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  1. Hi Admin/ Guys, why are no server stats and kills displayed? Greez
  2. Hi Fin, Is it possible to switch off the exterior views?
  3. Hi Kollege, take a look at some YT - deflection shooting videos and connect on the Berloga and practice.
  4. Hi, schöner Trailer! Sehe ich da etwas vom neuen Schaden - Model, oder war das schon immer so, beim Mustang? Salut
  5. Hi Guys, for those who are interested. My System: Win 10 Home, i7 8700K, GTX 1080, 16GB Ram, ASUS PG348Q UWQHD, 100hz. Trackir5, Sidewinder FFB2, Saitek Pedals. I have tested many days. Now I have a solution for me. Monitor, set to 60hz, in the game Vsync on, Nvidia system all standard. Gsync active. It works very well, no stuttering! Technically a step backwards but it works. P.S. FFB is active!
  6. please locate this and fix it. I can not play MP ... that's why I bought IL-2 GREAT BATTLES SERIES. thx!!!
  7. I got this answer from the support. Which is not helpful at all. pff
  8. Dear user, According to our information error #10009 said that there were difficulties when communicating directly with the game server. In this case, the maximum that we can recommend:: - Disable in launcher, seed and use p2p options - Try various options for the network settings. pff...
  9. The same for me. Read the Devs with ??? Now I want to play BOBP and disconnected constantly ...
  10. Hi, Guys, maybe some people do not notice the stuttering? Kalthios, did the guys use a FFB2 ???
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