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  1. I can't find anything in settings for the over the wing gun tilt, what am i missing?
  2. I don't care how many times it's been talked about if you don't like it don't read it.
  3. I'm glad you like it. I see you guessed what that meant.
  4. screw you, chute killing is a dickhead move, you can guess what that means.
  5. I'd like one good reason why you allow chute killing in here because having 3 lives isn't bad enough, then you have to worry about =LG= losers killing you in your chute like little girls with no skill.
  6. How about opening the gunner seats to live players, that would reduce the AI accuracy mess by a lot and allow people to participate until a plane slot becomes available or if you get killed 3 times as a pilot be allowed to come back as a gunner until the 24 penalty expires. Now that the gunner seats are locked until you unlock them you don't have to worry about trolls shooting your plane up and if someone wants to gun they have to ask the pilot.
  7. I want to be perfectly clear i was never talking about anybody in our squad. We (myself included) follow the rules to the letter which makes it that more frustrating when you see other squads total disregard for them.
  8. I was doing just that---venting--- especially when you only get 3 lives per map. It sucks the fun out of the experience when you have to watch your side closer then the enemy. I'm done venting S!
  9. It's in the rules that only certain people have to follow. I was making a point. more times than not they get you killed because after you break off you become a sitting duck for an enemy fighter looking for just that. these helpful pilots don't keep your 6 clear they wait until you get a plane damaged and leaking and come in to help by jumping in front of you and save the day.
  10. That's the same excuse they all use,what BS. When someone jumps in between me and the guy i'm shooting at is not help.Most of the time it forces you to break off or better yet shoot the asshole and then you get penalized for shooting a friendly.They know exactly what they're doing and why they're doing it. In the future I'm going to continue shooting and if they get hit or killed because of it I'll take the penalty but i'm taking them with me.
  11. I thought kill stealing was against the rules, what a joke.
  12. the U-2VS is listed as a transport but not working as one.
  13. i just got banned for taking too long to piss between maps. now i can't get back in at all.
  14. Can you guys please unlock his account so we can add him to our squadron? Thanks
  15. trying to get on this server is nothing but a pain in the ass.
  16. I don't need to read anymore, not worth the aggravation. I came here to fly and enjoy myself now that's gone. the server is no longer full and i still keep getting kicked.
  17. i did read it, are the people who donated money having these problems? I've never had a problem before, this is a mess. There are 76 players in and i still keep getting kicked.
  18. I got banned just looking at the map before i could pick a plane and was kicked. now when i get back in the map i keep getting kicked. I'm registered and in a squad and haven't been able to get near a plane. Does any body know why?
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