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  1. Steam recently started to delay the updates sometimes. Right click on the IL-2 entry in the Steam game library and choose 'manage downloads' - chances are the update is scheduled for some time late at night.
  2. We just pushed a small hotfix that removes the non-working FC1 aircraft entries from the game menu for players who don't own them.
  3. Sneaksie

    New Feedback Feature Launched

    No, you should have the Feedback option anyway.
  4. Just to clarify, you can fly your new plane in the game, right? Then you don't need to do anything extra. Since we changed the Steam integration this Summer to be able to release new IL-2 expansions on Steam, you don't have to activate any Steam purchase on our website and there is no such function anymore. Your Steam purchases data is stored in your Steam account. If you run IL-2 through Steam, it just works and you have access to all content purchased there. If you bought something here, directly from us, you should link your IL-2 and Steam accounts - then you can launch the game from Steam and access all your content purchased elsewhere. The linking is described in detail here, but it is simple really and only should take a couple of minutes. But it sounds like you already did that, right?
  5. Sneaksie

    Developer Diary 208 - Discussion

    The transmission box is next to the driver on these tanks.
  6. &missionPath=missions/ // mission path to be loaded This line is incorrect. If you don't want to autoload a mission, comment this line out: //&missionPath=missions/ // mission path to be loaded
  7. Hello Everybody, The game has been updated to version 3.005c. This is a minor update: 1) Sound positioning and volume has been updated for all aircraft; 2) Pistols won't inflict incorrectly high damage anymore; 3) A possible cause of a random server crash has been addressed; 4) Mission resaver utility has been updated. We're also working on some changes to the Netcode at a fundamental level to hopefully address some crashes and server load issues. However, these changes need to be thoroughly checked in a Beta version first. Hopefully we'll be able to include them in the next major release assuming they make a positive impact.
  8. Sorry about that, perhaps your request was mistaken for a key replacement one, there are many of them now. Please contact us a bit later if you still want.
  9. Dear Friends, Update 3.005 was a huge one, so we weren't able to find and squash all the bugs before the release. As usual, we addressed the main problems ASAP and are releasing this hotfix. 1. Multiplayer: another player connected as gunner will see correct amount of ammo; 2. Multiplayer: tank skins are applied correctly; 3. Multiplayer: pilot's HUD shows up correctly when there is a guest gunner connected; 4. Multiplayer: tank driver's HUD shows up correctly when there is a guest gunner connected; 5. Multiplayer: round casings appear from the correct places; 6. Multiplayer: wrong smoke traces shouldn't be shown behind random aircraft; 7. Flying Circus planes are more damageable; 8. Flying Circus planes have correct visible damage; 9. Player controllable T-34-76 is destroyable again; 10. Player controllable T-34-76 and Pz. III turrets can be damaged correctly; 11. Tanks won't explode when the driver is killed; 12. Choosing defensive turret unlock on Pe-2-87 won't crash the game; 13. Spitfire Mk.IXe gyro sight modes switch correctly; 14. Yak-7b landing lights look correctly from a distance; 15. Ju-87D3 and Ju-88A4 twin MGs have their remaining ammo displayed correctly; 16. Fw 190 A-8 canopy slides correctly when opened; 17. Exhaust flames won't be visible through the cockpit while starting any Fw 190; 18. Engine sound volume corrected for all aircraft; 19. Disconnected multiplayer servers disappear from the list faster; 20. 'New device found' message won't appear again when you return to the main menu;\ 21. Skin error won't be shown while playing a scenario campaign; 22. Mission resaver (the utility for server hosters) has been updated. IL-2 Sturmovik team
  10. Just ignore the link accounts prompt that shows up again and again for now (click 'Steam login only'), we'll fix it soon.
  11. You won't get an IL-2 key when purchasing on Steam anymore, so nothing to activate on the website. Steam system is used to determine what you own there instead of a key you had to activate on the website before.
  12. If you have Steam code for BoM you can activate it on Steam to get BoM there, why not? You need to have BoS there prior to that though.
  13. Jason meant BoBP will be available in your Steam version when you launch the game, but BoBP Steam DLC won't be listed as bought in your Steam library when it releases there. Thats the difference.
  14. Well, you can buy BoS on Steam during sale. This way you'll have Steam version. Then run the game through Steam and link with your old account to have all other stuff.