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  1. I would have liked to have participated if I had known beforehand! 🙄
  2. Sorry! I left the game last evening before it really started. The mess in Discord made me totally nervous. A feature was active that read text messages aloud while other participants were speaking. I find it difficult to follow a conversation in English. And now this mess! Then I was also separated from the other J99 participants. I didn't understand what I had to do, what to do. I could have asked my comrades, but that didn't work anymore. I had been looking forward to the tournament in advance. But I can't have fun in these conditions. I will therefore no longer p
  3. Thanks for the hint! In fact, short high peaks appear in the diagram when the map is starting. In the further course I could see no problems.
  4. Hi there I don't like the fact that you can't see a map time when you step on a map. That's why I built a clock for the GUI map. The 'clockwork' works in a 24-hour rhythm. The clock synchronizes itself with the map every 12 minutes. It does not have to be activated. It only needs to be placed on a free spot on the map. After synchronization, not many resources are needed because then most MCU’s are deactivated and only those that are currently active are active. To display the time, there is an analog clock face with the display 'AM and PM' + a digital displa
  5. All of this may be true. But half a product grade can sometimes score more with good documentation than the better product with incomprehensible or no documentation. You can read this at any time in the online reviews.
  6. I fluctuate between yes and no. Actually, the editor with all functions is already part of the product. But, if there was a stable working editor, that from the manufacturer! would be completely and understandably documented, I am considering spending money again. The programmers should know what they did and then be able to write it down. It shouldn't be the case that customers sit down and try to explore every function, discuss them in the forums and then have to put together a documentation themselves.
  7. It is sad that something like this is not documented! The programmers know what they're programming. Why doesn't anyone write it down?
  8. So it's true, thanks! Is there a compilation of which command has the higher priority. (regardless of the settings high, medium, low)
  9. Hi there, Thanks for the answer! Then I have definitely misinterpreted this command ?! I thought it could be used to end a command that is currently being executed. I noticed that AI’s do not execute commands if they are already executing another command (higher priority?). I then used Force Complete Command and then gave the new command. I was hoping to learn more about it here. The command not only offers the settings 'high' and 'low', but also 'medium'!
  10. Issue Type: 2 Edition: Pre-Release Edition One Topic: Force Complete Command Issue: Priority Details: Low Turn a light on. ?? High Turn a light off. ?? Discussion: I am currently trying to translate the manual into German. I came across this supposed mistake. Is there already a successor to this edition?
  11. My wishes summarized: - Gotha G.V - DFW C.V - Siemens-Schuckert D.IV - Rumpler C.VII - Pfalz D.XII (with 200hp Mercedes Engine) - Hannover Cl.IIIa - Recon as well as Rise of Flight, but with scoring in the statistics - and/or scoring system for successful task resolution, not just destruction and kills.
  12. I think it's great that someone has come together who summarizes the wishes of the community and tries to push the developers in the right direction. My 'yes' to all the models suggested above. Some of them already existed on Red Baron 3D. The Siemens Schuckert D.IV I would be particularly interested. I could see these in the museum recently. I really miss the right bombers, my beloved Gotha GV! Sometimes I fly alone or together with J99*Falke on our RoF server just to fly Gotha once again and let it pop right. The Albatros D.Va is no longer what she once was
  13. Thanks, to the organizers, but also to the participants! It was fun!
  14. I have all the J99 skins that I know deposited here: Part 1 Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5
  15. Hello and thank you for your answers! It may be because of my bad language skills, but I can not properly understand the [DBS] Tx_Tip executions. Do you mean with "In Game Dogfight Server"- Start Il-2.exe -> Enter -> Multiplayer -> Dogfight -> Create Server? Then yes, that's how I tested it. I have read your answer. Then I uploaded a simple map (image) to our dedicated serverand started from there. Did you mean that with 'Independent DServer'? Even so, the Proximity Trigger does not work. If I remove the spawner, I get the text displayed when the one drives away from th
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