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  1. Sure! On hindsight, can't quite remember if they were tracks, Shadowplay recordings, or both! Either way I'll send what I have over
  2. 8 RNAS is actually a new squadron! (Or, rather, an older squadron that's recently expanded into FC) Cheers again for the hard work, Vonrd!
  3. Apologies for late submission, but here it is - Aircraft 'A' through 'E' of 8 RNAS: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1HkfovoOAQ1LPFlBpfXXsyxRJhf6WXImL/view?usp=sharing
  4. I got some tracks for ya! Well, well! How long's it been since Ice A*Ahem* SeaSerpent flew a WW1 crate?
  5. Expecting 60 pilots for the next one? Bugger! It's the one week I can't make! Hope that the numbers stay that high for weeks 3 and 4!
  6. Trying to finalise the newly formed No. 8 RNAS skin pack. 2 to add so far, but will hold out until tomorrow to see if we can get the rest ready. Great job in organising these so far!
  7. If you could PM a Download link and a screenshot that would be perfect! Cheers.
  8. With the most recent update I'm starting to try and think of a way of sorting these into downloadable bundles. I still have some fictional / personal skins to be added.
  9. I've been trying to emulate that a little in the 'unofficial' list:
  10. I'm inclined to agree, but you'd rather think that ditching next to some farmstead in the middle of nowhere would warrant a similar walk By any means, the 'parachute problem' is providing an interesting new angle to the ruleset! Having quite a lot of fun reading everyone's thoughts actually
  11. All the info should be in the first post of the thread. We're one week down (it's a 4-week event) so I'm not sure if sign-up is still open...J5_Baeumer should be able to let you know! Event days are every Saturday, 1700UTC-1900UTC if I'm not mistaken 1800-2000UTC. I was mistaken! Like Trupo says, show up at 1730 for briefing
  12. 1. True, although it's always nice to 'survive' even if you end up captured, purely from an immersion standpoint But, the brass hats deemed it not to be! 2. I noticed as well! Although for me, personally, nothing kills the immersion more than jumping with 'no' parachute and surviving for your next flight! To me it really does feel like gaming the game a little too much. Like you say, there was a German advantage in pilots having chutes and it would be good to keep that historical aspect (although I expect it will end up in a lot of chute-shooting, which I don't see a problem with inside events like Black Sept). The 'invisichute' actually gives Entente the advantage - you can shoot a guy dangling from a chute if you're a good shot. Good luck hitting a guy freefalling, though! On principle, I ride it all the way out to the ground if I'm forced to jump. That's just me, though... 1) If the planes are so mismatched, then how come Central shot down 42 aircraft to Entente's 26? 2) Well, apart from the high failure rate (1-in-3 at first, improved a little later), the inability to bail from a plummeting aircraft, the parachute not catching fire when it's sitting on top of a burning fuel tank, the 30lbs extra weight to the aircraft.... (Although, the German pilots can't be blamed for that! It's up to the devs to add a proper Heinecke Parachute, which I hope they do!)
  13. I can think of a quick fix for that... 👹 In all seriousness, if the Parachute was a modification (as it should be) for German planes I wouldn't actually mind SOME Germans having them, as was historical - it's just every Pfalz, Alb, Dr.I and D.VII on the front having WW2-Style parachutes that is a little, er, unfair By any means, not a complaint - in my mind this is the exact purpose of BS4, finding out the new challenges of setting up a campaign like this for FC and working to address them!
  14. The Flying Corps wouldn't have me due to my....shady past....but the USAS were less fussy
  15. Blue Max? Can I have a Victoria Cross instead? 😂
  16. Tons of fun tonight and some bloody wicked scraps! Also, 58 pilots flew! That is brilliant!
  17. Please do! We need another Entente gang to stave off all these pesky Jastas A chap named 56Sqn_Badger was trying to kick it off last I saw. I sent him a PM on the RoF Forums. Who knows, perhaps it's WW?
  18. To my knowledge, no formal No.56 squadron exists, although I'm sure that somebody was trying to start it up not too long ago in RoF. I'll see if I can get in touch and find out if he's active in FC ...if not, start your own!
  19. This is gonna be great with all the Sqn skins! Working on Luft's D.VII still...will hopefully have it ready ahead of the start date but don't hold out for it
  20. Just realised how many pilots have signed up. Outstanding!
  21. If any skin creators want their skins added to the list, could you kindly PM me your threads / links? It may take a while to 'fill out' the list but I'll keep adding to them when I can! Cheers!
  22. This thread is intended to serve as a centralised and standardised depository for custom Flying Circus skins. Please, feel free to post your user skins here, and I'll keep the list updated as and when I am able. Historical skins have been organised by Squadron, and beside each skin I will include the date added to the list and, when possible, a small thumbnail, so that hopefully you won't need to wonder which skins you've already downloaded! Latest Update (15/09/19): Historical Skins: -Fictional Skin of J5_Sturm added Enjoy! Historical Skins: Fictional Skins: Historical Squadron Packs: Virtual Squadron Packs:
  23. *Gasp* *Shock* *Horror* But what about us, Cannon? Your ol' pals at the 103rd? 😉
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