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  1. The Ju88C6a is quite different from the Ju88A4 since it's the dayfighter version with 1x20mm + 3x7.7 in the nose and an 2x20mm gunpod, it can only carry 10x50kg bombs. It's possible we might get the BMW engines as mod which turns it into the Ju88R-2.
  2. There were quite some v1 sites on the upcoming Normandy map so I think it's likely. If you take an general V1 site like shown in this picture. I think it's unlikely we get the entire site, maybe the launch ramp (with or without the control post attached) as 1 object which can be copied and pasted over the map.
  3. Who says it's going to be an collector map, just some food for thought.
  4. I suspect this is done to avoid AI (Bot) accounts spamming the entire forum.
  5. The C-6a is the dayfighter version that was used against ships, coastal command (Floatplanes/Beaufighters and even Mosquito's) and to protect german shipping in the Bay of Biscay. On the eastern front it was used as an train buster, it's possible it could be used in Kuban and maybe Stalingrad. During the Normandy campaign it was used on an few missions which is why it could be included in the Normandy package. It might be possible we get the BMW 801 engines as modification (This would turn it into an R-2 which was used alongside the C-6a in France 1944) which would make i
  6. It just reminded me an series of polls in early 2020 ended with many bombers being on top so I wouldn't write medium bombers off for future releases. Ju88 C-6a is not an level bomber, it's an heavy fighter version of the Ju88 which had an 1x20mm + 3x7.7 in the nose + option to carry an gunpod which adds 2x20mm. It had only 1 bomb bay left which could carry 10x50kg bombs max. An actual Normandy german medium bomber would be the Ju88S/Ju188/Do217. We do get an medium bomber with Normandy, namely the Ar234 which ironically wasn't even used over Normandy (Only
  7. A20B not only is an soviet modified variant it also never saw service on the western front so we basically have 0 flyable allied (British/American) bombers. A20B also has several differences with the Boston III so it's not just british weapons and bombs. The latter A20 versions (A20G/Boston IV) are just as differend from the A20B as the Bf109E7 and Bf109K4. Ofcourse saying the Bf109E7 is good enough to represend the Bf109K4 would be outrageous to say on this forum but for bombers this seems acceptable, funny how that works.
  8. In early 2020 ships recieved an more advanced physical model were ships can lay on the beach/shore, this could indicate something like the LST, LCT could likely be planned. The devs might also create ships that are usefull for future battles, for example the Gleaves class Destroyer was used in the several operations in the mediterranean (Like Husky) and the pacific (Like Okinawa).
  9. Already in game, from devblog 241:
  10. Interesting to see we get both british and american equipment of the same class. Makes me wonder if we will also see an british truck/artillery/anti-air with Normandy. Sdkfz 222 is an good choice since it was also used as anti-air vehicle, so it will be an target that can shoot back. It would be great if all standard german equipment (like trucks/cannons) finally get's repainted to Dunkelgelb (dark yellow) so we can finally get rid of Dunkelgrau livery (Dark Gray) which was not applied anymore since early 1943, german liveries from 1943 onward was often an combinat
  11. Back when Normandy was announced many if not all of the aircraft that were included were requested (several often) by the community as seperate collector vehicles. In the past it was mentioned by someone of the team an entire release was more profitable to make compared to releasing seperate collector vehicles. Jason (Lead Producer of IL-2) mentioned within 1 week pre-orders for Normandy were outpacing the pre-orders for Bodenplatte so it showed it was successful. Releasing collector vehicles outside of the current available maps don't make much sence, IL-2 is being known
  12. Some additions/extra choices: Crusader III (6 pounder) Marder III Stuart II Bishop (British equivalent of the M7 Priest) Daimler (equivalent of sdkfz 222)
  13. The Ju88C6a is an heavy fighter which carried 3x20mm and 3x7.7mm guns in the nose and gunpod, it can only carry 10x50kg bombs max. We might get an engine modification with the more powerfull BMW engines which was renamed to Ju88R. This aircraft was used as an trainbuster in the eastern front and hunting ships in the Bay of Biscay. It was used (Both Ju88C and Ju88R) very few times in the Normandy campaign. An late war Junkers bomber for Normandy would be the Ju188 or Ju88S, another alternative is the Do217 series.
