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  1. Thank you. GPU problem is... stock. I can't find any 3080. I will wait for new Nvidia GPU,s. Maybe, 3080ti or similar with more than 10GB VRAM. I play at 4K screen (3840*2160). With my GTX1070 I cannot play at ultra settings. Not enough GPU power and 6GB VRAM.
  2. Problem with these AMD cards, is the absence of DLSS. Nvidia is better for high resolutions with DLSS enabled. AMD has not got any similar. I fly at 4K (3840*2160). Thats the reason I'm waiting and reading opinions before buying. Our sim has not got raytracing. But DLSS can be important.
  3. I hope you are right. Yesterday I purchased my new MOBO, CPU and RAM:
  4. Thank you Sir. It's working perfectly.
  5. Yes, I'm reasonably sure is working and moreover, it affects performance. These pics are with MSAA x8 (instead of x4 from original game) + TSSAA x8: Check transparent textures antialiasing.
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