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  1. My suggestion. 1. Undamaged aaa on AF and Depot. 2. Less aggressive aaa on other targets. 3. No entrance for side who already had 48 registered pilots on server. 4. No entrance if user not in Ts.
  2. He just use belly landing every time. It is possible now with the new rules. When I was playing the red side last TAW I thought jammer Smith like a cheater. Because of 110 flying circus. But now we usually fly in TS and I see, that he is a good guy who just want to win and use every possibility to do this. Also he wanted us to switch the side during compaign to show reds how they should win but we rejected this offer. He is a good organizator who don’t see language barriers and also try to coordinate with non English speaking players. That was usual trouble while we were playing red side last TAW. No one wants to sit at the TAW ts((( but now we can simply organize more then 10 pilots flight to any target and it’s really simple to do everything without losses.
  3. I agree that it should be a level bombing target. So it will be grate if aaa will resplendent in every mission and low level aaa more then now. 88 enough or less. But you need to block ju88 50*50 till a20 will setup on maps or it will be unbalanced config.
  4. And what to do when friendly hungry guy run into your tracers and bullets? It was his mistake not mine!!! And it's more often then mismatch.
  5. It's only 1 shot! May be it was a ricoshet. Unban him plz over my responsibility. Thnks. =GEMINI=ginsengbtf - also this guy ask me about the same problem.
  6. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot.php?name=VOLGA - he has a troubles. When he entered server kick em everytime on everyplane.
  7. So where is the server stop for happy new year. We will lost a lot of territory.
  8. So another server stop will be on happy new year? There will be main holiday for red side. And it will be unfair to keep server running on 31-1 if now it stopped.
  9. Is there any weather conditions when flaks not shooting and gunners are quite? https://taw.stg2.de/pilots_mission.php?mission_id=238 - check the waether in this mission. 3Pe gunners are quite. https://taw.stg2.de/pilot_sortie.php?id=48161&name=xJammer - check the stats. Then he flow to depot and kill all the AAA there.
  10. Hey! I have quite well English))) and it’s not a way do not communicate with me and my people))) also u sidedly often fly with us and will help us with translation))
  11. Dear Reds. It’s very very difficult to coordinate with you. And it’s a very very big problem. Yesterday I tried to cooperate you guys and it’s was owfull. No one!! 2 times I wrote into chat when we are going to start and from AF from 30-40 min before beginning. I did it that you could finish your missions and fly together then I repeat information every 10 mins and 2 times no one fly with us. When we fly blue the situation is much better. I think red side will loose this campaign because of...
  12. Can anybody collect an information about squads blue or red sides! We still don’t know what side to fly this rime((
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