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  1. You sneaky Bosches and your clouds I've heard it's a long-standing issue with IL2 (both FC and WW2) that planes become 'glitchy' against clouds, sometimes vanishing completely, and I've been noticing it a lot with the heavy cloud layer on the server - although I've also heard that there's apparently going to be some kind of 'Cloud Update' (?) coming up, which MAY remedy the issue. Fingers crossed!
  2. Noticed another parser bug - on the following sortie I attacked Gamecock and we ended up colliding: http://stats.jasta5.org:8000/en/sortie/2344/?tour=5 Parser says I fired 800 rounds (The SPAD's entire ammo capacity). I absolutely didn't fire off 800 rounds - I don't think I even fired 100 rounds!!! I did jump from the wrecked plane after the smash but decided to ride it all the way to the ground like a true Entente...not sure if that would have affected anything! Not the worst bug in the world, and definitely not game-changing in any way, but I was a little disappointed at the recorded 1% accuracy for the flight as I've been trying to get my accuracy as high as I can and it took a big chunk out of my overall % 😅 And a thought for the server: What do you think of reducing the clouds a little? The only reason I mention it is because of the buggy graphics when planes fly against the clouds
  3. Peter Jackson is crazy about WW1 - and yes, he has hangars full of WW1 ships! His company, the vintage aviator ltd, builds replica WW1 planes (about as true-to-life as you can get). They also reproduce old WW1 plane engines. There's an incredible clip on youtube where he kitted out one of his Dr.Is and R.E.8s with laser-tag guns and had them dogfight!
  4. Great fun tonight! Plenty of fights down low and a certain D.VII F pilot I've been gunning for lurking up high among the clouds... ....I was certain I'd finally killed the now-25 victory ace but the Parser seems to disagree with me... The server's coming along really really nicely - the 'War Status' feature is a brilliant addition. It's really starting to feel a lot like a 'living front'. Event-level intricacy, but available daily. Great stuff. No AV will be the icing on the cake for me
  5. Ah! Admittedly I'm not 100% sure - JG1_Buttzzell is the guy to ask. I imagine there won't be any AV though. There are both frontline fields and further back airfields.
  6. S! Sturm - no specific TS, but now that you mention it setting one up would be a great way for pilots to wing up with each other! And yeah, like Talbot says - any track recordings, screen captures with comms, etc etc, send em our way! That's the best part!
  7. The 103d is still active and looking for new recruits to round off our flight roster! Whether you're an old hand at WW1 aviation, brand new to it, or fly WW2 but haven't yet tried your hand at 'The Era of Wood and Wire', come and see us at www.us103.enjin.com and enlist today!
  8. Greetings, all! We at the US103 Aerodrome wish to extend an invitation to all pilots of Flying Circus to join us in a weekly event that has previously been running every Thursday in Rise of Flight. Alongside our friends-and-enemies of the JG1 Squadron, we have been trying to boost community activity by hosting this regular weekly event - and we think the time is right to transition to Flying Circus! About the Thursday Night Fly-In: Established in September of 2017, the Thursday Night Fly-In is a weekly community event created as a collaboration between the JG1 'Richthofen' and 103rd Aero Squadrons in order to provide a fast-paced, high intensity night of flying! A typical night sees over 30 pilots locked in large-scale furballs, daring bombing raids, deadly scout patrols and much more! We greatly encourage pilots of all levels of experience to come along, make some new friends, find some new wingmen! The Fly-In kicks off between 20:00 and 21:00 EST each Thursday, at which point the pilots start to arrive and prepare for their first patrols. Historically we have had great participation from Squadrons and Lone Wolves alike, so you are bound to find yourself in the heat of battle before too long! But, a word of caution - it's not uncommon for large formations of scouts roam the skies - so if you're flying alone, keep an eye on your six! This week we will be flying on J.G.1's Flying Circus server. All in all, the Thursday Night Fly-In is a great experience, and its fast and furious dogfights are sure to leave you with some lasting memories. We hope to see you there! Be sure to check out the old RoF trailer to get a feel for the event:
  9. I've also noticed (or rather not noticed) a lack of glint on aeroplane wings. Speaking from RoF experience, most times I'd spot anyone at long range it would be through that, and I'm sorely missing it in FC. I think that planes should be a little more 'shiny' - after all, it did play a part in the real thing. Mannock even had a personal rule of making gentle turns on clear days so the sun wouldn't catch his wings. Obviously I don't want to be chasing after flying Christmas trees, but a little glinting on the wings wouldn't hurt - and I think spotting would suddenly be a lot easier, even with the current non-AV visibility. Also, distant planes appeared as little black spots until they were fairly close in RoF. In FC, I've noticed its a hell of a lot harder to pick out aircraft because they aren't little black dots - instead, their colours are showing up from further out. In other words, the Camouflage is doing its job very well. At the moment, I'm not 100% sure where I stand on the FC spotting. It certainly isn't on the side of AV. One part of me thinks I should be spotting aircraft a little easier, but the other part remembers the memoirs of pilots I've read where they got shot to hell on their first sortie and never even saw the plane that did it... (one of my favourites was a story about a R.F.C pilot who saw his wingmen lifting their noses and firing into the sky. Thinking they were just larking about, he happily joined in - only to find out back at the aerodrome that he'd just been in his first dogfight! 😄) Edit: Another thing to remember, I think, when talking about 'historical' spotting, is that usually pilots would be spotting squadrons, rather than lone wolves (which is what you see the majority of the time in FC). I think it was JG1 that liked to fly in pairs because they could get really close to Entente planes without being spotted. Perhaps the current visibility is a little more realistic than we realise! By any means, it's in the Devs' hands. I'm content with the current spotting. It's bloody hard to see anything, but that adds to the tension for me (and the excitement when you finally do catch someone)
  10. I really like the difficult spotting. I think, based on what I’ve read, that it’s the more realistic option. Spotting was hard and came with experience. Going back to the damage model for a bit, I am absolutely in love with it. Yes, your wings are a lot safer, but, man, do you feel vulnerable when compared to RoF! Every time I hear bullets hitting my machine I expect to be knocked unconscious, and it always puts a smile on my face when you come back in a plane absolutely riddled with holes and sit there wondering “how the hell did the pilot not get hit?” I've also noticed that, even before the loss-of-consciousness feature was added, pilot hits are a lot more serious than in RoF. Typically when you get hit, you get hit bad, and unless someone comes in and saves your bacon then you've had it. On the flip-side, you can tell when you've got someone after a good burst. Really adds a whole new level to WW1 flying for me.
