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  1. Thanks, honey for my ears 🙂
  2. Dear Saitek X52 Pro users... If any I have problems with the creation of the profile. It looks like that the game doesn't distinguish between key mapping created in the Saitek profile editor, for example: - Mapped throttle hat right (->) as "flaps up" (LSht + F) - Mapped throttle hat left (<-) as "flaps down" (F) The game doesn't know the difference, and sees both mapping as "F". But internal game module allows you to map the throttle hat directions properly. - Mapping of aircraft lighting creates the same problem. The game doesn't distinguish between: L, L(R)Sht + L, CTRL + L, Alt + L.
  3. I can't turn off the sounds of welder in the menu (sounds on the menu I turned off in the voice settings). This buzzing is annoying...
  4. I had the same problem with TrackIR4 #52320, software v. 2.2.200 (buld 14548) as some people above. I downloaded only newest update game profiles end TrackIR 4.0 working fine. I use profile "Requiem June 2014" marked as exclusive. But... I can not turn off the welder in the main and mission menu Bzzzz... bzz... bzzzzz... bzz... Keep it up devs
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