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  1. Maybe then with the new visibility options, the Multiplayer can be more interesting for me from now on...
  2. Nice idead, but i see it as the thread starter: I dont want to talk with my aircraft. I want to move levers and push buttons
  3. Whats your experience with that nVidia method of increasing FPS and image of quality at once? Can you tell us more?
  4. The reason why i still fly 1946 + BAT for Singleplayer Campaigns...and will not buy more modules until the AI is usable.
  5. Thanks, more good feedbacks. I will try next time in my FW 190 - stay low and fast, never turn, prefer to "run away and come back". The firepower is impressive but you need to have something in your crosshair first!
  6. I tried a scissor but that costs a lot of speed and energy...im not doing it good. How can i track data and transfer it to Tacview? (i have Tacview but never used)
  7. Thank you for your feedbacks. What i have learned so far: - 190 is a bad climber? So i misunderstood the Boom&Zoom (Dive, Shoot, Climb). But makes sense because i lost speed so fast, that the reds could come close is the only reasonable explanation. I will change that, not climb but go straight or in a shallow dive away with highest possible speed. Never turn! Never! - I am flying flightsims since years, and already many years with TrackIR, but here, unless in other sims, its unbelievable hard to spot something. Even in DCS i find it easier to find a camouflaged tank in the wood from my A-10 in x thousand feets...really difficult here in IL2. - What confuses me the most is how fast the reds (and they WERE each time on tree level because they hunted 110s hunting trains...) came up and close to my back...meanwhile i questioned myself if my gear was not in or what else happened...the 190 slows down to 300 or less really fast when climbing...thats what i realize now.
  8. Hello fellow pilots, yesterday i had some time to go into online fights ("Wings of Liberty" Server). Blue side, i took the 190 A5, started, and cruised the frontline up and down, altitude around 2-3000 meters. 15 minutes long nothing happened. Of course i had one eye on the chat. I never saw any enemy aircraft all the time, while watching and zooming around. Then after a while there was some action ("hot") on a certain spot. Oh, how lucky i am! Suddenly i saw a white pixel (and thats literally all i see from 3000 m even with full zoom) moving at tree level. Aware of the dogfighting weaknesses of my 190, i decided to make a boom&zoom. So, nose down, around 650 km/h speed. While going down, i already lost contact with the "white pixel". Suddenly - a little bit more to the west - i spot tracers. Ok, i correct my flight path, going down with high speed into direction of the potential opponent. Again i lose contact. At around 500 m altitude i decide to abort the dive and go back to higher altitudes....so full power, nose up, still >500 km/h, increasing for a moment. I take a look around - suddenly there are 2 enemies right beside me, climbing, and 2 other enemies behind me, already firing. I shake my wings, roll left, roll right, still >500 km/h and the enemies beside me and behind me - still climbing!! - come closer and closer... I get slower and slower while climbing "away" (lol), they come closer and BANG, may i introduce you PaladinX, burning and going down... So this happened to me 4 times in around 2 hours playtime. I see nothing, i go full speed down to have enough energy to climb up immediately (no turning!), then suddenly there are plenty of reds... In every situation, the reds who fight at tree level see me, climb up and shoot my as if i was a 747 in the final approach and not in a 600 km/h fast 190 So what am I doing wrong?
  9. No, they arent enjoyable as long as the AI behaves like it behaves. Compare to Sturmo 46 WoFF F4 BMS Absolutely not competitive in any way to these much older flightsims. But when i want to enjoy nice graphics, i start BoX for sure. And that makes me sad as there is so much potential.
  10. Simply accept that IL2 BOx is mainly an MP flight sim, because the SP is close to unplayable due to missing interaction possibilities with the AI and due to their general behaviour. Its a very good sim of the aircraft from a technical point of view, of course. But singleplayer im back to IL2 1946 with B.A.T and hundreds of hand written campaigns and missions and a much more believable AI and interaction possibilities...
  11. No, you cant win as a german. But the war is ongoing everytime in the background with flights and fights on both sides, and they differ everytime you play a campaign. You are only a small pilot in this big war. You can suddenly be in a dogfight of AI vs AI while you fly your patrol. Next time, it does not happen. If you shoot down enemy pilots, even famous pilots, they will never appear again in this war. You are active in SimHQ too, right? You know exactly what i mean, or not?
  12. The Falcon 4 campaign is special in that way: There are two parties in an ongoing war against each other. You can let them play alone and just watch. You can change targets and plans to take influence - but not necessarily - so here its a kind of real time strategy game (strategic level) And you can everytime jump into each aircraft and fly a sortie - here it is the well known simulator. But each mission you fly is only a small stone in the wall. (tactical level) You can interrupt logistics, defence and so on. Which helps then in the next missions. If you transfer this to Sturmovik - would be great in my opinion. A war between Russia and Germany and i can take influence on a strategic level. There should be logistics, production, supplies etc. And you could jump into any flight and take influence on the tactical level. That means both sides could win, depending on how good your influence is (on strategic and tactical level) This would be a real dynamic campaign. Edit: IL2 with its career is not dynamic - but it has at least some life in it. DCS in the opposite is a complete desaster regarding immersion and campaign. The map is dead. Every movement of a unit must be scripted. Every mission and every campaign must be scripted. Its a nice high level technical simulation of aircraft - but without a game in it. By the way: Wings over Flanders Fields has an ongoing war in the background - you can participate as a pilot (but not influence on strategical level)
  13. Yes, thats the point. I have a small deadzone in all 3 axis, so when my view is in a certain position, it "snaps" a little bit to this position. Just a little bit, because not with every fart in my office chair, the camera moves. (only when experiencing heavy ones...) Helps me to keep the crosshair where i want it to have.
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