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  1. Hi Admin/ Guys, why are no server stats and kills displayed? Greez
  2. Hi Fin, Is it possible to switch off the exterior views?
  3. Hi Kollege, take a look at some YT - deflection shooting videos and connect on the Berloga and practice.
  4. Hi, schöner Trailer! Sehe ich da etwas vom neuen Schaden - Model, oder war das schon immer so, beim Mustang? Salut
  5. Hi Guys, for those who are interested. My System: Win 10 Home, i7 8700K, GTX 1080, 16GB Ram, ASUS PG348Q UWQHD, 100hz. Trackir5, Sidewinder FFB2, Saitek Pedals. I have tested many days. Now I have a solution for me. Monitor, set to 60hz, in the game Vsync on, Nvidia system all standard. Gsync active. It works very well, no stuttering! Technically a step backwards but it works. P.S. FFB is active!
  6. please locate this and fix it. I can not play MP ... that's why I bought IL-2 GREAT BATTLES SERIES. thx!!!
  7. I got this answer from the support. Which is not helpful at all. pff
  8. Dear user, According to our information error #10009 said that there were difficulties when communicating directly with the game server. In this case, the maximum that we can recommend:: - Disable in launcher, seed and use p2p options - Try various options for the network settings. pff...
  9. The same for me. Read the Devs with ??? Now I want to play BOBP and disconnected constantly ...
  10. Hi, Guys, maybe some people do not notice the stuttering? Kalthios, did the guys use a FFB2 ???
  11. Hi Hobel, ich spiele seit Jahren mit dem MS FFB2 und habe das Problem schon seit Anbeginn! Vermeide einfach, während des Spielens, in den Einstellungen rum zu machen, dann verlierst du auch nicht den Druck auf deinen Stick. Oder, versuche im Spiel das FFB zu deaktivieren, aktivieren usw. bis es wieder geht. Wenn nicht der Fall, dass Game neu starten.
  12. Hi, i still have Microstotters, after Update 3.001. How is it to you?
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