  14. Battle of Berlin could be the name of the product similar to Bodenplatte, Career could start on 02/02/1945 which is when the Vistula-Oder Offensive ended and the soviets reached the Oder river, this gives us an 3 month career mode till the end of the war. Berlin could be similar made either like the Normandy map (London/Paris center outside the map) or the Moscow map (Moscow visible but not flyable), map could be concentrated either North or South of the Berlinborder, North we have more bases where the Ta152 where operational and South we can extend the career mode till 11/05/1945
  15. Bf109G-14/AS Hs129B-3 (Courland) Il2-1944 (With Arrow Wings) P-39Q Pe-2 1944 version Ju87D-5 was still used against the Soviets till the end so that will likely be included. Ta-152 will likely be included (If Berlin is chosen) since it's an popular aircraft and often requested, it was also active on several airfields in the general area near Berlin from early 1945.
  16. Battle of Leningrad. Battle can start on 25 June which is 3 days after Barbarossa. Planeset can be an combination of German and Finnish aircraft. Finland had quite some variety of aircraft from several nations like German/French/British/American/Dutch and even captured Soviet aircraft. You also get an map which can be used all the way into mid 1944. Other option could be Battle of Odessa/Crimea which could have an combination of German/Italian and Romanian aircraft, not sure what types exactly. There is not much else of an option since the front moved very
  17. In an past interview it was mentioned an late eastern front release in the future was possible, this doesn't say it will come as next release though. The FW190F8 is already in the game as modification for the FW190A8, for an late eastern front they can still do the Fw190A9.
  18. Jason once mentioned an entire package was more profitable for them compared with releasing separate collector vehicles, this was I think around the time when Normandy was announced. They are an business which relies on profit to survive/making new products and while they do update/add new features to older releases, this is always limited, for example the new terrain features where devenloped for tank crew but could at the same time be added to the other maps, likely because they updated the ground textures files/added an script to it instead of manually replacing each ground text
  19. Optimizing and cleaning the current flightmaps could be possible but this would take alot of resources/time and manpower since basically every meter where an tank can drive has to be tested and fixed which is an enormous task which is very time consuming, even if you do that you still have the lower quality map compared to the current Prokhorovka map which is going to increase complains/bad reviews which you want to avoid as much as possible as an niche simulator. Updating all flight maps to the quality standard of Prokhorvoka could take several years for each map since you would a
  20. The list is not bad but I would change it to the following: M4/Sherman I Could have the 17 Pounder as modification (Firefly Ic) M4A3 Could have several modifications like 76mm and HVSS (M4A3E8) and also the 105mm (M4A3 (105)) M4A3E2 (Jumbo) Could have the 76mm as modification M18 M36 Could have the 76mm as modification where it becomes the M10A1 Panther G Early/Mid Could have Ersatz M10 as modification Tiger II H StuG
  21. In Jason's briefing room it's mentioned collector planes will be new aircraft (so not aircraft that were present in rise of flight).
  22. I agree about East Anglia but I don't see why it would be neccesary to make an map all the way to Berlin, the current rheinland map was an main bombing target area of both the British and American bomber command because of it's many harbors/industry/transportation terminals/enz even all dams from Operation Chastise (Dambusters) are on the map, maybe the map could be extended to include Schweinfurt since that's an more well known american bombing target but further seems completely unneccesary. There is actually enough for an 1943 planeset so it could be it's own title, there is for exa
  23. While unlikely best solution would be to use the current bodenplatte map, rework it to include more industrial area's, extend it westwards to include Britain so you can have both american and british bomber airfields and extend it eastwards to include Schweinfurt, there are plenty of targets, the harbors of dutch and belgium, many industrial area's including the famous ruhr area and even the dams for the lancasters, timeperiod can be in 1943, Operation Chastise (dambusters), Bombing of Schweinfurt and Battle of Ruhr all happend in this year so plenty of targets and no need to extend all the wa
  24. An A20G would likely be easier then the B25 or B26 but it was mentioned in the past it would still take more work because of several difference between the A20G and the A20B, it for examples has an longer fuselage which likely means the model has to be made from scratch. Boston III (DB-7B) would be easier since it's the most similar version to the A20B which was based on the DB-7A. Main differences between the A20B and Boston III to my knowledge where an different glass nose and british weapons and bombs.
  25. Do17 and Do217 would have to be produced separately, while they look similar (like typhoon and tempest) they actually are different aircraft. They could make the Do217E (Bomber) and either seperate or if possible as modification make the Do217J (Nightfighter) which was based on the E.
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