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  1. They might still go for an Do217 if they decide to do an Italy/Sicily campaign.
  2. Agreed, another problem is lack of new aircraft for an 5x5 planeset which the devs have mentioned is the most profitable for them. Considering how much time it takes to make maps compared to aircraft I can only see extra maps coming from outside sources like the Leningrad map you mentioned.
  3. Yes and no, in general bombers require more work then fighters mostly because of the number of different turrets that have to be created, this is especially true for an b17 or b24, so yes you could say 2/3 fighters could be made instead of an medium/heavy bomber. On the other hand back in devblog 227 the IL2 team mentioned the P51/Tempest/P38 and an ai version of the B25 where the most difficult aircraft they had to create in there teams history, while this shows how difficult an ai version of the B25 was for the team it also shows the P51/Tempest and P38 where each individuality more difficult then the Pe2/Ju88/He111.
  4. Ar234B-2 was never used over Normandy (Only unarmed prototype), P40E1 and Mc202 where never used over Moscow (was P40B/C and Mc200) and Fw190A3 was never used over Stalingrad, all these aircraft are still as of today sold as premium edition and flyable in career mode with an battle they never where used in. Before Normandy was announced several people have mentioned the Fw190 Stalingrad argument was outdated and I agreed with them since the aircraft included with Kuban and Bodenplatte premium edition only included aircraft that actually where used and had there historical airfields, this changed with the Normandy announcement (Ar234). Personally I do prefer if they only include aircraft of an 5x5 release that actually where used in battle but at the same time I also am not fully against it if they have an historical use during other battles, like the Ar234 during Bodenplatte or the P40E1 and Mc202 for Stalingrad.
  5. Any chance we would be able to carry British bombs?
  6. The main problem why they won't expend the map eastwards is the city of Paris, same reason it won't be extended northward (London).
  7. Moral implications has no influence on which aircraft are made for il2, if it had they wouldn't have made the he111 and ju88, especially release the he111 with stalingrad. And this is still true as of today since they are going to include the V1.
  8. Jason mentioned 1 month ago that we likely will get the D-22.
  9. I don't really understand the turret exclusion since Ju87/Do217/Ju188/Sm79/A26B/P61B/Li-2/Il-10/Tu-2/Pe3Bis all have from 1 to several turrets. Only 27 Mosquito FB X VIII where built/converted and also might be an modification to current planned FB VI. As far as I know the Mosquito B Mk IV where used only with Lancasters/Halifaxes bombing strategic targets in the night. Where exactly are the following aircraft going to be used in the current maps? All french aircraft All Italian aircraft minus the Mc200 Bf109E3 Gloster Gladiator P63 (As far as I know only used by Ussr in Manchuria) Finnish B239E IL-10 La-7 Yak-3 Yak9U
  10. Not in europe as far as I know, which is an important customerbase. Yes which is why I also noted it fitted for an collectorplane for Bodenplatte and not for Normandy. As pointed out by =27=Davesteu only 2 prototype recon variants where active over Normandy no bomber verions which makes it an unhistorical addition for Normandy.
  11. An experienced bomber pilot will maneuver and put it's aircraft in an position which benefits it's gunners which will make high-angle off approaches much more difficult and considering the ju188 has better defensive armament and higher speed it will add vital seconds that increases it's chances of survival and/or it's gunners making an hit. Sure an experienced fighterpilot will most likely win the engagement but those same pilots will often have no issues facing spitfires and p51's. And what new role will the C-6 have that the Bf110 doesn't have already?
  12. Which is why they have chosen Normandy since it's the most famous theatre of ww2 but this also brings me to the next point. When it comes to aircraft in the Normandy campaign there is not 1 single aircraft more popular and more associated to Normandy then the C-47, you see it in almost every movie/game/tv show/military anniversaries/airshows about the Normandy invasion even in basic history lessons in college. For historical accuracy the rare griffon Spitfire (which should have been an IXc which was common) would be the perfect plane to swap with but since the Spitfire is of the most famous planes of ww2 any variant will be popular. From the 5 aircraft from the allies for Normandy the Mosquito or the Typhoon are the least famous, both are barely if not at all present in games/movies/military anniversaries/airshows (compared to the Spitfire/P51/P47/C47) so either of the 2 could be replaced with the C47. I do admit they are relevant from an historical standpoint to the Normandy invasion especailly the Typhoon. What would even be better would be swapping one of the german aircraft with the C47 of which most ideal would be either the Ju88C6, Ar234 or the Me410. Ju88C6 because the vast majority of people doesn't even know of it's existence, most when they read Ju88 expect an bomber, not an heavy fighter with barely any bombs. And for the people that know Ju88 was also used as an heavy fighter (for example people that visited the RAF Museum) expect the nightfighter version with requires radar. For historical accuracy the Ju88C6 useage in Normandy was very limited to almost non existant. Ar234 while more famous because it's the first jetbomber, it's mostly overshadowed by the Me262 and almost nobody associates it with Normandy. For historical accuracy the only Ar234's that where used where recon prototypes which couldn't carry any bombs, it also fits much better as seperate collectorplane for Bodenplatte or could be used for an 1944/1945 eastern front release. Me410, while an fun aircraft I very much am an fan off it's not very famous and again not really associated or relevant with the Normandy invasion, it's also mostly associated with attacking heavy bombers. Compared to the Ju88C6 the Me410 is much better in most ways (especially 1944) which makes it more fun for gameplay and is more important to the pre-invasion. Don't get me wrong I don't dislike any of them and am glad they are included but from an famous and historical standpoint especially for Normandy these are the least popular or least important. I do understand the main problem of the C47 is it's playability since you can't do dogfight/ground attack/bombing which many players enjoy. But there is an entire section of flightsimmers that fly mostly commercial aircraft that might be very attracted to IL2 if they could fly the C47 over Normandy in an combat environment. Also it isn't really much different compared to the Ar234 which can only carry 3 bombs, has no guns/turrets and the gun modification it might get is only limited to fixed rear firing guns which are going to be almost completly useless or the nightfighter version with would require radar.
  13. Really depends if A20B's where used in western europe, most where send to the soviets and as far as I know the main variants used in western europe where A20G and J's which had quite some changes that would require an new model.
  14. On the Moscow map you might notice the noflyzone goes through the entire map from north to south instead of just Moscow so it might be an gamelimit where you can't just make an square section off the map an noflyzone but have to make the entire border an noflyzone.
  15. Some extra info. Check and compare https://il2missionplanner.com/#rheinland with https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/uploads/monthly_2019_11/BON_Map_Announcement_EN.jpg.65ca8d95279495c17bda1f7c3c2e2fd7.jpg Also google earth https://www.google.com/maps/@50.9902663,3.5347839,13.71z On the Bodenplatte map look west of the Gent. On the Normandy map look at Deinze (North-East). On googlemaps you might notice an unique form of river (at Bachte right of Deinze) that's also on the Bodenplatte map.
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