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  1. The 332nd is recruiting at this time and we are looking for Tempest/Spitfire pilots to help fill the ranks. Pilots that are interested please PM me here or look us up on our Discord. https://discord.gg/8FfVNSK Thanks in advance S!
  2. here we go with hurt feelings, give me a break they don't care about my feelings it's a two way street. it's all about customer service, that should be motivation enough.
  3. I paid money for this product now i feel like I threw my money out the window, as a paying customer I expect to get my monies worth and if they can't deliver I want a refund.
  4. I've suggested that several times but didn't get anywhere.
  5. What a joke, thanks for making the Camel a piece of garbage. The wings are ripping off more now then before the patch and the blacking out is even a bigger joke and always will be in WWI planes. I'm all for some realism but I think it's gone to far and now it's sucking all the fun out of flying these planes. Nobody asked for these ridiculous changes.
  6. I'm starting a Camel squadron. No.204 Squadron RAF (We are an auxiliary squadron of the -332FG-) No. 204 Squadron was a Royal Air Force unit first formed in March 1915 as No.4 Squadron Royal Naval Air Service. On the formation of the Royal Air Force on 1 April 1918 the squadron was re-designated No. 204 Squadron. The squadron moved around some of the aerodromes around Dunkirk before settling at Téteghem in May 1918. In October 1918 the squadron moved forward to Heule in Flanders until the end of the war. We are recruiting at this time. S!
  7. That's no problem I'll sort thru some of the vids I got tomorrow.
  8. you want screenshots and video?
  9. I've tried every combo and when I put it in game it flips on it's own. HA HA Got it Thanks for the help
  10. do I need to flip just the letters? when I flip the whole template flips
  11. For some reason when I try to put a letter on the top wing of the Camel it flips backwards and up side down when i put it in game. I've tried moving it all around and can't get it take.
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