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  1. Thanks, to the organizers, but also to the participants! It was fun!
  2. I have all the J99 skins that I know deposited here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  3. Hello and thank you for your answers! It may be because of my bad language skills, but I can not properly understand the [DBS] Tx_Tip executions. Do you mean with "In Game Dogfight Server"- Start Il-2.exe -> Enter -> Multiplayer -> Dogfight -> Create Server? Then yes, that's how I tested it. I have read your answer. Then I uploaded a simple map (image) to our dedicated serverand started from there. Did you mean that with 'Independent DServer'? Even so, the Proximity Trigger does not work. If I remove the spawner, I get the text displayed when the one drives away from the other vehicle.
  4. Hello JimTM, Thank you for your response! I do not really use the helpers. Here I have used this only symbolically. The spawner in picture 2 is connected to the cars with object links. This is difficult to recognize in the picture. If I create a convoy of vehicles (2nd vehicle add by Dialog to leader ...) and this convoy exists with the start of the map, the vehicles behave like this: Each vehicle moves exactly to the activated waypoint and only then does it change direction to the next waypoint. The vehicles keep their distance from each other. If a vehicle is destroyed, the others drive past it without touching it. The waypoints only need an Object Link to the Leader. If exactly the same Convoy is to be used much later and spawned then, this connection will not work anymore. That was exactly my 1st question. Why does a formation with Spawner not work exactly like a formation without Spawner? So now I have to connect all the waypoints to each vehicle with Object Links. When the 1st vehicle now reaches the activated waypoint, all vehicles simultaneously change their direction of travel to the next waypoint and collisions can no longer be ruled out. In addition, the premature change of direction on streets in Citys has fatal consequences. I help me so that every vehicle gets its own waypoints. So they can drive exactly the same route. Now the monitoring of the distance of the vehicles is missing. At RoF I did that with proximity triggers. With Further and Closer and the commands Stop and Continue you could control that well. With IL-2, these triggers no longer work with spawned vehicles. Also with 'Check Zone' I get no more output signal with spawned objects. That was my 2nd question. Why do not the Trigger Proximity and Check Zone work with spawned objects?
  5. The pictures explain best what I mean. Whenever I leave vehicles or planes spawned, triggers such as proximity or check zones no longer work. Am I doing something wrong, is this a bug, or should not it work?
  6. I also use different fakefields for takeoff and landing. One can also determine that the plane should land on a distant airfield. For this I combine a 2nd ..... n. 'command land' with another fakefield. fakefield and command land should be aligned in the same direction and placed one behind the other. If I activate the remoter 'command land' with a target link, then the plane ends up there as well. This is also useful if, for example, you want to land in the opposite direction. It annoyed me, however, that my AI's did not react properly after the last update. Was it like that for you, too? Only after I deleted the AI's and the fakefields and replaced them with new ones did they react again correctly.
  7. Thank you for your prompt reply! The faulty map is online. "Jasta99-Training-WW1-WW2" To find the bugs I reduced a map to a problem Airfield. Then I did several tests with one AI-Plane. The AI-plane I placed in different places and in different orientations. I have found that the AI always wanted to start in the same direction. But it was not the direction in which the fakefield was directed. That's why I controlled the orientation of the airfield I'm starting from. It was the direction in which the AI always wanted to start. The AI's were based on my airfield and not on the fakefield, which was much closer to the AI. I do not remember every detail of what I tested. I deleted the chart (taxi path) of my airfield and aligned it in the direction of the runway. The AI started now in the right direction. Because the AI ignored the taxi path, I completely deleted the fakefield. After a few attempts with a newly created fakefield, I found a working variant. Screenshot from the editor.
  8. Since the last update, the taxi path is ignored by the AI. Everything worked just fine before the update. After the update I could not open my maps with the editor. The editor collapsed immediately. After deleting the *.msnbin files, I was able to edit my maps again. But I can not persuade my AI's to follow the taxi path. Does anyone know the problem and can help?
  9. Hallo, alle zusammen! Da es zur Zeit sehr leer auf den RoF Servern wird, habe ich mir BoS zugelegt, um diese Schiene mal zu testen. Vom Aufbau fühlt man sich fast heimisch, weil dieser dem bei RoF sehr ähnlich ist. Einen wesentlichen Unterschied scheint es aber zu geben, ich finde keine Testversion. Der Hintergrund - für eigene Dediserver konnten wir immer den License Key der Testversion + neuen Account bei RoF anwenden. Auf der Suche nach einer Lösung bin ich auf dieses Tutorial gestoßen: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ge23I7TgNbs Gesehen und getan. Einen neuen sauberen Account bei BoS angelegt und eine entsprechende Supportanfrage für einen Licensekey für einen Dedicated Server gestartet. Das ist schätzungsweise 3 Wochen her, ohne das ich eine Antwort erhalten hätte. Den Account habe ich ebenfalls kontrolliert, aber ein Key wurde dort auch nicht aktiviert. Eigentlich wollte ich den Sale nutzen und mehr kaufen, aber mich hat das Ausbleiben einer Antwort auf meine Anfrage so geärgert, dass ich davon erst einmal Abstand genommen habe. Deshalb meine Frage an Euch, gibt es so etwas, wie einen Universalkey für Dediserver? Wie haben das diejenigen von Euch hinbekommen, die einen solchen Server eingerichtet haben? Vielen Dank im Voraus!
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