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  1. Happy Birthday Jason. Is it possible the team might consider an early eastern front as full release (5+5 planes) in the future (can be far future after more popular theatres of war have been done). For example the Battle of Leningrad could combine german and finnish aircraft in 1 package or an Battle of Crimea/Sevastopol could combine romanian and german aircraft in 1 package.
  2. ww2fighter20

    B-25 Poll

    I would love to see all main allied light/medium bombers for 1944/1945 appear as flyable (B25/B26/Boston III/A20G-J/A26), it's what is lacking the most for the Western Front (+C47). An problem with the B25 strafer versions is that they were not used on the Western front, they were used in the Mediterranean and especially the Asiatic-Pacific front, hopefully the devs can go to these theatres of war in the future but till then I don't expect to see them. Maybe they can do the A20G together with the A20J as an mod (Bomber Nose version), this way you get both the strafer an
  3. Looking again to the liveries from the MC.202 it makes me want to see more italian birds. An MC.200 could already be made as an collector since they were used in Moscow and Stalingrad. Other aircraft could appear in an Italy 1943 module like the G.55 one of the Re's/MC205/SM.79/enz
  4. This is the armor data from the actual tanks and they should be similar in the game, can't say if this is the case in the game but I can remember it was mentioned either in an update/devblog or one of the devs back when Tank Crew was in development the damage system was completly overhauled for all ai vehicles which also included more accurate armor values.
  5. Great Devblog, especially love the posters. With the Ju88 and Mc202 receiving 4K this means all Battle of Moscow planes will have 4K. Now it's only an few collector aircraft and an few from Kuban left.
  6. Maybe you faced an different KV1 version? There are 4 KV1's, KV1-1941, KV1-1942, KV-1S AI and KV-1S playable. KV-1S (AI + playable) have the weakest armor (75mm front - 60mm side, both hull). KV1-1941 and 1942 have the strongest armor (100mm front and side hull).
  7. Certainly no shermans at Stalingrad, there were only around 40 shermans delivered by lend-lease around the very end of 1942 and these were used for testing and training purposes.
  8. Trains and the entire train network is just too simplified to make trains playable. Trains can't drive over high grade/slopes in real life and in this game grades are insane, this is especially noticeable with bridges. The reason this is done in the game is that they don't need to make embankments and tunnels for traintracks which speeds the routebuilding process. We don't have junctions or even connected tracks for these to work. The entire tracknetwork has to be built from scratch on each map which is just not going to happen. These are just some of the main issues t
  9. While it's important to have famous aircraft like the spitfire included to increase sales, it's also important to look at gameplay. None of the aircraft currently released except the Ju52 can be used in france 1940, so the 10 aircraft + Ju52 are the only aircraft you can meet and fight against in battle. How many of the allied aircraft types in the suggested list were used on the airfields in the Sedan area? If you end up with only 2/3 allied types having airfields on the map you get very limited gameplay. If you need to increase mapsize for more airfields you need to make
  10. Maybe Battle of France could be done as an tank crew release, generally tank combat in France 1940 is more well known compared to air combat. This is ofcourse if Tank Crew sells well enough for several releases since late war scenarios (Battle of Bulge/Normandy/Eastern Front 1944-1945) are more likely to appear for tank crew.
  11. France 1940 would give the unique opportunity to include the twin blade Hurricane's.
  12. The Ju88C6a is quite different from the Ju88A4 since it's the dayfighter version with 1x20mm + 3x7.7 in the nose and an 2x20mm gunpod, it can only carry 10x50kg bombs. It's possible we might get the BMW engines as mod which turns it into the Ju88R-2.
  13. There were quite some v1 sites on the upcoming Normandy map so I think it's likely. If you take an general V1 site like shown in this picture. I think it's unlikely we get the entire site, maybe the launch ramp (with or without the control post attached) as 1 object which can be copied and pasted over the map.
  14. Who says it's going to be an collector map, just some food for thought.
  15. I suspect this is done to avoid AI (Bot) accounts spamming the entire forum.
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