  11. 19 Sqn RFC had the SPAD VII from October 1916
  12. What! Forget those planes! They can come in FC2! I'm holding out for a SPAD XIII with a Hisso 8BeC On a more serious note, I'd love to see some new WW1 crates as collector planes, maybe the Fokker D.VI and (of course) the Snipe. However, it's all banking on the community. Black Sept. IV was a great indication of how exciting the FC community could become - I think having a few different weekly events, or even a dynamic campaign like TAW, would do wonders for FC's growth. Although I'm not holding my breath quite yet, I'm hoping FC grows to a point where, like the WW2 side of IL2, you can hop into a server at any given day / time and find decent numbers online. Hell, if it became popular enough I bet we'd end up with a more extensive plane set than RoF had! That being said, I think it would take some real doing for the devs to really focus their attention on WW1.
  13. Hm, yeah, on the other setting planes are definitely harder to spot than in RoF. I quite like that though - ties in with the memoirs you read about rookies who couldn't see anything at first I think the big difference is the lack of shine on the wings. Most of my extreme-distance spotting in RoF was aircraft catching the sun. By any means, hopefully the devs continue to experiment with spotting and land at a good end result. Personally I'd rather have a hard time spotting than have the whole 'changing sizes with zoom' thing - I find it really distracting, and it becomes tricky to gauge where planes are in relation to yourself. But, of course, the server's gotta go with the majority preference!
  14. Server's coming together really nicely. I'm still stuck in 'airquake mode' after all the Lapino stuff, but it's definitely looking a lot more 'serious'. Great work on the stats page, too, can't wait until its fully up and running. Not keen on the 'easy' spotting where planes appear twice as big when not zoomed in, but it is what it is! Got a nasty shock when I flew through one of the AAA zones as well. Really nice touch! Can't wait for Bloody April on the new map.
  15. Poor sucker in the D.II must have drawn the short straw Awesome video!
  16. Shocking news. My heartfelt condolences to his family, and to 1PL.
  17. Nothing wrong with a little cheat-sheet, so long as the CO doesn't spot it
  18. Some footage of a great fight that took place last night on JG1's FC server! There are a couple 'bugs' in the video - unfortunately it was server lag, which also showed up in the track recording
  19. In agreement. I like it, I think the front definitely looks more 'messy' - more trenches, more ground clutter, generally more, and it does look nice. But, it's not much more than fit for purpose. That being said, I got chills when I saw an alb over the mud for the first time in FC... Re: Black September - I wonder how differently it all would have gone with the whole 'knockout' feature and G tolerances? Personally, I can think of one occasion where I would have been spinning down blacked-out...
  20. LOL outstanding!!! BTW - how does one go about swapping out the photo? Never mind, missed the readme in among the files the first time around
  21. Guilty as charged! I'll pay more attention to two-seaters in future papers.
  22. Brilliant event, and thanks so much to Jasta 5 for hosting it. Very proud to have been a part of Flying Circus's first organised event, and I very much look forwards to next years. Thanks as well to everybody who flew and made the event so enjoyable! Here's the final 'Press Release' - Until next year :
  23. I imagine the Viper 'took over' from the HS S.E.5as, as it was essentially a high-compression version. That being said, there were lots of companies building the S.E, so who knows? The two types were probably in service together by any means. The Aldis was standard. Fuel gauge I'm not so sure on...
  24. Still boggles the mind that the devs made the Aldis and the fuel gauge non-standard loadout in the S.E....
  25. Loving all the Black Sept. Content that's out there. Great to see the first Flying Circus event receiving lots of press!
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