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  1. Not one single tank/version that came with tank crew was used in the battle of Bulge. The Rheinland map is simplified for aircraft so many towns/villages/other locations which where important for the battle weren't created and the ones that did are very simplified. (for example Bastogne has an randomly generated road/building layout).
  2. The most realistic/famous campaign and the closest to the start for operation Barbarossa would be Leningrad which could start once Finland enters the war at 25 June 1941 and could last all the way till early 1944. An IL2: Battle of Leningrad could bring many important aircraft to the game which have been missing (many of which you have listed) and adds to several other expansions even Kuban. There are also enough axis aircraft to fill since it could be mixed between finnish and german aircraft, example of axis aircraft in 1941/1942: Fighters: Brewster B.239 (F2A)/Fiat G.50/Hawk 75A (P-36)/MS.406/Fokker D.XXI/Gloster Gladiator/Hurricane MkI Attackers: Ju87B or R/Hs123/Bf110C or D Bombers: Blenheim I or IV/Do17Z If an Bf109 would be neccesary to be included to attract customers then there still is the Bf109F1 and Bf109E4BN/Bf109E7N. There is an team which is making an Leningrad map which has become silent but apparently they have made an agreement with the devteam, so we could very well see an Leningrad map in the future, would it be just released as an map or do the devs plan more then this?
  3. While I do agree with others about the lack of yards/depots/industry/villages I really appreciate the effort they put in the airfields. Another point I would like to add is that most of the german ground equipment (artillery/anti air and anti tank guns) and vehicles/tanks in the game are still painted in Dunkelgrau (dark grey) which should be extremely rare if not non-existent by 1944/1945, even exclusive Dunkelgelb (dark yellow) which the new vehicles are painted in (Jadgpanzer IV/Sdkfz 7 + Flak/Flakvierling 38) should be rare for the period of the career, most german units in late war where painted in an mix of 3 main colors namely : Dunkelgelb (dark yellow), Rotbraun (red-brown) and Olivegrun (olive green), hopefully this is addressed with Normandy.
  4. An 3d modeller last year was actually willing to provide their lancaster model to the devs in this thread, no official response to it till now (likely private response).
  5. The Fw190F-8 (and G-8) is already available as an modification for the Fw190A8.
  6. There is an chance the Ju87D-5 might be one of the 5 aircraft in an late war eastern front expansion, especially considering there isn't much other choice left for the luftwaffe for that timeframe.
  7. I don't know what will be the next theatre for Tank Crew (And if there would be one) but North Africa has some potentional options like El Alamein, Kasserine Pass, Mareth Line.
  8. Only 3 StuG D and 4 StuG F/8 where used in the entire North Africa campaign (including Tunisia), the most common tank destroyers in North Africa where the Marder III, Panzerjager I, Semovente 47/32 and Semovente 75/18.
  9. I understand the main problem with lack of documentation for midway would be the TBD, D3A and B5N so how about another theatre like New Guinea like suggested by Davesteu here : If some aircraft lack documentation they could potentially be swapped with another which you can't do with Midway (A6M2/B5N/D3A/F1M). B25 could be swapped with an B26 or an Hudson. Ki43 or Ki61 with an second A6M version. Ki48 with the Ki51 or another japanese bomber listed below. G4M, I might be wrong but as far as I know Ki21, Ki49 and G3M where also used from New Britain/Rabaul airfields so there are several options.
  10. They might still go for an Do217 if they decide to do an Italy/Sicily campaign.
  11. Agreed, another problem is lack of new aircraft for an 5x5 planeset which the devs have mentioned is the most profitable for them. Considering how much time it takes to make maps compared to aircraft I can only see extra maps coming from outside sources like the Leningrad map you mentioned.
  12. Yes and no, in general bombers require more work then fighters mostly because of the number of different turrets that have to be created, this is especially true for an b17 or b24, so yes you could say 2/3 fighters could be made instead of an medium/heavy bomber. On the other hand back in devblog 227 the IL2 team mentioned the P51/Tempest/P38 and an ai version of the B25 where the most difficult aircraft they had to create in there teams history, while this shows how difficult an ai version of the B25 was for the team it also shows the P51/Tempest and P38 where each individuality more difficult then the Pe2/Ju88/He111.
  13. Ar234B-2 was never used over Normandy (Only unarmed prototype), P40E1 and Mc202 where never used over Moscow (was P40B/C and Mc200) and Fw190A3 was never used over Stalingrad, all these aircraft are still as of today sold as premium edition and flyable in career mode with an battle they never where used in. Before Normandy was announced several people have mentioned the Fw190 Stalingrad argument was outdated and I agreed with them since the aircraft included with Kuban and Bodenplatte premium edition only included aircraft that actually where used and had there historical airfields, this changed with the Normandy announcement (Ar234). Personally I do prefer if they only include aircraft of an 5x5 release that actually where used in battle but at the same time I also am not fully against it if they have an historical use during other battles, like the Ar234 during Bodenplatte or the P40E1 and Mc202 for Stalingrad.
  14. Any chance we would be able to carry British bombs?
  15. The main problem why they won't expend the map eastwards is the city of Paris, same reason it won't be extended northward (London).
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