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  1. That's helpful. This button for the brake lever... it's one button for the whole plane, not a 'left button' and 'right button'? And what is this braking button for the Yak called? I can't wait to try it, I've been messing around with getting my landing buttons straight for awhile and making slow progress. Is it 'wheel brakes'? 'Nose/Tail wheel brakes'? 'Wheels parking brakes on/off'? I'm looking for what to hit when I land and want to slow/down stop my airplane.
  2. Ok, prop-sim newbie here..... what exactly is the difference between 'toe brakes' and 'wheel' brakes? I assigned the left and right wheel brakes to my CH Pro Pedals for the Yak-1 and they don't seem to do anything. When I land I push the brakes forward on both rudder pedals and I don't slow down at all. It's a problem.
  3. If you push the 'mini-mouse' on the CH Products Pro Throttle it changes your 'status' LED from red, to green, to amber. In Control Manager this lets you program key presses for each of those states. I'm used to having a 'nav' mode, an 'AA' mode and an 'AG' mode and it's very handy. I can't seem to get this to work in IL2 when using the IL2 mapping functions. Once you've said, 'this button is G' then that's it.... that button is always G regardless of what color your LED is. Anyone know any way around this?
  4. My joystick has a hat mapped to 'kp8, kp2, kp4, kp6'. This is so I can look up and down and left and right. When I'm in the cockpit it works fine. When I go to F2 'outside view of your plane' the hat buttons no longer work. If I use the keyboard kp8, 6, 4,2, it works fine. So IL2 knows when I'm in my cockpit that the hat is mapped but when I'm in the outside view the hat won't work, but the keyboard will. Weird. It's a small thing but I'd rather it worked. Anyone else notice this? Any suggestions?
  5. Bear with me, I know this might be a pretty dumb question. But I've been an 'All Ch Products' guy for 25 years. Now that CH is slowly exciting the consumer market and has no interest in fixing their 'Control Manager' software (broken in a recent Windows update) I'm thinking of trying some other vendors. Is there any reason I would not want to try using a Virpil joystick with my Pro Pedals and Pro Throttle? I was thinking I would use Virpil's software to assign buttons/axis on their stick and use 'Control Manager' (I have it working.... barely) or some other software for my Throttle. Buying from Virpil isn't like getting something at Amazon that you can return. It's a commitment. And as Mark Twain said, 'the difference between involvement and commitment is when there's bacon and eggs for breakfast the chicken was involved but the pig was committed'. So I thought I'd ask..... can Virpil and CH exist happily in an IL2/DCS environment? My thought is eventually I'd go to an all Virpil setup, but I sure love my CH throttle. Thanks for any comments on this subject.
  6. I THINK I HAVE A FIX FOR THIS. 1) You've got to be able to restore the previous version of Windows. Do that, then do step two immediately. 2) Do a 'Start, Run' on 'services.msc'. Scroll to the bottom, find 'Windows Update' and change it to 'disabled' and then STOP it. When you are ready to reboot it might say 'update and shut down' or 'update and reboot' but here's the thing... on my system it DIDN'T do the update once I'd stopped the Windows update service. The old version of Windows worked. If you can restore that version this will stop Windows from pushing down the update. Now I'm thinking Windows may have some tricky nonsense where they give you a week, or a month, or something like that and then PUSH IT DOWN ANYWAY. But maybe not. Maybe with 'Windows Update' in services.msc disabled we can keep the version of Windows that doesn't break Control Manager. I've tried literally everything else and literally nothing has worked. Until now. I talked to the President of CH Products once and he just hated the software part of their business. Let's hope they do the right thing here and get this fixed. If this works for you please let us know!
  7. More test results.... I thought the 'load your map as soon as you start your computer' would work ok. But after five minutes or so my rudder pedals stopped working. Getting lots of really random results here.
  8. CH doesn't give two hoots in hell for the consumer market. They are only interested in industrial sales now. They have NEVER had a software engineer for their game controllers and don't want to hire one now. They're done with us.
  9. I tried MurrayCod's trick. (After doing the power management thing). As soon as I click 'OFF' the download button and three mode buttons are greyed out. I load a map... they never come back. I've been screwing around with this for days. I'm wondering if it's time to just give up on flight sims. This is just too much.
  10. CH Products.... needs a class action lawsuit. In the meantime I've found what seems to be a work around. I have all three devices plugged in, open Control manager and it looks fine. Then when I download a map it 'loses' the joysticks and nothing works. But if I then unplug the Throttle and Joystick, plug them in again it seems to work. But mostly.... it's random. Very random.
  11. I've been going crazy trying to figure out what's wrong with my Pro Pedals, Pro Throttle, Combatstick setup. I'll load a map and the 'download' button will vanish, so will the three 'mode' buttons (off, direct, and whatever). I've spent hours testing what's going on here. It's looking like the problem does not happen if I do not have my Pedals plugged in. I'll try and call CH and see what they say. These are old, not sure I'd bother to fix them. Anyone out there using a different rudder pedal with a CH Stick and Throttle and their map software? I'm game to spend a lot more than a replacement set of Pro Pedals would cost.... for something more solid with better feel. EDIT: The plot thickens. I just read a couple of reviews at Amazon that said there is a well known compatibility problem with these and Windows 10. Apparently CH will not address the issue and no longer supports these products. Flight sims..... one nuisance after another. It's funny... they worked for a few weeks. But I just had a major Win10 update get pushed down to me, maybe that's what broke it.
  12. Any tutorials coming along? Or other training materials?
  13. I have the Pro pedals, the pro throttle and Combatstick setup from CH. Love the feel/responsiveness of it. Hate the programming software.... hate it. My gear is getting pretty old and I'm having occasional problems. What's a good pedal/throttle/setup these days? I'm looking for something very high quality, don't want a $69 joystick. Back in the day it was all CH and Thrustmaster. Never carred for Thrustmaster stuff, didn't like the feel of it. So, any recommendations? I'm really out of touch with what's available these days.
  14. I'm wondering about this too. I saw a 32" curved monitor at Costco the other day for $199.
  15. No, and I looked for it! Must need new glasses. Just call me Mr. Magoo. But I'm glad to see it, thanks!
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