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  1. Sad news indeed. Had the pleasure to fly with Wrongway on a couple of occasions - he was a good guy. My condolences to his friends & family.
  2. Yeah - looks a little closer to the black stripes on the tail though! B+W photos are always tricky hahah
  3. I'd guess yellow/black/yellow, Wurttemberg / Jasta colours
  4. Several times I've been completely 100% out of control while severely wounded. The aircraft essentially would act like it would with the pilot killed - a death-spin. No control surface input would do anything. Some of the Bosches have also reported not being able to bail past a certain level of injury. I would imagine that a gunner wounded that badly also wouldn't be able to do much of anything - much less swing a heavy Becker around like it's nothing!
  5. Yeah, I saw em too. In fact, I'm sure one of us said on comms that we were expecting high D7s from the position those two approached from 😄
  6. I found the same moment from Hotlead's perspective! I'm thinking that it looks like he may have become visible when he cocked his guns...
  7. Assuming a 3rd invisible D.VII F that he doesn't get along with...
  8. Yep - to add further insult to injury my pass on that Halb 89% wounded that gunner! One spin and one 'flop' out of a left turn
  9. Hey look! More invisible D7Fs!
  10. Some Camel Shenanigan highlights from the last Thursday:
  11. Oh! Before it slips my mind... The 3rd Pursuit Group USAS is proud to present the Lafayette Merit Ribbon to Matthias of Jasta 5, following his tireless efforts in creating missions for and maintaining the Jasta 5 Flugpark Server, as well as his efforts for creating the missions for Black September IV - FC's first official community campaign. The efforts made by Matthias have contributed greatly to the growth of the Flying Circus community and its player base. The Lafayette Merit Ribbon is our group's official award for appreciation of exceptional and outstanding efforts to benefit the community as a whole. Please, feel free to display the ribbon in your signature, or simply keep it as a memento and a formal mark of appreciation from the 3rd P.G!
  12. I wanted to add in that this was being worked on, but ran out of space in the section!
  13. I'm not so sure about that. You'd probably end up with a few players suicidally chasing the 'good' guys just to kill them for bragging rights. Back in RoF I remember hearing tell of a certain Squadron who would deliberately ram high-scoring pilots just to end their streaks. I also think there's something to be said for 'Ace Anonymity'. The only pilot that I've heard of being recognised by their opponents in the air was the Baron. Apart from that, even with the fancy colourations, most pilots didn't really know who they were fighting unless the same two squadrons ran into each other several times. That being said, I have my colours on display:
  14. Had a blast yesterday messing around in the Camel, although I may have had a little too much dutch courage to fly the thing
  15. I'd say they were pretty badly outclassed....when they ran into the top Entente scouts or Bristols!! But, yes, there was plenty for the Albs and Pfalzes left to prey on apart from them. No. 3 Squadron RFC springs to mind....poor bastards flew Morane Ls until something like November 1917! I'd love to see the D.III. Was always my favourite Alb to fly.
  16. Yep - all our skins are for the SPAD 13.C1.
  17. Love seeing formations of Bristols flying in the fighter role!
  18. I wouldn't trust what that garbage says... And it was 29 D7F Kills to 26 Camel Kills
  19. I never knew they added the Gotha to FC!
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