangar is Lt. Talbot!
  20. No Silk to hit, no cord to rip, if the ship goes down, we go down with the ship...
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