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  1. Battle of Berlin could be the name of the product similar to Bodenplatte, Career could start on 02/02/1945 which is when the Vistula-Oder Offensive ended and the soviets reached the Oder river, this gives us an 3 month career mode till the end of the war. Berlin could be similar made either like the Normandy map (London/Paris center outside the map) or the Moscow map (Moscow visible but not flyable), map could be concentrated either North or South of the Berlinborder, North we have more bases where the Ta152 where operational and South we can extend the career mode till 11/05/1945 to include the Prague Offensive. Depending on the mapside allied airfields (British/American) could even be included for the last weeks of the war.
  2. Bf109G-14/AS Hs129B-3 (Courland) Il2-1944 (With Arrow Wings) P-39Q Pe-2 1944 version Ju87D-5 was still used against the Soviets till the end so that will likely be included. Ta-152 will likely be included (If Berlin is chosen) since it's an popular aircraft and often requested, it was also active on several airfields in the general area near Berlin from early 1945.
  3. Battle of Leningrad. Battle can start on 25 June which is 3 days after Barbarossa. Planeset can be an combination of German and Finnish aircraft. Finland had quite some variety of aircraft from several nations like German/French/British/American/Dutch and even captured Soviet aircraft. You also get an map which can be used all the way into mid 1944. Other option could be Battle of Odessa/Crimea which could have an combination of German/Italian and Romanian aircraft, not sure what types exactly. There is not much else of an option since the front moved very quickly.
  4. In an past interview it was mentioned an late eastern front release in the future was possible, this doesn't say it will come as next release though. The FW190F8 is already in the game as modification for the FW190A8, for an late eastern front they can still do the Fw190A9.
  5. Jason once mentioned an entire package was more profitable for them compared with releasing separate collector vehicles, this was I think around the time when Normandy was announced. They are an business which relies on profit to survive/making new products and while they do update/add new features to older releases, this is always limited, for example the new terrain features where devenloped for tank crew but could at the same time be added to the other maps, likely because they updated the ground textures files/added an script to it instead of manually replacing each ground texture. Making an map from scratch will take longer then fixing an current one (fixing only) but an new map can be sold as an new product and an old map cannot be resold unless it's significantly different, updating the entire map to the quality standards of Prokhorovka would likely take longer then an new map because of the size of the flightmaps, this would especially be the case for Bodenplatte. Another issue is that you basically are forcing tankplayers to pay for flightmodules just to use collector vehicles on maps where they were historically used, for example if they would release an tiger IIH as collector vehicle you would need to buy the Bodenplatte module where you don't get any extra tanks to use yourself, you also release an collector vehicle without having any other playable tanks to fight against, only the M4A2 from Prokhorovka was in limited service by the British (M4A4 was the most common British sherman, Usa didn't use the M4A2 in the western front). About the tree/object collision issue, it depends if the collision model is part of/attached to the model or if it's it's own seperate object, for the first case updating the collision model would fix that for that model but for the second case each area where the model is used has to be checked manually. Issues with sloped ground are related to the heightmap, this would require meter by meter testing in many cases. The engine/performance would be an problem if you update the entire flightmap on the same quality level as Prokhorovka , an smaller combined map for tanks (like Prokhorovka) is possible. Prokhorovka was from the start already designed as an combined arms map since you have an area designed for tank combat (19x23km) while the rest of the map is primarily for aircraft (this seems to be an desision for multiplayer though since you don't get any aircraft with tank crew), the other maps were designed for aircraft and the devs/testers even mention this from time to time which shows it's unlikely it's going to be updated in the future. The 2 AA vehicles (which where originally supposed to be delivered as part of the tank crew package) were both used at Kursk but can also be used at airfields or on other maps which in general are more detailed/optimized for ground vehicles (since aircraft are using the ground by taxing/landing/taking off) compared to the rest of the map. There are also more different historical targets aa vehicle have (compared to an Tiger IIH) and pilot players are more likely to buy aa vehicles for use in multiplayer compared to tanks, for example to clear the skies on an airfield. All of these are reasons why it can be sold as an general collector vehicle. They don't have to make an map from scratch for TC2, the Bodenplatte and Normandy map could be used as an basis for creating an smaller tank map similar to Phokhorovka, this would be cheaper/less time to produce. For example on the Normandy map they could cut 1 big area (for example 100x100km) so each side has some airfields and on an smaller section of that map choose an area (like 20x20km) like Falaise Pocket and fully modify it for tank combat, this could be released as an new product together with 10 new tanks. Another option, same as previous example but instead of 1 large area for tanks they could create 2/3 smaller maps, for example Falaise Pocket/Saint Lo/Villers Bocage while the rest is for aircraft. North Africa could be an option like El Alamein which indeed would be easier mapwise to create but it's more likely going to be late war since it's more popular among tank fans. (Both Battles and Tank types used).
