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  1. When FC first came out everyone was happy with just about everything. I think they should turn it back to where it was in the beginning and leave it alone.
  2. Yep spotting is horrible. Fix the Camel
  3. I did like you said but still no good with mission limits.
  4. Thanks but still can't change Mission Limits in FC
  5. no problem take your time and thanks for all your hard work.
  6. some of that may be because I didn't leave the server when we were finished and IL-2 automatically restarts the mission again if you don't get out. I was trying different ways to record the mission properly. I could just delete that campaign and start over if that would be easier all around.
  7. Yea, I hit mission assign the pilots sync load outs and accept mission. it creates mission like it should and then I go into coop create server and run that mission. it works fine until the end when I try to get a combat report. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. My PWCG-Bos works fine.
  8. I think this is what you wanted and my monitor is 2560 X 1440 332FG D.VIIF Campaign202008121108916.zip
  9. I'm unable to get a combat report when i finish coop missions in PWCG-FC. I also can't make changes to the mission limits in FC.
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