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  1. Really depends if A20B's where used in western europe, most where send to the soviets and as far as I know the main variants used in western europe where A20G and J's which had quite some changes that would require an new model.
  2. On the Moscow map you might notice the noflyzone goes through the entire map from north to south instead of just Moscow so it might be an gamelimit where you can't just make an square section off the map an noflyzone but have to make the entire border an noflyzone.
  3. Some extra info. Check and compare https://il2missionplanner.com/#rheinland with https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/uploads/monthly_2019_11/BON_Map_Announcement_EN.jpg.65ca8d95279495c17bda1f7c3c2e2fd7.jpg Also google earth https://www.google.com/maps/@50.9902663,3.5347839,13.71z On the Bodenplatte map look west of the Gent. On the Normandy map look at Deinze (North-East). On googlemaps you might notice an unique form of river (at Bachte right of Deinze) that's also on the Bodenplatte map.
  4. Actually the east part of the Normandy map is right on top of the west border of the Boddenplatte map.
  5. If you check the current map borders you will notice it ends just before London in the north and Paris in the south, extending the map south up to Argentan would already require most of Paris to be created. They could make Paris an noflyzone like they did with Moscow but they will have to find an solution to make the noflyzone only affect Paris and not the entire borderline like has been done with Moscow since if it affects the entire border line, the entire section east of Calais would become part of the noflyzone.
  6. Extending the map south would require Paris to be made so I suspect it's the reasons the map end where it ends (same as north because of London), unless they find a way to only make the Paris section a noflyzone (like moscow) without the entire border of the map being affected we might not see falaise pocket.
  7. Battle of Normandy could be an aircraft release but also an tank crew release.
  8. In general an heavy bomber takes more time to make because of all the extra turret positions that have to be researched and created which often also are different from each other. Other positions like bombardeer/radio would likely not be modelled for 1st person if located in seperate position (Like nose bombardeer position of current A20). With ai the problem (as far as I know) is that each turret is operated by an seperate ai gunner so each gunner can track and attack there own targets which has an effect on performance. other positions like navigator/bombardier/radio are likely covered by the pilot ai. Another issue is that british/american heavy bombers mostly operated only from britain and in the bodenplatte timeframe targets where mostly outside of the map. Don't know about eastern front heavy bombers (TB3/Pe8/Fw200). I do want to point out the devs in devblog 227 mentioned the P51/Tempest/P38 and ai version of B25 where the most complex and difficult objects they had to create in their teams history. While this does show how difficult the B25 is, it also shows single engine aircraft like the P51 and tempest where more difficult to create then the He111/Ju88/Pe2 which all have several turrets.
  9. The problem with carriers is unlike other ships which ingame often only suit as an target you attack, carriers also serve as airfields where you take off and land on and I am sure many players would like the experience of taking off and landing on carriers, also to note for midway carriers are the only airfields the japanese will have and most airfields the americans will have.
  10. Why would the RAF keep an turret if it's was as ineffective as suggested here? it would only increase weight and reduce performance overal for no extra benefit. Maybe the turret crew was better trained to operate the turret or adjustments where made to fix the issues of the turret.
  11. They might want to keep the C47 for an potential normandy expansion in the future.
  12. There could be solutions to this, for example some people have suggested reducing the land/ocean distance, air spawnpoints, main map split up in 2 where when you reach the map border of map 1 you spawn at the mapborder of map 2. Best solution in my opinion would be making an feature like portal waypoints, basically when you reach waypoint 1 your entire flight get's moved forward to waypoint 2, it might even be possible to code this where the worldtime get's advanced and fuel reduced depending on how much fuel and time it would have taken in real time, you might even be able to make this an choosable option when reaching the waypoint so people that actually want to fly all the way can do so.
  13. How about portal waypoints?, basically when you flight reaches an waypoint it's automatically moved to the next waypoint on the same map + advanced time and reduced fuel depending on how long the actual flight would have been to that waypoint, mission designers could put these waypoints anywhere on the map, portal waypoint could work for both 1 large map covering the operation or an worldmap. It might even be possible to make these waypoints an option to choose ingame so players that actually want to fly all the way can do so. For example when you reach the portal waypoint you recieve an text which describers the average flighttime to the next waypoint + the question 'Do you want to skip the flight to the next waypoint?' where you then have to press an button for yes or no.
  14. For Berlin we still have Yak3/La7/P39Q and Yak9U as options left.
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