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  1. 😄 Now the gatekeepers of this bad AI again... If there is no AI, yes. Then everything depends on how good the mission is scripted. Even worse than a bad AI. If the AI reacts to what happens on the situation on the battlefield - at least to a certain grade (e.g. aborting an landing approach when they are attacked) - then i speak of AI. And this is much more important than a decal system or some nice clouds in this game. Or why are there so many good (very old) flight sims, where the AI can decide reasonably what to do? And here, they are not? Strange.
  2. Still quite unplayable with this issue. The same as when your whole flight is in landing approach, you get attacked, and they quietly continue...while the enemy shoots them down. No idea to abort approach and defend themselves...
  3. I played on this server yesterday and it was a lot of fun and action. The 262 is not a big deal there in my opinion, because all fights take place very low around the air bases...there you need a good turner, not a fast mover.
  4. Discussed in 2019 already (and i think even longer known)
  5. Any idea why i can not start any of these? Not as campaign and not as missions. When i click on "start mission" it simply jumps back to mission selection. Same when i want to start the Flight School as a campaign.
  6. Hi Patrick, thank you, i am aware of that. But the Folder with the Missions was not there yet. So the workflow is: Mission, Mission, Briefing Map, Waypoint Editor, Pilot Selection, Accept mission -- then fly the mission -- and finally Combat Report? Is that right? My proposal would be to add some simple "next" or "previous" buttons and follow this workflow more or less a little bit guided.
  7. Hello there, trying the campaign generator for the first time. Its installed in the IL2 folders, mission reports are activated. Planes are selected, map and squadron are clear. But im not able to start a mission: 1- im on the main screen of PWCG, and click on "mission" 2- then i again click on "mission" 3- i see the mission description, weather report, primary objective, assigned pilots. 4- then i click on "briefing map"? Where is the "next" button or the "ok" button? 5- then i click on the "waypoint editor"? (because scrub mission only brings me
  8. And thats the reason for me personally why SP is still not usable, due to this behaviour of the AI. I still prefer IL2 1946 campaigns....much more realistic and enjoyable.
  9. Good to know, thanks for explanation. 👍
  10. Yes, parallel means NO convergence. But convergence setting does IMHO not affect the vertical adjustment.
  11. Convergence is where the bullets cross (from left and right guns). Its NOT the bullet drop.
  12. You should see how the Americans run, when a Tiger I comes around the corner... 🐯
  13. Guys, you should play a round of Hell Let Loose (its a semi-realistic 100 player multiplayer with Normandie-Scenario, in my opinion one of the greatest shooters of the last years, i always name it "Battlefield for Adults") Americans vs Germans M1 vs K98 In each and every 1on1 situation, i win when i play the American, because i can pump 8 shots in short time into the directions of the German Soldier. The German though has 5 shots, needs to reload after every shot. The faster gun with more ammo always is the advantage that counts. 😁
  14. Maybe then with the new visibility options, the Multiplayer can be more interesting for me from now on...
  15. Nice idead, but i see it as the thread starter: I dont want to talk with my aircraft. I want to move levers and push buttons
  16. Whats your experience with that nVidia method of increasing FPS and image of quality at once? Can you tell us more?
  17. The reason why i still fly 1946 + BAT for Singleplayer Campaigns...and will not buy more modules until the AI is usable.
  18. Thanks, more good feedbacks. I will try next time in my FW 190 - stay low and fast, never turn, prefer to "run away and come back". The firepower is impressive but you need to have something in your crosshair first!
  19. I tried a scissor but that costs a lot of speed and energy...im not doing it good. How can i track data and transfer it to Tacview? (i have Tacview but never used)
  20. Thank you for your feedbacks. What i have learned so far: - 190 is a bad climber? So i misunderstood the Boom&Zoom (Dive, Shoot, Climb). But makes sense because i lost speed so fast, that the reds could come close is the only reasonable explanation. I will change that, not climb but go straight or in a shallow dive away with highest possible speed. Never turn! Never! - I am flying flightsims since years, and already many years with TrackIR, but here, unless in other sims, its unbelievable hard to spot something. Even in DCS i find it easier to find a camouflage
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