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  1. 1. Your videocard model. AMD Radeon HD 7800 Series 2. Your driver version. 19.20 3. Have you artefacts like on attached screenshots or not (answer "No, I haven't these glitches" - is very important to know too!). Yes, I have glitches like pictures posted before (shades and textures moving all the time) 4. Does FXAA to MSAA swithcing solving this issue for you completely? No, this do not solve the problem 5. Does driver settings reset to Factory settings with choosing default GAME profile after that helps? No. 6. If you're using some kind of graphics mods (migoto, re-shade or something) does turning them off helps you? No, I don't use any mods.
  2. and maybe one day we will have the pleasure to see the Normal CoConut server again. => this was to me most entertaining server for getting involved in an online play, with campagain, stats, AI planes + human plane. with marker on, it was a real pleasure to fly in and less tiring than constant furbal you may see on other dogfight servers. Now I fly on the "finish" server (marker OFF) and despite te higher challenge, it was a good transition for me. ( Kuban map is easy to navigate on and you can more ealissy anticipate were action will be and take adequate measure to deal with it Any choice you will have, get some fun and check 6' !
  3. Even if I find awesome the one you propose, (I would dream to have such area for early and mid to late war.... )But I think we should not be so optimistic. I don't know if there is any restriction to model towns as Paris or London... (not sure why there would be on WWII version of the cities....) but a map excluding these 2 towns should be more specific to Normandy battle and so include Avranche in the bottom left and Rouen on the up right. this is to me the most restricted map that BON should cover to respect historical rough perimeter.(see below maps) If no restriction on Paris and London, then no reason not to keep the east map border proposed and just extend the south border to St malo at least.
  4. 1940 and the upper mentionned arguments fits to me. aircrafts bases were all there and variety in performance too! this imply a more wide range of tactics and aproaches for both air combat and ground area. and well.... how to say no to dewoitine D520, moranes and hawks or early spit and huricane add to that the tragic and earthshaking global situation of the period,.... definitely early to mid war has my pref. S/
  5. Well , on a personnal note, it happened to me on MP of being "Shot down" as my engine stopped working but I still had a fully maneouvrable plane and some altitude.... While gliding around looking for the right way to get back to the line, I spotted an enemy just below that was on the close 6' of a friend so I decided to sacrifice my return to friendly line to defend the unluky plane. I dived on him and cut the corner.... only one chance and... to my great surprise I took it well !! the foe started to black smoke and collapsed in the nearby trees a few second later...... but .... I was already "dead" so no kill count if I remember well. So to me there's still many limits to the current kill count system. IMO a "damaged", "shared" and maybe "probable" status are needed to get rid of some of those limits but I don't rally know how much work does that take to implement those....
  6. GodMurf... distributing Free BOS Licence like jesus was spreading love ..... Such a good heart S!
  7. Hi all, Just a word to share with you a campaign I created some time ago about the battle of France. The action takes place in the GCI/4 flying on H75-A (P36) and try to recreate the war ground of northern France during May and June 1940. This campaign works only for 4.12.2 modded with HSFX 7 and integrate 2 trainning missions + 20 combat missions + 2 bonus missions. you can find it on M4T at this link: http://www.mission4today.com/index.php?name=Downloads3&file=details&id=2192 Or on GDrive: https://drive.google.com/open?id=0BzfRroutUSkuWmpkQVBGQ1ZDWFk Feel free to contact me if you face difficulties with it, I 'll try to help as best I can. (but be aware I can't much )) Salut!
  8. Hello, Après plusieurs mois de stand by, j'ai finalement décidé de mettre en ligne une campagne (incomplète) pour IL2 1946 4.12.2 HSFX7 qui retrace la bataille de france au travers d'un aspirant du groupe de combat I/4 alors équipés de Curtiss P36. Cette campagne est composée de 20 missions de combat, + 2 missions entrainement et 2 missions bonus (sur la bataille de l'atlantique en Hawker Hiurricane) Ces missions se veulent semi historiques, mais j'ai tenté de reproduire au mieux les mouvements de troupes au sol ainsi que leur nature au regard de certaines cartes détaillant au jour le jour les positions des forces en présence(fournies dans le pack) Ayant attendu (en vain) une campagne récente sur la bataille de france côté français, et ne voyant rien venir de ce côté à l'horizon, je me dit que je ferai peut être quelques heureux parmi la communauté gauloise en partageant ma modeste (voir médiocre...car je ne suis pas un professionnel de ce genre de boulot.... création avec vous. Attention, la campagne ne fonctionne QUE sous 4.12.2 avec HSFX7 et sachez que les missions sont plutot longues (transfert complet à réaliser vers la zone de combat.... et sachez également que j'ai un peu chargé la mule coté unités au sol donc j'espère que ça ne ramera pas trop pour les configurations light.... Dernier point... les briefings sont en anglais afin de la rendre accessible au plus grand nombre. Bon amusement et n'hésitez pas à me remonter un problème que vous pourriez avoir avec cette campagne. Même si je ne suis pas sur de pouvoir vous aider ... j'essaierai GDrive Download link: https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BzfRroutUSkuWmpkQVBGQ1ZDWFk/view?usp=sharing Salut
  9. That solution of setting up the distance each information is displayed was something very usefull in old 1946, but is that possible to configure it on BOS??
  10. good news and congratulations
  11. Hey Haashashin, Was wondering what to play tonight and you made the choice easier thanks a lot for the that relaxed noon. Will tell you how that goes. Sounds good to make a specific topic. and you could also upload the mission pack on mission4today, that would make it more easy to find for casual simmers that follow only this site. Anyway thank you for your hard work on these missions. S!
  12. thx Haashashin, This first patrol was pretty intense had a very nice time up there (and quite a few holes in the plane too:) looking forward for the next one ) greetings and Salute
  13. Yep, and I would certainly add some "civil" ground items with negative impact if destroyed or shot down. This could increase by a lot the life on the ground and a new interesting level for ground attack missions to spot the right target. Nevertheless I think adding such amount of ground unit with a reasonnable quality of textures and a bit of AI brain would be quite difficult to integrate without compromising the overall perfomances of the flight sim itself which remain the most important part to be preserved.
  14. Allready mentionned multiple times but....: BATTLE OF FRANCE Oh well, I can be happy with MTO too if taking in account not only the Torch operation but also all what happenned in middle east in Syria or Liban...
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