  6. Optimizing and cleaning the current flightmaps could be possible but this would take alot of resources/time and manpower since basically every meter where an tank can drive has to be tested and fixed which is an enormous task which is very time consuming, even if you do that you still have the lower quality map compared to the current Prokhorovka map which is going to increase complains/bad reviews which you want to avoid as much as possible as an niche simulator. Updating all flight maps to the quality standard of Prokhorvoka could take several years for each map since you would also have to make every village/industry/yard/enz that has been ignored in the flightmaps and this would also create an new issue considering low performance of the maps. Because of these reasons I just don't see any collector vehicles happening outside of Kursk till TC2 is announced, there are enough collector vehicles that can stil be done for Kursk though like the StugIII/Marder series/Wespe/M3 Lee/Churchill III/Su76/enz.
  7. The list is not bad but I would change it to the following: M4/Sherman I Could have the 17 Pounder as modification (Firefly Ic) M4A3 Could have several modifications like 76mm and HVSS (M4A3E8) and also the 105mm (M4A3 (105)) M4A3E2 (Jumbo) Could have the 76mm as modification M18 M36 Could have the 76mm as modification where it becomes the M10A1 Panther G Early/Mid Could have Ersatz M10 as modification Tiger II H StuG IIIG Late Could have 105mm (StuH 42) and Ersatz StuG as modification Jagdpanther Jagdpanzer 38(t) (Hetzer) The tanks I listed have either quite some modification options and/or are very well known/popular, Bulge was more an American battle but with the M4 you could have the opportunity to add the Firefly as modification which is one of the most famous British tanks. The German lineup gives 4 new tanks and 1 later version (Panther) compared to Kursk, an PzIVH or J could replace one of them but the Panther was very much an common medium tank in late 1944/1945.
  8. In Jason's briefing room it's mentioned collector planes will be new aircraft (so not aircraft that were present in rise of flight).
  9. I agree about East Anglia but I don't see why it would be neccesary to make an map all the way to Berlin, the current rheinland map was an main bombing target area of both the British and American bomber command because of it's many harbors/industry/transportation terminals/enz even all dams from Operation Chastise (Dambusters) are on the map, maybe the map could be extended to include Schweinfurt since that's an more well known american bombing target but further seems completely unneccesary. There is actually enough for an 1943 planeset so it could be it's own title, there is for example still the Fw190A4, Bf109G5 and many versions of night fighters, the germans could even have there own bomber (Do217/Ju188) since the luftwaffe was still bombing britain in 1943, the allies still have earlier variants of the P47 and P38 and could even have an nightfighter version of the mosquito. There are many reasons why an bombing campaign product release is unlikely but huge map (all the way to Berlin) is unneccesary, while it still would be quite some work to rework the current map (like added industry/railyards/dams/enz) it could very well be the easiest map to devenlop compared to making an entire new map like Italy 1943 or eastern front 1944/1945, we also likely get British architecture with Normandy. My understanding is that each turret has it's own ai control which reduces performance, I might be wrong but other crew members like navigator/co-pilot/bombardier are all under 1 ai control (pilot).
  10. While unlikely best solution would be to use the current bodenplatte map, rework it to include more industrial area's, extend it westwards to include Britain so you can have both american and british bomber airfields and extend it eastwards to include Schweinfurt, there are plenty of targets, the harbors of dutch and belgium, many industrial area's including the famous ruhr area and even the dams for the lancasters, timeperiod can be in 1943, Operation Chastise (dambusters), Bombing of Schweinfurt and Battle of Ruhr all happend in this year so plenty of targets and no need to extend all the way to Berlin. Luftwaffe can have there own bombers (Do217 or Ju188) bombing britain along with many types of nightfighters and there even is still the bf109G5 and AS versions left for daylight intercepting. This all could be sold as an new release, it sadly is unlikely though for reasons already pointed out on the forum and this thread, specifically the interest in bombers from the playerbase, it's also the reason why we have so many fighters and fighter bombers but still not 1 allied (usa/britain) bomber.
  11. An A20G would likely be easier then the B25 or B26 but it was mentioned in the past it would still take more work because of several difference between the A20G and the A20B, it for examples has an longer fuselage which likely means the model has to be made from scratch. Boston III (DB-7B) would be easier since it's the most similar version to the A20B which was based on the DB-7A. Main differences between the A20B and Boston III to my knowledge where an different glass nose and british weapons and bombs.
  12. Do17 and Do217 would have to be produced separately, while they look similar (like typhoon and tempest) they actually are different aircraft. They could make the Do217E (Bomber) and either seperate or if possible as modification make the Do217J (Nightfighter) which was based on the E.
  13. The A20 we have in the game is an soviet modified A20B, A20B is different then the Boston III that the RAF used. For german bombers there still is the Do217 (Several variants), Ju188A and E, Ju88S and the He177, He177 has several turrets (like B24) so that might be unlikely though. There are also torpedo variants of the Ju88, Ju188 and Do217 that still could be done seperatly so plenty of choice for german bombers.
  14. I don't see them going for tank crew Tobruk (like Gazala/Battleaxe) or Tunesia (like Mareth Line/Kasserine Pass) since it's team fusion's territory for present and future releases, El Alamein could be an option though since it's unlikely team fusion is going to cover that since it's mostly the same aircraft from Tobruk. For Normandy they have the potential to go for the Tiger II (P) since it was the main theatre where it was used while the Tiger II (H) could appear after Normandy (Like Battle of Bulge) or eastern front 1944/1945.
  15. Jason already announced on the skins and templates section the game will be officially released this friday.
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