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  1. Same with the German pilots' chutes...which I'd like to see modelled in FC! It would make the chute less 'safe' - if you're falling at the same speed as your wrecked plane, that chute is going to stay put in the container.
  2. One of the 213th's guys has 2 to his credit...never showed up in the parser though, bizarrely...
  3. Always thought it would be cool if they jumped once the first few bullets hit the balloon, rather than waiting for it to pop
  4. Yeah, it's a shame not to see any historical French units over the front. I, for one, would love to see SPA. 94. That was a good-looking unit...I think RoF's Escadrilles were before my time, sadly! (as was much of RoF's history)
  5. Oh, neat! I should have specified, though - I'm amazed there are no historical French WW1 Escadrilles...I would have thought that there would at least be a virtual Esc. 3 by now! We flew with a guy that wanted to start one in RoF but it was always just him on his own...
  6. Have you seen the fella jump before the balloon flames? I've only seen 'em jump once it's already on fire!
  7. One thing that's always astounded me is that there are Jastas everywhere, one or two RFC units that are trying to start out, and even the American Pursuit Squadrons.... ....but not a single French Escadrille!
  8. Good question. Also noticed another FC bug report stating that D.VII F and Albatros (The two types we think are affected) have a 3rd skin 'list', as well as 'Default' and 'Custom'....this 3rd option being 'Multiple'. Not sure if related, but worth noting...
  9. Slight update, if you would be so kind! The 103rd Aero Squadron USAS is now a component of the 3rd Pursuit Group USAS - the new unit website is www.us3pg.enjin.com
  10. Great community resource, thanks for posting!
  11. I'd like to announce a few small changes to the 'Airman's Chronicle' for this week's edition! Thanks to some submissions from recruiting Squadrons, the "SQUADRONS RECRUITING" section has now been given its own section in order to be able to fit more Squadron recruiting ads. I've also added a new section beside the 'News of the Aces', following a blurb written by J28w_Broccoli - I really like the idea of including some other 'short stories' submitted by the community, so I plan to keep this as a feature! Feel free to send me a PM with any short blurbs or stories. Anyway, without further ado:
  12. Good story - I once saw a German pilot bail out only to have his O.O.C aircraft hit his chute!
  13. No - Actually, I should have mentioned that. I tried to find other aircraft through the external camera and neither appeared when cycling through enemy planes. The icons / planes being incorrectly positioned is an interesting thought... This is the most glaring issue with the bug for me - it'll be extremely hard to determine if it's a spotting error or if you're experiencing the bug, unless you're looking directly at the plane when it appears / disappears! Even when the first D.VII attacked, we assumed we'd somehow scanned over the guy stalking us, but then as I extended away after a prop-hang I was looking over my shoulder and saw the second D.VII appear right behind me. Fortunately, I like to keep a track record going most of the time, and I had the shadowplay recording as a backup just in case! (I decided not to include that in the video as I had a rather, er, colourful response to a D.VII F appearing at point blank range behind me....)
  14. Flying on the J5 Flugpark server (a Flying Circus Server) I noticed a pretty serious game-breaking bug: My wingman (US213_Hall) spotted an aircraft taking AAA fire at some distance to the north. As he was fixated on the plane, it suddenly vanished into thin air. The flak continued to fire at the spot where the plane was, and we watched as it drew nearer to us. For 3-4 minutes we were scanning and looking for the aircraft - we could clearly see its route by the flak shooting at it. When we saw nothing, we decided to ignore the flak and looked for other targets, quickly spotting a flight of 3 planes roughly 9km away - so, not a problem with spotting ability. However, a few seconds after spotting the faraway planes my wingman was suddenly attacked by a Fokker D.VII F. I turned to help him and during the dogfight I saw a second Fokker D.VII F appear out of thin air, point-blank behind me. These two D.VII Fs were flying together, and could see each other, as well as us, perfectly fine. The previous map on the server had displayed 'Server Overload' messages, but the map in which this took place did not. Here is a video of the track recording, which also shows the aircraft appearing out of thin air: Four of my squadron mates have also experienced this bug, and each time the 'invisible' plane has been a Fokker D.VII F. I don't know if this is relevant or not. Some players have also reported that this bug may affect the Albatros D.Va. One of my wingmen has also seen this in the WW2 side of IL2. I've asked the Flying Circus community to mention any encounters they may have had with this bug, and to include what aircraft types they noted to be 'invisible'. I'll add a list of names to this post once I have a few replies. I can provide the track file if it's needed. Cheers. List of players who have reportedly encountered this bug: (Player Name - 'Invisible' Aircraft Type) US213_Talbot - Fokker D.VIIF US103_Hunter - Fokker D.VII (Unknown if 'F' or Regular) US213_Hall - Fokker D.VII F J28w-Broccoli - Not Specified (Flying Circus) SeaW0lf - Not Specified (Flying Circus) 1PL-Husar-1Esk - Not Specified (Flying Circus) No.332_Cathoair - Not Specified (Flying Circus) E69_Geramos109 - Yak (Unspecified type) (IL-2 / WW2)
