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  1. Did the patch 4.005 adress this issue? Unfortunately i can not test it by my own at the moment.
  2. This, together with this, are the main reasons why SP is actually unplayable at the moment. In all modules. An new normandy module will not change that.
  3. Funny guy. Happens every time. They see us and attack as and follow us. Every mission when i see an enemy, turn around and go home? Nice game.
  4. But AI behaviour is not a question of the single player mode. Its a question of AI behaviour, no matter in what kind of mission or campaign.
  5. I will stay with IL2 1946 with B.A.T and hundreds of dynamic campaigns for singleplayer as long as this is not solved. I really dont care about the one or another new machine if the GAME / BASIS behind it does not work as intended and makes it unplayable to experience a campaign.
  6. Ok, not good to hear. I stopped playing and investing in this game until this AI behaviour is solved. Literally unplayable for singleplayers.
  7. Is this AI behaviour solved since one of the last patches? Whats your experience?
  8. ...is a playable singleplayer career mode, without this😐
  9. Is that topic solved with the latest patch? 🤨 (had no time to test yet)
  10. At the end we must conclude, the current situation with AI makes singleplayer close to unplayable. 😭
  11. Yeah i really would like to play all the possible careers...but this issue makes it unplayable. Im with 1946 until this is patched 😎
  12. What you mean with "haze"? The inflight-map is the only thing i replace immediately after install, before i start the game. Search for "Nibbios Ingame Map" Its just a .png to replace in the WOFF folder and its much better (but still far away from modern maps) - at least it does its job. All other things are quite good for a simulator on that old base... http://www.thatoneplease.co/mapsWOFF.html Scroll down to Nibbios Ingame Map
  13. Yes, i upgraded. The whole sim is worth every pence and it gets better and better...
  14. Thats the real interesting point i also already found out in this forum 😁
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