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  1. I normally prefer fighter campaigns but have to say this is really well done and a lot of fun! Highly recommended!
  2. I really do not consider myself to be an "entitled brat" I find your comment to be very rude and childish. I think you should remove your nasty comment. Thankyou for removing "entitled brats"
  3. Nothing is wrong with us. Different people have different preferences. I prefer dynamic SP not MP or scripted SP. I will not buy a product that does not interest me. Just that simple. Hopefully you can come to terms with this.
  4. Same here. Such a shame since team Fusion does such great work. Devs need to understand that SP should provide unlimited re-playability just like MP. If limited to scripted missions only might as well skip SP altogether. If they add a dynamic career mode in the future (or someone does a mod) I will buy otherwise no go.
  5. Something is wacked out! Just edited out all the duplicates...
  6. That is good to hear. Will the campaigns be scripted? I am hoping something more dynamic like the BOX career mode. The problem with scripted campaigns is once I complete all the missions there is nothing else to do. I do enjoy scripted campaigns but only a dynamic career mode provides long term re-playability. I will definitely buy if there is a dynamic career mode not so sure I will if only scripted campaigns are provided. Would apricate more specific details regarding this.
  7. Hey Oyster - Absolutely love your cockpit mods! I did notice an anomaly on the BF -109 G4. Not sure if it is related to your mod or just an issue with the the base graphics. As you can see from the attached screen capture the two empty instrument mounting areas have a tan background. The G2 has a similar arrangement but the background on the blanks is black as it should be. Anyone have any thoughts on this? Is this a known issue or some problem with my files? Thanks!
  8. Fantastic upgrade! Thankyou so much for all your hard work! I think these are the best looking WW2 cockpits available in any sim now. I hope the dev team will make these part of a future update. I have now downloaded installed and tested all aircraft and they all look great - amazing work! Everyone should install this mod.
  9. The elevator trim as it is definitely not working correctly. This also applies to rudder and aileron trim but I limited the tests below to elevator trim. I have trim mapped to a 4 way hat on my Virpil stick. It is directly mapped with no intermediate software. Even if I execute the trim command directly on my keyboard I get the same results so the issue is not with my stick. Finally I have a very fast computer and top quality mechanical Corsair keyboard so that is not the issue. If it makes a difference my 4K G-Sync enabled monitor runs at 144 FPS consistently with a rare drop to 120 and has a 1 MS response time. I tested 3 different aircraft with very different results: 1) P 51 with trim wheel - Almost unusable - even a very quick touch on the hat causes between 4 - 10 percent movement in the trim wheel. It is a major pain to trim this aircraft out and even after many hat press random results I rarely get trim exactly where I need it. I finally give up and use auto level which I really dislike as it is not realistic. 2) Fw 190 A8 with trim button - This is somewhat better then the P 51 but still even the briefest touch will move the trim adjustment between 2 and 6 percent which is still unacceptable. 3) Bf 109 K4 with trim wheel - Works perfectly as I can easy move the trim wheel in 1 percent increments as well as reliably move it more quickly when needed. It is a joy to trim this aircraft out. I did try mapping the P 51 trim to a wheel (axis) on my throttle and (no surprise) it works perfectly in 1 percent incriminates. Unfortunately I do not have a free axis to map my elevator trim to on a regular basis. So the trim issue seems to be limited to mapping to a hat or using the keyboard commands for certain aircraft. So my question is why not just use the code written for the BF 109 K4 on all aircraft? I am hoping this is a bug and will eventually be fixed as I can think of no rational explanation for purposefully programming trim controls this way.
  10. Good point - I added this to the list. Eventually your mechanic will repair/replace your engine in the meantime would need to fly an aircraft with reduced performance (can not use above cruise power) or if the engine is severely damaged would need wait out a few missions or fly another plane.
  11. I think you are correct for preferred SOP but there are exceptions and having a few of these would really add to the immersion and variation of missions. Based on books I have read about the European theater they did fly tactical missions with full overcast and even rain/snow as long there was reasonable visibility down low to find targets and land (and of course acceptable wind conditions) .
