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  1. I agree with respect to bombers and transports but not for fighters. The reason I spend far more time playing IL2 than DCS is that AI fighters do not use a realistic flight model in DCS. Typically they complete maneuvers that are way over the top and would be impossible in real life. Makes dog fighting extremely frustrating and boring. I think one of the best features of IL2 is that the AI uses the same flight model as I do.
  2. Ok I see your point. Modeling flight is certainly a very complex topic and also very interesting. If you have a chance to see for yourself in the real aircraft would be very interested in your thoughts.
  3. Who knows how accurate Agathos comments about the P51 flight characteristics are. Since he actually flew the real aircraft that lends some credence to his observations but things can get lost during translation from actual experience to words on a page. There is only one point I will personally take from this post and my personal experience which is that I feel the landing characteristics of the P51 in BOX are a bit off. For example: I set up a flight with a P51 with 50% fuel at 2000 feet. I reduced speed to 150 MPH and lowered flaps to max and lowered gear. The P
  4. Interesting after listening following is the high level conclusion for BOX: 1) Real plane rolls on the ground easily at 900 RPM, BOX requires 1500 RPM to get moving and seems to lack thrust and or experiences too much ground resistance. 2) BOX take off is fairly close to the real plane but the rate of speed gain once airborne is too low vs real plane - seems to lack thrust. 3) Also on take off it takes more rudder input to control prop torque effects than in the real plane. 3) In level flight BOX seems to point too high on the horizon vs the real plane. 4) The
  5. I tested P51 flaps in both BOX and DCS at 5500 feet 300 MPH indicated and level flight. Then I added one notch flaps to each and both exhibited a strong nose down tendency for me. Actually DCS may have an even stronger nose down tendency in this test. The only difference is at low landing speeds where BOX doesn't have enough elevator trim authority to correct for the nose down tendency and DCS does. Not sure why the P51 exhibits this behavior but possibly the unique laminar flow wing design has something to do with it?
  6. So out of curiosity I tried landing the P51 in DCS and it behaves the same as BOX with respect to lowering the nose when I extend the flaps and the gear. However where it differs is that I can fully correct for this with elevator up trim so I can land with little or no back pressure on the stick. This feels much better and more realistic but that does not mean it is correct. BTW, overall I much prefer the P51 flight modle in BOX over DCS except for this one minor issue. Would be interesting to know how the real plane behaves. Can the elevator be trimmed to neutral stick pressu
  7. Generally the overall flight model in BOX is excellent. But it is not perfect. Reading an article (sorry it has been a while so I can not remember where to provide a link) regarding the BOX P51 flight model written by a pilot who flew the real aircraft his comments were very positive but he did specifically mention that on the real aircraft, when set up for landing with full flaps, it was not necessary to dial in full elevator up trim as in BOX. Even with full elevator up trim in BOX it is necessary to use back pressure to the stick to maintain glide slope. He said in the real aircraft thi
  8. I think you are correct that there is probably no frame rate impact until a driver is released that supports Re-Bar. I have noticed a very small increase in frame rate but that could be the result of many different things from the updated BIOS to the latest NVidia driver. However the elimination of all micro stuttering mostly noticeable over cities is real. In the past when I flew over a large city, particularly on the Bodenplatte map, I would get several micro stutters. This happened without exception every time I got close to a city. Now these micro stutters are completely g
  9. I have a Gigabyte Z490 Master motherboard and just updated my BIOS to version F20a. Included in this BIOS release is the option to turn on Resizable BAR. This option allows the GPU memory direct access to the CPU bypassing the slower system memory and eliminating the current 250MB limit for each memory call from the GPU. This feature works with the the latest 30xx Nvidia GPUs and the latest AMD GPUs as well (I have an RTX 390). NVidia has yet to release a driver officially supporting this feature (they plan to) but implementing it in hardware it still provides some benefit even without th
  10. Great thanks for the fix. I poured almost a full load of my 50 caliber into a G14 last night and it remained undamaged. I figured something was amiss. I know some have been commenting about 50 caliber being nerfed but I couldn't believe it was that bad!!!
  11. I tried it once and things did not go well. When I restarted the loading screen resynced my files which took a while. After that all of my custom views were gone and I had to be reset for them each plane. Even when I restored the original files from the recycle bin the custom views were still gone. It is interesting that my updates folder is only about 4.5 GB and after I deleted it and the files were synced it was much smaller (less then a GB). So perhaps some parts of this folder can be safely deleted. Maybe someone with more knowledge about this will comment.
  12. Thanks for including the 4k cockpit update that Oyster_KAI did such amazing work on (and thanks to Oyster). The cockpits look amazing! I was hoping you would integrate this mod into the game. I really apricate the ongoing improvements you are making and how well you respond to the community. It is truly amazing the level of growth and enhancement in BOX since 2014 (which is why I buy every product you release).
  13. I think you are right and that would be great news!
  14. I really like the sound of the slipstream that I felt was very lacking before. This really helps me sense the speed of the aircraft without the need to constantly check the airspeed dial. Please do not go back to the previous soundscape. A very slight reduction in the slipstream sound may be ok or perhaps just a slight reduction at mid range speeds. But otherwise it is perfect and for me transforms the overall experience of flight.
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