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  1. Plank, are you sure it's worth the hassle? Win 10 seems better than 7 in every way since I installed, seems to have been around 1 year ago. Win 7 updates started failing, most likely because MS wanted them to. I finally conceded and upgraded (but not without a fight).
  2. ... while there are no two-seaters available to give some sense to whatever is happening strategically-wise and of course flying high to escape all that mess and do their job...
  3. You need to take an Operations Research class to get a clear idea of the non-linear effects of improving the availability of one or more specific resources in a complex situation.
  4. J2_Bidu


    Just saying it is possible as stated. No idea what the ww1 plane designers original objective was with it. Are there adverse performance effects of trimming versus nosing down? If so maybe they wanted a trade off...?
  5. It takes about one full minute to adapt. Of course proper configuration surely helps. And there is the more expensive option, the less expensive option and the do-it-yourself inexpensive option.
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    I can fly it with my feet only at 115 km/h 80% throttle, if I trim it completely.
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    Whatever is historical would be ok for me. Anyone got a clue how it worked?
  8. J2_Bidu


    What's with all the problem of pushing the joystick? I push my Warthog no problem at all. Do your joysticks have very strong springs? It's not like I'm Mr Muscle (BELIEVE me).
  9. Unless of course there was some stupid reason for sending someone very high over enemy lines which required avoiding any opposition, or even worse: two people on the very same plane. But why would they want to miss all the fun?
  10. Why? Ball did that all the time. Concerning reuse of Lewis guns by the germans in aircrafts, and googling a bit, it seems to have been relatively common, not a one in a wartime occurrence. But it would be nice to restrict the number of hands in active use. How could you tilt the Lewis gun, hold the hand gun, the stick and fiddle with throttle and mixture while shooting your Spandaus, all at once?
  11. I think it adds quite nicely to the albie. Can't argue with the historical aspect, of course. But I fly it a lot and really like it.
  12. Uh I noticed something weird in FC: on a quick mission, the AI often prop hangs against some non-existent foe, and doing that often stalls and spins. It's doing that at quite some distance from me, so absolutely no purpose in that. Also, when chased, seems to dive extremely steeply, even when flying a Camel which could easily outturn my plane, thereby losing more than 500m. Left me wondering but I never played much against the AI in FC, so I can't judge if that counts as an improvement or not. On the good side, when on my 6 the AI shoots accurately, even trying long range shots which actually hit.
  13. Yeah, I know what you mean, but that's what CGF is doing for us with Flying Circus skins. He organizes a pack for everyone who submits skins to him.
  14. We had to wait months or years to get the skins into the official packs. Here you can have people organize a community pack freely and share it amongst themselves if they want it. Seems better, in my opinion. See what's happening in the FC community.
  15. There's a separate control for forward and upper guns. Also get a handy button for tilting the gun, as it may prove useful.
  16. Whaddayamean "I cannot add any more reactions today"?!!! Don't make me feel like this, then!!! SE5a and DVa on the same day!
  17. I have no doubts it will. Would be a great surprise if it didn't. Glad to know you can use an MSFFB2 fine with IL2. I own two and can't use them. Force feedback goes crazy. But I fly with a Warthog, and pushing stick forward was never a problem for me with it.
  18. The Pfalz is already around, the Albatros DVa is coming. But cool skin. Wrong tail colour though
  19. You won't get your product out in time. Stop using Waterfall, go Agile! Blah blah Yeah, I know what you mean... but it's a game, everyone wants everything yesterday... Now in this case, the detail of airfield shape does not seem necessarily structural in terms of the overall project. Looks more like a self-contained activity. And it can be improved over time.
  20. Ah, you don't know what project schedules look like in the 2018/19? What a great research! Check this: https://learn.g2.com/project-management-statistics
  21. Oooooh the Albatros DVa and the SE5a are two planes I really love! 💗 AND you have the Lewis gun mod for the Albie done already! As someone who's just finished a version numbering and rules document, I can't support you enough. NOT A FREAKIN' REVISION! IT'S A GOD DAMN FULL BLOWN MINOR VERSION!
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