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  1. 11 hours ago, Supertaquito said:

    350 meters. I was just in a match where an IL-2 filled my reticle and the shells still did not hit it as I was diving on it. This game cannot be this hard, it's not my first rodeo, but I don't get how people do it so easily and I just can't even land shots on planes that are not parked.

    Hi Kollege,


    take a look at some YT - deflection shooting videos and connect on the Berloga and practice. ;)

  2. Hi Guys,


    for those who are interested. My System: Win 10 Home, i7 8700K, GTX 1080, 16GB Ram, ASUS PG348Q UWQHD, 100hz.


    Trackir5, Sidewinder FFB2, Saitek Pedals.


    I have tested many days. Now I have a solution for me.


    Monitor, set to 60hz, in the game Vsync on, Nvidia system all standard. Gsync active.


    It works very well, no stuttering! Technically a step backwards but it works.


    P.S. FFB is active!







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  3. 1 hour ago, Jason_Williams said:


    That's not exactly what we said. These are collisions and maybe there were lost packets. This is common in MP collisions. I wish it weren't so of course. When it comes to cannon or bullet rounds MP is not a good environment to test in to look for bugs related to relevant damage, that's what we were saying. Planes being impervious to collisions in MP is maybe a bug or maybe lost packets. All are hard to localize and fix.




    please locate this and fix it. I can not play MP ... that's why I bought IL-2 GREAT BATTLES SERIES.



  4. Hi Hobel,


    ich spiele seit Jahren mit dem MS FFB2 und habe das Problem schon seit Anbeginn! Vermeide einfach, während des Spielens, in den Einstellungen rum zu machen, dann verlierst du auch nicht den Druck auf deinen Stick. ;)


    Oder, versuche im Spiel das FFB zu deaktivieren, aktivieren usw. bis es wieder geht. Wenn nicht der Fall, dass Game neu starten.

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