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  1. Bizu

    Faces of the flying community!

    Hello, it's a 103 yrs old working triumph model H
  2. Bizu

    Faces of the flying community!

    I see here are fellow reenactors Mig-23 my favourite aircraft, back in 2013 also a warbird from last summer and something local
  3. Bizu

    Let’s see your pets!

    Yeah she loves sleeping on my stuff :)) I agree.. got a friend, TT, to mod the hell out of that plane in 1946 with the help of that book, such memories..
  4. Bizu

    Let’s see your pets!

    Hello guys, this is my cat
  5. Bizu

    Lorenz navigation?

    It seems the Hs-129 has it too
  6. Would that change if someone would sponsor the project?
  7. Bizu

    Lorenz navigation?

    Thanks everyone for clarifying this to me I too loved the radio navigation/broadcast in 1946, it was a really nice feature The pictures are nice I used google translate for the text.
  8. Bizu

    Lorenz navigation?

    Hello guys, I considered this the right section to post this, sorry if I did wrong. I noticed that in BoS there isn't an ILS gauge in the cockpit of the Luftwaffe planes I flew so far. Since I have acces only to the standard BoS planes, my question is: Is there any ILS system in BoS/BoM? If there isn't this system implemented then I'm suggesting it. As benefits there would be: making the game more accurate (since the gauge was present in most of the cockpits among Luftwaffe's planes, and some planes of the VVS had an ILS too) and bringing the simulation process to a higher level.
  9. Salut tuturor, Există jucători vorbitori de română pe aici? Dacă da, ce ziceți? Ne strângem și noi într-un grup, sau măcar să zburăm online? Dacă se găsește cineva doritor am facut acest grup: https://www.facebook.com/groups/Il.2SturmovikRO Stimă!