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  1. 15 minutes ago, J99Sizzlorr said:

    And the Albatros....while they are at it :)


    ...Well... I think the Alb was a little more potent in RoF than it ought to have been, at least in the energy retention factor ;) 

    Perhaps if it had the 200hp engine, though, it would hold its own a little better...


    ...we'll add that to the rapidly-growing list of new aircraft engines we want for christmas, shall we? 😄

  2. 9 hours ago, No56_Hotwing said:


    So it’s not just me that the DVIIF is diving with SEs and Spads? Will the DVIIF engine overrev at all? What’s the max RPM? I’ve defo managed to kill the SE and Spad engines 


    Nope. I even had one occasion where a D.VII F started overtaking me as I tried to dive away. Something's not right with this picture...

  3. Bit of a tough one for me, I didn't get involved in the action very much and I lost a streak I was trying to cultivate. But, that's just me. The silver lining is I saw some AMAZING scenes as the server filled up...at one point I counted what must have been at least 30-35 aircraft on my screen at once, all seen from a distance...20+ were involved in a huge layered furball stretching from 2000m right down to ground level. Simply amazing to see. 

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  4. 1 hour ago, SeaSerpent said:

    It matters not worth a damn what I think in a game I barely even play, and whose future is uncertain, but I do think that it is a motivational mistake to mix AI kills with PvP kills because insofar as role-playing is concerned they aren't equivalent. 


    I more or less agree with this, although I'll say that I'm more afraid of AI gunners than human ones as it currently stands. I think in regard to J5 Flugpark's Pour le Merite, including AI planes in a streak doesn't bother me. That medal serves a good function to give players a reason to keep coming back to the server, and including AI in the required 25 victory tally means that players won't get put off when nobody else is on, meaning in turn that they'll go on and potentially seed the server. 


    In US103, however, and I'm sure in the other squadrons, AI aren't counted towards "medals". And you're right. When I got my hands on the Legion d'Honneur in US103 I was definitely proud to show it off - it might not have felt quite so special if half of the required victories were over AI. 


    Either way, first time seeing Server medals and I think it's a very neat idea. I think including AI in the streak is also a good idea, and if players want a bit of an added challenge, sign up with a Squadron and start gunning for their 'big' medals. 


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  5. Awesome turnout last night, thanks to all who came along! I didn't stay for the full thing but I did manage to get into some great scraps, including the big D.VII F / Spad XIII clash that Baer mentioned. Hope to see you all again next week! 












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  6. Welcome to the skies of WW1!


    Like Sturm says, streamers were historically for flight leader identification - in-game, pilots use them for varying reasons. In US103 we have 3 separate flights, 1st (or 'Red'), 2nd ('White) and 3rd ('Blue'). As well as flight markings on our squadron skins, our flight leaders wear a corresponding coloured streamer for identification. 



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  7. Crossing the lines on the deck in 1918 was a fool's errand. Hell, crossing the lines on the deck at any point in the war was bold as brass. What better entertainment for thousands of bored, miserable, static soldiers than to shoot at low-flying planes? I remember Arthur Gould Lee mentioning in one of his books that he would have a nightmare about diving into a hail of tracer fire after No. 46 was put on ground attack duty...


    In RoF that was simulated by the infamous 'flak fence', which would tear anything at low alt to shreds over the mud. I wonder what the IL2 equivalent will be? MGs, I imagine...


    by any means, I do think the fighting should go upstairs a little. If I wanted to fight at ground-level I'd have bought Tank Crew.


    2 hours ago, J5_Hellbender said:

    The only logical reaction to the F is to see a return of the Camel Fags, in large numbers. They would still dominate below 2000m. It will do nothing to improve diversity on Central, though, if anything it will drive even more people to the F – or just drive them away.


    Bleak times for the Spad boys! And the S.E's...! I almost wish both could turn just a little better...they definitely sound a little more 'dogfighty' in the pilot accounts I've read! Although, as US103_Hunter points out, pilots might not have been quite as inclined to push their planes to the absolute envelope of their turning ability when poorly-made wings were flying off of planes left, right and centre, so the 'bolder' Spad / S.E pilots may have gotten the turn on less brave Germans.


    That being said, I've always regarded both the Spad and S.E as 'squadron' planes and not lone-wolfers...

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  8. On 10/13/2019 at 4:06 AM, ShamrockOneFive said:

    Hey folks, thanks for organizing these. I stumbled into the Thursday night fly-in with some folks that I regularly fly IL-2 multiplayer with and they had so much fun as turret gunners on some F.2B's that they ended up buying Flying Circus themselves. What a great time! I ended up writing an article about it without knowing that this was an organized event.