  12. BOX is by far my favorite flight sim and I have spent a lot of time enjoying the fantastic work the devs are doing. I really appreciate the constant stream of improvements that are included with each release. So I can’t help but think about how to make it even better. Following is my “wish list” for future development. Most of these ideas are nothing new rather they are just a collection of enhancements that appeal to me. I fly mostly SP, so I do not touch on MP enhancements. Some of these enhancements would probably be relatively easy and others very resource intensive. Some may also not be practical until further down the road when more computing power is available or an engine upgrade is implemented. At any rate it doesn’t hurt to dream! Feel free to add your favorite enhancement ideas. Fixes: 1) Once planes enter the landing pattern, they should defend themselves if the enemy attacks. 2) Reduce the instance of enemy aircraft following you halfway across the map back to your home base. 3) Correct the fading ground smoke issue (for sources of persistent smoke). 4) Address micro stuttering. I never noticed this in SP until the last update. I have this problem sometimes when my frame rate is over 100. Quality of life: 1) Active Career listing should indicate the type of aircraft currently being used by the pilot. 2) Add ability to adjust the order in which active career missions are displayed (instead of just the order they were created in). For example - sort by map then nationality. 3) Selections for aircraft (skins and weapon load out etc.) should be persistent in career and quick mission based on previous choices. 4) Add ability to further customize the instrument bar and navigation/aircraft markers. For example: aircraft markers can be just a small triangle with or without enemy ID and make it possible to select which items appear on the instrument bar or permanently hide it while still allowing use of the mini map. Mods allow this currently so why not build it in? 5) While loading a mission show a splash screen with the type of aircraft you will be flying. 6) Enable faster time compression (even 4x would make a huge difference) or allow “jump to next waypoint” if inside friendly airspace. Career Mission enhancements: 1. Some long-range missions should begin before dawn or end after sunset as was the case in real life (action still takes place during daylight). 2. Add missions to attack shipping and barges where appropriate based on the map. 3. Add the option to refuel and repair aircraft in some career missions. For example, could have a running fighter sweep/airfield attack battle that lasts for many hours. When ammo is exhausted could have the option to land and rearm if you are defending. 4. Add ability to land at any friendly base when low on fuel or in need of repairs then generate a mission to fly back to home base. 5. Include a random chance to make it back to friendly lines if you crash land or parachute behind enemy lines. Success could be more likely if close to the front line. 6. Include a random chance of surviving parachuting into water (this will be important for cross channel missions) in BON. 7. Add additional random generated moving targets on the way to mission goals such as vehicles, trains troop columns etc. 8. When approaching close to an enemy air base occasionally generate flights that will attempt to intercept your flight. 8. Populate all enemy and friendly air bases with at least a few aircraft. 9. Add multi mission “mini campaigns” within the career – for example several linked missions to support destroying industry in a specific city where it may take several days to accomplish the goal. The same could be done with ground support missions that are tied together in support of ground initiatives in specific parts of the front. 10. Have a specific aircraft assigned to your pilot (possibly just for higher ranking pilots). As in real life there would be small performance variations between aircraft. For example, top speed may vary by 5 or 10 MPH. Also model basic mechanical failures such as a rough running/overheating engine or hydraulic failure that will occasionally cause you to abort a mission. 11. Display kill markings on your aircraft and allow importing a standard size decal for personalized artwork (for those so inclined). 12. Add recon and artillery spotting missions. 13. Add forward base operations in situations where this was used (example being the “night witches”). Map Enhancements: 1. Add more objects such as small villages and farms on maps where they existed historically (Europe). Do not need to add them all in but some attempt to populate empty areas would be great. 2. Make visual navigation easier by adding greater variation of ground textures thereby creating more cues to navigate by for those who do not want to use way points. Even adding 2 or three additional types of farm fields would be a huge improvement. 3. Add more types of roads that are easier to see and follow from altitude such as the multi lane autobahn in Germany. 4. Add dual track railroads and at least some rail yards where they existed (Europe). 5. Add additional unique targets such as dams and historically correct factory targets (even just a few of these for each map would add a lot of interest). 6. Smoke from destroyed ground targets should persist longer (depending on target type). Aircraft Enhancements: 1. Squadron specific skins should be the default in career mode. Could add this over time and perhaps get help from the community as was done in ROF. 2. Higher resolution damage decals. 3. Allow adjustment of instrument panel light brightness for aircraft that had that feature in RL. 4. Add fuel management and drop tanks (already being worked on). 5. Add more external wind noise for high speed dives and hard maneuvers. 6. Add other miscellaneous aircraft sounds such as creaking in extreme high G maneuvers. 7. Include 4K cockpit textures (could be an option like external 4K). 8. Improve flyby and external aircraft sound (should be louder than internal sound). 9. Make cockpit warning and info lights as well as external navigation lights real light sources that reflect off surrounding materials. 10. Get rid of engine timers and replace with detonation and overheating. If you run too long at high MP the engine overheats and or detonation begins ultimately leading to permanent damage (ability to run at high MP should vary based on condition of the engine and a random factor). If you back MP off sooner the engine returns to normal once it cools down. Environment: 1. Currently full overcast with possibility of rain and snow only seems to occur on the Moscow map. Add this feature into all the maps. 2. Add dynamic weather. From what I have read the weather was as much the enemy during WW2 as the opposing side and played a huge role in many missions. This doesn’t need to be hugely complicated. Could be thee basic scenarios. Weather remains unchanged during the mission; weather gets worse or weather clears. 3. Clouds should make your aircraft invisible to the enemy AI (in general should be easier once separated to break out of combat). 4) Isolated towering thunder storms with lightning flashes would be interesting as well. AI Communication: 1. Wing men should advise when you need to break if you are in their line of site. 2. Command should be added to request assistance even if you are not the squadron leader. 3. Add ability to command a wing man if you are an element lead. 4. Add ability to communicate with friendly air bases when landing (get instructions regarding which runway to use wind direction etc.).
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