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  1. That exact same thing happens on WWII side of the house with official skins, it's been an off and on bug for a while. I think I got a vid somewhere.
  2. Yea all the skins in REDMAN'S SKINS including Cuban, Hans, Loopy, and Talley can be added. Sorry for the confusion.
  3. if that's for just the black and red it looks good to me. Thanks again for your hard work. S!
  4. Great day of flying had a blast. We also noticed some warping and server issues but didn't encounter any invisible planes or ghost. Some planes in front of clouds were hard to ID.
  5. The invisible plane bug has always been an off and on thing in IL-2.
  6. S! all, I've been working behind the scenes on some skins and updated my folder to include Cuban, Loopy, and Tally. Each skin has a preview pic so feel free to look around and download what you want. Happy hunting and here's the link again. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VtguKzT0u0oid5Y2cWOiSB58Q7LU3o8y?usp=sharing
  7. S! if anyone downloaded my Camel skin delete it and install fixed one. sorry here's the new link. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1VtguKzT0u0oid5Y2cWOiSB58Q7LU3o8y?usp=sharing
  8. Here's the link if anybody want's to download it to see in game. https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Q8bwqaL7IF_zOMhMP3kCv_XhLUEmms-m?usp=sharing
  9. Please Please! don't start locking fuel loads like ROF that sucked. Oh yea, leave the Camel alone. S!
  10. First let me start by saying you're doing a great job with the maps. Question: On the new map do all 3 recons need to be accomplished to trigger the arty spotting? S!
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