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  1. Dear friends, Having observed very differrent responses to the visibility change yesterday which returned to more realistic values, we have decided to add a new difficulty option called 'Alternate visibility'. It is turned on on Normal difficulty and turned off on Expert, you can also set it on or off on Custom difficulty. It can be also set by a multiplayer server owner. In addition, we addressed several other bugs which were found: aircraft rearming in MP works fine, windshield should correctly clear from spilled oil during repairs. We also restored the ability to put off the fire by diving and applying the rudder. Another important addition is the ability to turn on VSync together with FPS limiter in the game graphics options. This should minimize the stuttering if you have this problem. For example. turn VSync in the game on and set the limiter to the refresh rate of your screen (or lower if your system can't cope of keeping the steady FPS at this level) - if you have a regular 60 Hz screen set the limiter to 60 or, if your system has trouble keeping it, to a lower value like 30. This should greatly reduce the stuttering coming from FPS spikes and drops and make the game smoother. Also, don't forget to return Vsync settings in the driver to defaults if you have forced them before. Please experiment and let us know if you have a better experience than before.
  2. We just turned on 3.201b hotfix that addresses the following problems: 1. The cooperative mode works now. 2. Clicking the Spectate button before airfields finished loading in Dogfight multiplayer won't cause a problem. 3. 'Simplified physiology' option is turned OFF at Normal difficulty level (so all fatigue effects are working at this difficulty level).4. A bug that could trigger aircraft repair anywhere, even during a flight, after leaving a service area has been fixed. 5. The trimmer axis inertia has been removed when adjusting it using the keyboard or joystick keys. 6. The time it takes to adjust the pitch trim from the lowest to the highest position or vice versa on the Yak-7b has been increased from 5 to 8 seconds to correspond to the other Yak fighter models. 7. Airplanes long-range visibility algorythm was corrected to minimize plane size amplification effect; 8. Coolant vapor and fuel leaks are no longer visible at great distances. 9. Technochat message telling that a pilot is conscious again won't be displayed if he is dead already. 10. The djustable stabilizer position message in technochat is displayed according to aviation standard (pitch up is negative and pitch down is positive). 11. Emergency canopy jettison command will be ignored during repairs in the service area. 12. Mouse controls: a plane controlled by a pilot who lost consciousness won't continue turning to the last direction set before the loss of consciousness. 13. Bf 110 E-2 gunsight glass has been corrected. 14. P-51D-15 rearview mirror shows correctly when damaged. 15. Fokker D.VII anemometer correctly disappears when its wing is lost. 16. Graphical error in the north part of the Rheinland map has been corrected. 17. Multiplayer statistics work correctly for different coalitions. 18. QMB mode works correctly for customers who have only Flying Circus. 19. B-25D (RAF) kills now counting in game statistics correctly. 20. Jagdpanzer IV armour was fixed.
  3. It was, the only Bodenplatte version available now is Premium that includes P-38 and 109 D-9.
  4. It is L70. You seem to be so interested about it like a new player controllable plane)
  5. Scripted Campaign Achtung Spitfire! Achtung Spitfire! is a 20-mission single-player Scripted Campaign featuring a fictional storyline that is inspired by historical events. Your character is a young Russian pilot from Siberia serving on the North Caucasus Front in late May 1943. The campaign features missions inspired by the Soviet 37th and 56th Armies attack on the German 44th Army Corps west of the city of Krymskaya. Your regiment will be flying the famous British-built Spitfire Mk.Vb which was loaned to the Red Air Force via the Lend Lease program. Meeting Spitfires in the skies of the Kuban region came as quite a surprise to the Luftwaffe! You are assigned to the 57th GIAP, which was part of the 216th Mixed Aviation Division of the 4th Air Army, an elite Guards unit. Your regiment is deployed to Slavyanskaya airfield, near the town of same name. Experience fierce aerial combat in the skies above the picturesque Northern Caucasian region of the Soviet Union. Defend coastal ports on dawn patrols, escort friendly bombers over enemy territory and help suppress AAA batteries, but always be on the lookout for enemy fighters! Time frame: May 25th, 1943 - June 1st, 1943 Regiment: 57th GIAP Available Aircraft: Spitfire Mk.Vb Duration: 20 missions Mission Duration: 15 to 50 minutes Average total playtime: Approx. 12 hours Author: =The Syndicate= This campaign requires IL-2 Sturmovik: Battle of Kuban and the Spitfire MkVb Collector Plane. Screenshots coming soon!
  6. A small hotfix has been just released: it addresses the Me 262 sound issue and corrects the protection of the Flying Circus planes which was too high (their pilots and gunners should be a bit easier to kill now).
  7. Good to know that you solved the update problem on your PCs, sorry for inconvenience.
  8. It's like something interferes with the patching, now the resulting file is different to what is expected. What antivirus software you're using?\ You can just delete that file data\Skins3.gtp (and updates folder to force the complete update again), but if something is wrong during patching it may fail processing another file.
  9. It says the current file(s) you have don't correspond to the previous update you have installed so it cannot apply patch. I suggest to back up your startup.cfg and data\Luascripts\snapviews (if you altered the default camera positions in planes), then delete the file updates\current.snap and re-run the laucnher. This will force a clean update, that's why you should backup these files. Clean update should do the trick, please report if the problem is fixed.
  10. Hello, only if you get an update error. Looks like your launcher.exe file is too old. I added the current one to the zip file (the one downloaded from the link at the top of the page).
  11. That's strange. Can you zip the entire bin\game folder and send it to me in PM?
  12. In the main root? Please check you're copying the DLL to bin\game folder. The message about the backend library says there is no such file there.
  13. Updated the post with instruction how to fix the 'failed to update' error easier - no need to delete the updates folder, download this file, unzip it and replace the old one in [your IL-2 install]\bin\game - after that, the launcher should update correctly. IL2_Version_3102_Launcher_Fix.zip
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