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  1. ...is a playable singleplayer career mode, without this๐Ÿ˜
  2. Arrrrrgh!!! ๐Ÿ˜ซ SUCH.A.WASTED.POTENTIAL!
  3. Is that topic solved with the latest patch? ๐Ÿคจ (had no time to test yet)
  4. At the end we must conclude, the current situation with AI makes singleplayer close to unplayable. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  5. Yeah i really would like to play all the possible careers...but this issue makes it unplayable. Im with 1946 until this is patched ๐Ÿ˜Ž
  6. What you mean with "haze"? The inflight-map is the only thing i replace immediately after install, before i start the game. Search for "Nibbios Ingame Map" Its just a .png to replace in the WOFF folder and its much better (but still far away from modern maps) - at least it does its job. All other things are quite good for a simulator on that old base... http://www.thatoneplease.co/mapsWOFF.html Scroll down to Nibbios Ingame Map
  7. Yes, i upgraded. The whole sim is worth every pence and it gets better and better...
  8. Thats the real interesting point i also already found out in this forum ๐Ÿ˜
  9. Ah, yessss, nice, then my career is intended to end on day 2 of its start. Cool idea, very entertaining! Even worse for a "simulator", that not my flying skills decide about the outcome, but the rush of enemies scripted in the mission.
  10. Indeed, i find it ridiculous. There is no adequate explanation for that behaviour. I dont care if its the "AI" or the "scripting" of that mission (or whatever root cause it has), the effect is the same, they simply have no other decision parameters than distance to the player or their own damage, it seems. Thank you really for your inputs and recommendations, but flying low to let them suicide because the AI cant handle low level flying is not that kind of solution i expect from such a state-of-the-art simulation. On the other side, DCS is even worse when it comes to AI behaviour. Look at simulations like WOFF or WOTR, where the AI recognizes disadvantages or sometimes decides because of the experience of the AI pilot to abort a fight. Harsh words because i am really disappointed I was just at the beginning to learn this beautiful simulation. But i think for singleplayer experience, there are better alternatives then. Of course all this is not relevant for the online experience. I will give the careers some more tries, maybe i can adapt to this... ๐Ÿค•
  11. This is ridiculous and really a game breaking experience. I was not aware the AI behaviour is that bad. Otherwise i love that sim and i am ok with the way the AI fights in the air. But singleplayer becomes unplayable me at that point ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  12. Fellow pilots, currently i am playing my first career (BF-109 F, Stalingrad, August 42). The last mission was to bomb a river crossing activity, my squad was loaded with 250 & 50 kg bombs. We took off and half way to the target, around 20 enemy fighters appeared and attacked us. My squad emergency dropped all bombs and fought (4 vs 20) for a while. Then i got hit and my cooling system was damaged. Ok, go home was my idea. My wingmen were already shut down. So, i took the shortest path to my home base - with 5 enemy fighters chasing me. In the area of my base, the flak returned fire, with no success. My engine was at the end, i tried to land...and then one shot me down. THEN they flew home. So any ideas what would be the correct way to end such a mission? What can i do to return to my base without half of the russian airforce flying with me, fearing no consequences and bringing my mission to a sad end?
  13. I saw the movie now and i like it Great entertainment in an very interesting scenario ( i love the pacific theatre). Its not Hollywood, its more or less a chinese production with a german director and some known faces from hollywood. In my opinion better than "Pearl Harbor", less love story. At the beginning, the dialogues are somewhat stupid - but they get better in the middle and the end. But some sentences are required to explain what happens for people who dont know the historic backgrounds. The movie shows both sides more or less, of course with a certain weight on the winner, the US pilots. And i think they reproduced the thoughts and fears of some pilots very good. what i miss somehow are the fighters on american side. where are the wildcats? not one to see. I recommend to watch for everybody who likes aircraft in general and ww2 aircraft in special. We dont have much choice when it comes to air combat movies. between: the cinema was sold out on friday, saturday and sunday. was hard to get a place.
  14. Hi all, a question about the engine modes. Example from the BF-109 F4: Engine modes: Nominal (unlimited time): 2300 RPM, 1.15 ata Combat power (up to 30 minutes): 2500 RPM, 1.3 ata Emergency power (up to 1 minute): 2700 RPM, 1.42 ata Is that "up to 30 mins / up to 1 min" the absolute (cumulated) time (over the whole flight) or max continuous time? If continuous: When i reduce power to the next lower mode (e.g. after 10 mins 1.3 ata combat power to nominal 1.15 ata), does the combat power "recharge"? How can i know, how long it needs to recharge, meaning how long i have the use nominal power? And does combat power recharge emergency power?
  15. yes, but they talk about another Midway Movie (not Emmerichs)
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