  15. Evening, all. Wanted to start this thread to see if anyone's experienced anything similar to this: On the 18th November I was flying with a wingman when he spotted an enemy aircraft. He started tracking it, but it inexplicably vanished into thin air as he was watching it. We could still see flak shooting around where it was. We tracked the flak as it got closer, and scanned the sky thoroughly to try and see the enemy, but we saw absolutely nothing. Eventually, when the flak was very close, we assumed it must be firing at us and so we started looking for other targets. We quickly spotted a flight of 3 planes low across the lines, roughly 9km away. The J5 Flugpark server was giving 'Server Overload' messages on the mission prior, but in this mission I didn't see any overload messages, and the server had only about 20 - 25 people in it. Suddenly, my wingman is being attacked by a D.VII F. I turn to help, and during the fight I see another D.VII F appear directly behind me out of thin air. I'd like to make it very clear that I DON'T think this is any kind of cheat, or anything like this - I know both the pilots in the D.VII Fs - but it's obviously some kind of bug...and a pretty game-breaking one at that. It would be great for anyone else who's seen something like this to leave a comment, as I'd like to provide a list of names for people who have seen this sort of thing for the bug report. Several of my other Squadron mates (US93_Furlow, US103_Hunter, US213_Hall) have said they've seen this before, and after watching this track I realised that I've also seen it before in an earlier track I took - at the time I thought it was just a track bug, and not an in-game one. This would also explain some of the times I've been bounced where I was 100% certain the skies were clear around me! Either way, I find it pretty disheartening that planes can just turn invisible... P.S - so far me and my squadron mates have only seen this happening with D.VII Fs - I'm NOT saying the problem is limited to that plane alone, but I'm wondering if it only affects certain planes. Please, let me know if you've seen it happening with any other types of plane! I'd like to get a list of names and aircraft seen to be affected for the bug report.
  16. Had this interesting moment tonight: Attacked by two D.VII Fs that were completely invisible until right before pulling the trigger. My wingman had actually spotted one 3-4 min before they engaged, but said to me over comms that he'd seen it just vanish into thin air as he was tracking it. He had initially seen it among AAA fire and we tracked the AAA as it got closer, until it was nearly on top of us. The whole time we were scanning hard in all directions trying to spot the enemy planes. Eventually we think the flak must be aimed at us, and we start looking for other targets. We very quickly spot a flight of 3 aircraft low inside German lines (we were on the edge of our lines), about 9km away. Suddenly, my wingman is attacked. As we are fighting off the attacker, I look behind me, just in time to see another D.VII F appear out of thin air at nearly point blank range... This was around 3.5 - 4k and the only air start anywhere near was an Entente one... I'll make a separate thread about it...
  17. Some in-game observations: I've noticed before that pilots have been wounded and it HASN'T blacked them out, after the update. If you've seen Hotlead's recent FC stream, you'll notice he catches a bullet in a fight with two S.E5as and doesn't black out. To me, this means one of two things: 1) There are different 'hitboxes' for different parts of the pilot's body 2) Only a DOUBLE wound will K.O a pilot I've also noticed (much to my horror) a rather scary new feature - the instant kill. Sometimes a bullet will just outright kill you, 100% wounded. I haven't really been able to figure out what makes this happen, but I distinctly remember being prop-hung by a D.VII F and suddenly being in 3rd person...at the time the D.VII F was flopping over at the top of his stall. I'm almost positive he can't have hit me with any more that 2 or 3 bullets! After this, D.VII F got into an elongated fight with a Camel, and his parser had 17 recorded hits total (mostly on Camel by the looks of it). That, to me, makes me believe more that there are different hitboxes for different sections of the body, and seeing as the head is the most obvious target when shooting at pilots, perhaps that's what's causing the K.O's. Would be great if the Devs could give us an in-depth rundown of the pilot wounding mechanics!
  18. Indeed, sir, I am! The 'Paint Shop' has plenty of customers these days....
  19. Yeah, it could be a cool feature, but not at the expense of mission makers being so limited as they are. I'm not 100% sure if this is an 'intended' feature or not, actually...
  20. I'd actually love to see the B.E.2 in Flying Circus - alongside some earlier aircraft, of course! It may be a deathtrap, but you can't talk WW1 aviation and leave the B.E out... What would be even better is if it had a 'B.E.12 Mod' for the more insane among us!
  21. I believe it's because it will class twin MGs as one 'Weapon System' or 'Weapon Group" (or whatever the name for it is). Whereas in, say, a 109, you could fire MGs and Cannon separately, a SPAD XIII will fire both Vickers as one 'group'. On a plane like the S.E.5a, with a wing-mounted Lewis and a Vickers, the guns can be fired separately. I do agree, though, that planes with separate triggers per gun should be able to be fired separately. It's not the worst thing in the world, but it would be nice to save on ammo.
  22. Later, to avoid charges of War Crimes, he changed his name to Talbot...
  23. WoFF's flyable plane's list is outstanding. I only hope that we have a similar list in Flying Circus one day! But - it's still early days yet, and WW1 aviation is still quite the niche. Hopefully we'll get some new planes in the not-too-distant future
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