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  1. Here's the view from a real A8, just to compare.
  2. It's usually because the fuel and engine oil pickups get exposed during negative G.
  3. What key bindings are used for Ju87 elevator trim? I have Fw190 and Bf109 elevator trim set on the same keys to avoid confusion. They both operate the same way with the horizontal stabiliser moving with a screw jack attached to the leading edge, cept the 190 is electric and the 109 manual. The Fw190 trim doesn't seem to have it's full nose down range on the indicator. By the way I think we should just have "nose up" and "nose down" that works for all aircraft.
  4. There shouldn't be a displacement of stick due to flaps being deployed, you'll need a bit of back pressure to counter it but that is what trim is for. And the Spitfire flaps are just for landing.
  5. The only time you have too much fuel onboard is when your aircraft is on fire
  6. Well, what a response. I think it's safe to say that, as no one else has come forward, I must be one of the few people on this forum who has sat in a Fw190 which kinda qualifies me to say what the forward view is actually like. The view to the front that we have in the game is incorrect, whether that's down to refraction or anything else. I was surprised how good the view was, even though being on the ground, bearing in mind that when the Fw190 is properly trimmed flies nose down it would be a whole lot better. The developers are doing stunning work on this sim with regular updates and improvements, and while it really isn't a huge issue makes it curious that that they don't appear to want to get it looking right. I may be wrong but it seems to me there has been an assumption on the construction of the screen which is wrong. When flying the BoS Fw190, if I sit up (with TIR) and look at the bottom of the screen and out to the nose it looks as if the cockpit coaming is level with the top of the fuselage, whereas there is actually a step, about the thickness of the screen, looking as if the screen is recessed so the front bottom outer edge of the screen is just about flush with the fuselage and the bottom inner edge level with the coaming. The developers appear to have the screen perched on top of the fuselage. Added to that the I don't believe the Fw engineers would have made such a mistake anyway, it would be nice to see it corrected. That all said it's unlikely to improve my kill rate. Now, anyone want to talk about the audio?
  7. S! Tonight I sat in the IWM Fw190 A8 at RAF Gosford. Sadly the cockpit combing and gunsight were missing, as were some instruments and the bits from the cockpit. However here's the cockpit view through the screen. Make your own conclusions.
  8. Hello Hello WildBlue Take a look here, the SACG group. https://simulatedair...softheluftwaffe We have members from all over, we have a 190 unit, 2./JG51, as well as a 109 unit, 4./JG52. We have trainers and resources to help you improve, and there's usually a couple online every night. We also have missions flights of bombers and escorts that are good fun. And if you're interested here https://simulatedair....com/recruiting
  9. Hello Oliki Take a look here, the SACG group. https://simulatedaircombat.enjin.com/wingsoftheluftwaffe We have members from all over, I'm in the UK and prefer the 190, sometimes the 109. We have trainers and resources to help you improve, and there's usually a couple online every night. We also have missions flights of bombers and escorts that are good fun. And if you're interested here https://simulatedaircombat.enjin.com/recruiting
  10. I can see the skin in the viewer but not in the game. Also how do I align circular spinner markings so the don't wobble? Ta
  11. Just curious but as the pitch trim on Bf109 and the Fw190 is achieved in the same way, a screw jack moving the leading edge of the horizontal stabiliser, why do they need separate key settings for each aircraft. "Pitch trim up" and "Pitch trim down" for Bf109 and "Fw190 adjustable stabiliser up" and "Fw190 adjustable stabiliser down" for the Fw giving the same result using exactly the same method. Why not have just "Pitch trim nose up" and "Pitch trim nose down" for all aircraft.
  12. You only bounce in the long grass if you taxi too fast, though you do seem to need a lot of power to move, IRL you'd pick up all sorts of rubbish in the prop wash and risk damaging the aircraft, I always try and use the taxi ways. We have the lovely maps that have been produced that show the airfield layouts, but it would be good to know somehow where you have spawned, save a lot of time blundering around looking for the runway, pilots would have known where their dispersals and runways are, and if they didn't the ground crew would.
  13. There's some interesting stuff, a good view through the windscreen at 8mins.24. https://www.facebook.com/video.php?v=895638697115229&set=o.6115891278&type=2&theater
  14. I have a MS FFB joystick. If I make any adjustments in Settings Devices I get a regular pulsing/kick through the feed back, as if I'm running over the concrete joints in the runway, but all the time. I can only cure it with a reboot or unplugging and replugging of the joystick, any thoughts ? Despite this, this is turning out to be a great simulator :- except why do we have prop pitch as "High" and "Low" instead of "Coarse" and "Fine" and as it is in the real world of propellers and screws. also trim should be "Nose Up" and "Nose Down" BTW which way is "High" and "Low" pitch.
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