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  1. Why would the RAF keep an turret if it's was as ineffective as suggested here? it would only increase weight and reduce performance overal for no extra benefit. Maybe the turret crew was better trained to operate the turret or adjustments where made to fix the issues of the turret.
  2. They might want to keep the C47 for an potential normandy expansion in the future.
  3. There could be solutions to this, for example some people have suggested reducing the land/ocean distance, air spawnpoints, main map split up in 2 where when you reach the map border of map 1 you spawn at the mapborder of map 2. Best solution in my opinion would be making an feature like portal waypoints, basically when you reach waypoint 1 your entire flight get's moved forward to waypoint 2, it might even be possible to code this where the worldtime get's advanced and fuel reduced depending on how much fuel and time it would have taken in real time, you might even be able to make this an choosable option when reaching the waypoint so people that actually want to fly all the way can do so.
  4. How about portal waypoints?, basically when you flight reaches an waypoint it's automatically moved to the next waypoint on the same map + advanced time and reduced fuel depending on how long the actual flight would have been to that waypoint, mission designers could put these waypoints anywhere on the map, portal waypoint could work for both 1 large map covering the operation or an worldmap. It might even be possible to make these waypoints an option to choose ingame so players that actually want to fly all the way can do so. For example when you reach the portal waypoint you recieve an text which describers the average flighttime to the next waypoint + the question 'Do you want to skip the flight to the next waypoint?' where you then have to press an button for yes or no.
  5. For Berlin we still have Yak3/La7/P39Q and Yak9U as options left.
  6. If it's the Hurricane MkIIB it could come standard with 12x7.7mm with potential modifications of 2x12.7 UB + 2x20 ShVAK/4x12.7 UB/4x20 ShVAK/rocket-bomb options and I think an reargunner, unsure about other modifications.
  7. Looking back at devblog 227 it actually is noted at the start that the tempest, P38, P51 and B25D where the most difficult aircraft they ever had to make, this also means these aircraft where more difficult then the pe2, he111, ju88 and a20 which shows bombers which have several gunner positions can actually be easier to make then some single seat aircraft. So are potential future aircraft like the Typhoon or Mosquito actually easier to create compared to aircraft like the C47 or IL4?
  8. Tank Crew is highly likely to see several releases in the future considering the huge playerbase from games like world of tanks and especially warthunder where many are frustated with the current state and looking for an alternative.
  9. An normandy campaign could work very well if it starts in January 1944 where operation steinbock could be included, this way we can include the me410/mosquito and either the ju188 or do217.
  10. Battle of Bulge would be the most likely one for it's popularity, there are others like Hurtgen or Overloon but the tanks used wouldn't be much different from bulge. Another option would be Battle of Hannut in 1940 which could give us french tanks but considering we don't have any aircraft for combined operations from that timeperiod (only ju52), it would require an new nation which requires alot of new assets that have very limited to no use after battle of france and 1940 battles in western europe aren't that well known (minus battle of britain) it's an unlikely battle to be created, would still love to see it though. For western front outside the BoBP map the most likely would be one of the battles of Normandy (Falaise Pocket/Villers Bocage/Saint Lo/Caen/Enz).
  11. Great news! Increased visibility distance from 10 to 100km for both aircraft and ships, it's almost like it's preparation work for something in the future, something far east 😉.
  12. To my understanding the FB and TR variants where the only variants that could carry rockets/bombs and had frontal guns, other variants had either only bombs (B), only frontal guns (F/NF) or none (PR/T) which brings me to my next question : Which variants where operational on the airfields on the Bodenplatte map during the Battle of Rheinland career? (17/09/1944 - 01/04/1945).
  13. How about Guadalcanal/Solomon Islands 1942 + Carrier battle of Eastern Solomons? This could give us an campaign/career + carrier vs carrier missions and would also give us important famous carriers (Enterprise/Shokaku/Zuikaku) that can be reused for other battles. Also with your bare minimum planeset New Guinea might still be possible as another separate release. Sure compared to New Guinea it would be more difficult to make because of the much larger map + 5 carriers/other ships that they have to create but it might make it more attractive for players to buy because Guadalcanal is arguably more famous then New Guinea and it can be combined with 1 of the 5 carrier battles which alot of people associate the pacific war with.
  14. Hurricane MkIIB was often modified to replace the 12x7.7mm with 2x12.7 UB + 2x20 ShVAK and could also be equipped with rockets/bombs, there where also modifications with 4x20 ShVAK or 4x12.7 UB so the hurricane can be an good ground attacker.
  15. No need for carriers if they do New Guinea
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