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  1. I've recalibrated half a dozen times and it's pretty random. What I'm getting in game is maybe 6% to 95%. But it changes.
  2. I just (today) setup my flight sim system/room. My Pro Throttle should be going from '0' to '100' when I move it from all the way back to all the way forward. But it's only going from like '16%' to '96%'. I've tried calibrating it in the CH Product control manager but that didn't help. Any suggestions? I think the CH Hanger is long gone so I don't really know where to go to get CH hardware advice any more. All comments welcome.
  3. This was announced, what, a year ago? Year and a half? How is it going? Do we have a release date yet? Any news or comments appreciated. I bought this when it was announced and have been waiting patiently for some progress.
  4. I just finished what may be my favorite book of all time: 'Hero' by Michael Korda, a biography of T.E. Lawrence. So yes, very much about WW1. But what Lawrence did after the war was the most interesting part of the book. HIGHLY recommended.
  5. Thanks. So FC is going to use the same keyboard commands as IL2? Do you by any chance know if CLOD uses this same keymapping? PS: NINE PAGES!!! For a prop sim? Doesn't seem possible.
  6. The end is five years away if past experience is anything to go on.
  7. Isn't there a keyboard map somewhere? I'm not talking a full fledged manual, but good grief Charlie Brown, they've GOT TO have a document that lists the keys. Is it identical to ROF?
  8. These business decisions are tough to evaluate. When you're making a pc game with general appeal you just price it at market price and hopefully sell to lots of people. But specialty products, like fairly serious flight sims, are a whole other kettle of fish. You're going to sell to fewer people and you have extensive development costs so you've got to make the sales/price numbers work for you. Yes, a 'loyalty' discount for more people would be nice. But I guess we're just going to have to trust the developers that they're doing their best to make enough money to stay in business.
  9. Yup. That's how it worked for me.
  10. If you haven't done so already go into settings and select 'full screen'. It fixed all my display problems.
  11. The interface screens appear to be sized wrong on my 1920x1080 display - parts of them are not viewable/accessible. I eventually got into the cockpit by hitting enter a few times. Now that people are flying is there going to be a keyboard PDF to download? That would be really nice.
  12. I found my five dollar coupon (for buying ROF many years ago). But I thought there was a ten dollar 'early access' discount. Which would knock it from $64 to $54. Am I mistaken in thinking that? Found the quote : 'First, everyone who orders during the Early Access period gets a $10 discount off regular MSRP no matter what. ' But in my in-basket - no discount. And BTW, $69 list for 'part 1' of a game - not cheap. Worth it, but I was surprised by that price.
  13. So how is this going to be sold? We're two weeks out (apparently) but I don't see anything on steam. Any word on price?
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