    The intention is to run this every Thursday? If so I will write something about it.


    Here's my write-up from Thursday night. Good times!



    Don't know how I managed to miss this before - spectacular stuff, sir! 

    As for a future Thursday Night Q&A, good idea! Just say when! 


    As Baer and Talbot mentioned, I have been working on a little E-Book that talks about the history of the Thursday Night Fly-In from US103's perspective. There are some pretty cool quotes in there taken from our after-action reports!  I'm currently going through the motions of editing what I've got and will eventually post it for whoever can be bothered to read it ;) 

  9. 9 hours ago, SeaW0lf said:

    @US103_Larner, I think it was you who saved me from the Albatros (I could not turn anymore with the Camel after a somewhat long fight saving the rpm and going as light as possible with the turns). Sorry if it took too long for me to alternate with you on him. I lost you guys! Took me forever to spot him again, and I just did because he was streaming! If I had seen you guys I would certainly act as a duo as soon as you engaged.


    Not me, sir! I was actually watching that fight from above - from my vantage point I just saw two Camels giving an Alb hell...if I knew you were in trouble I would have come down, but it all looked rather one-sided from where I was sitting 😄

  10. Evening, gents. Thought I'd put this together to highlight some of the stuff going on recently in the FC / RoF community and put it all in one place. I'd like to put out a weekly 'newspaper', but I think my laziness will probably have something to say about that ;)  Enjoy! 


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  11. If I recall correctly, 'Yanking the cord' has an effect on a pilot's 'Fairplay Index', which will determine the number of points awarded for EVERY sortie. A pilot with 100% FairPlay will be awarded 100 points at the end of a sortie. Every disconnect bumps that down by 10% - so someone with 70% FairPlay will only get 70 additional points, etc. The FairPlay index can increase back to 100% over time if the pilot stops disconnecting. I realised this after some mid-air disconnects when the server was empty 😅


    The bigger penalty, I suppose, is the community opinion - we don't like Disconnecters ;) although, pilots that deliberately do it probably don't care what people think anyway. But hey, if the server gives you the kill then more bullets saved! 


    I've started flying a little more 'seriously' now that the stats page is up and the server's developing nicely. At the moment I'm obsessed with getting my accuracy % up, and building a modest streak, of course ;) 

  12. 5 minutes ago, J99Sizzlorr said:

    Don't know what to say... Parser must be lying. Never the less i'll take it and wear it with honor. I always wanted that medal. A big thank you J5 for the decoration, recognition and the providing of that full real environment. Long may that list get! 


    Congrats, Sizzlorr! 

    Your secret's safe with me ; ) 

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  13. 19 minutes ago, J5_Baeumer said:

    ...appreciate you wanting to fly only on clear days, Learner, but not all of us are such fair weather flyers.  😃  Wonder if the cloud issue you refer to is related to the enhanced visibility.....let's see what turning off Enhanced Visibility does to the phenomenon starting tomorrow.



    You sneaky Bosches and your clouds ;) 

    I've heard it's a long-standing issue with IL2 (both FC and WW2) that planes become 'glitchy' against clouds, sometimes vanishing completely, and I've been noticing it a lot with the heavy cloud layer on the server - although I've also heard that there's apparently going to be some kind of 'Cloud Update' (?) coming up, which MAY remedy the issue. Fingers crossed! 

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  14. Noticed another parser bug - 

    on the following sortie I attacked Gamecock and we ended up colliding: 



    Parser says I fired 800 rounds (The SPAD's entire ammo capacity). I absolutely didn't fire off 800 rounds - I don't think I even fired 100 rounds!!! I did jump from the wrecked plane after the smash but decided to ride it all the way to the ground like a true Entente...not sure if that would have affected anything! 

    Not the worst bug in the world, and definitely not game-changing in any way, but I was a little disappointed at the recorded 1% accuracy for the flight as I've been trying to get my accuracy as high as I can and it took a big chunk out of my overall % 😅


    And a thought for the server: What do you think of reducing the clouds a little? The only reason I mention it is because of the buggy graphics when planes fly against the clouds 




  15. 1 hour ago, 56RAF_Roblex said:

    Why WW1?  Last I heard he was working on a re-make of Dambusters.   I did not know he owned aircraft. Are they mostly WW1?


    Peter Jackson is crazy about WW1 - and yes, he has hangars full of WW1 ships! His company, the vintage aviator ltd, builds replica WW1 planes (about as true-to-life as you can get). They also reproduce old WW1 plane engines. 


    There's an incredible clip on youtube where he kitted out one of his Dr.Is and R.E.8s with laser-tag guns and had them dogfight! 

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