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  1. J'achète les jeux aussi sur Steam pour deux raisons : 1) promo intéressante; 2) steam exclusivité. Sinon, faut mieux éviter le truc car...il y a trop de contraintes, par exemple je n’aime pas le fait que tu ne peux pas relocaliser tes jeux quand tu dois libérer tes disque dur. Donc, ma recommendation : prenez la version intégrale au prix normal, ou acheter en promo sur Steam quand c'est -75%.
  2. I am with you. I have noticed that when the game was @32%, some couple of weeks ago, i was able to zoom in by hitting a single button. Now I cannot do this anymore, instead, i have to click and hold the Zoom in button for a while. This is just not right. I like to fly with the zoom out view just like you stated, but when I am at 150 meters behind an enemy bogey, i switch to the gunsight view. It only took one push on the right button. Now it is just painful, or could it be me who didnt find the right key binding?
  3. On the ground as well as in the air, The BF109 feels so nice to handle...pure driving, i mean flying, pleasure.
  4. Great work there, thank you for the help!
  5. good suggestion indeed, unless his dad is too concerned with his battle record.
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