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  1. I have all the expansions, but I would like to help my dad get back into flying. Brain_Freeze + BoB Thank you for the amazing donation. It is such a good way of supporting the development and helping out the player base. Hats off to you good sir.S!
  2. This is the best thread for everything IL2 VR related. The work you guys put in is awesome. I feel as if my set up is under performing. Oculus rift, gtx1070. I have 75+ fps in the start menu, but as soon as i enter a plane, even in a quick mission, my fps drops to 45. Could ASW be the culprit? I am having issues trying to find a fix for that. Or is it hardware dependant and I should just suck it up and upgrade the GPU?
  3. Hey Tzigy! Happy New Year! Incredibly generous of you to gift such wonderful offerings to the flight sim community. My dad recently joined the IL2 recently and I even managed to get him to sign up with SCG. If you had a BoK lying around it would be awesome to get him the last segment. His tag is : SCG_Brain_Freeze
  4. Hello all, I am having some difficulty really locking down my graphics settings on this game. I am relatively new to PC gaming so my base knowledge of hardware is limited. I am using a 4k monitor with a 60Hz refresh rate, and a 1070ti. I can maintain some relatively high fps ~100, but I still get a fair bit of screen tearing and stuttering. Is that the low refresh rate? Any and all help is greatly appreciated! Cheers,
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