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  1. The compass is always showing SW with minor fluctuations for me, even if I make a sharp turn. The "easy" compass however shows me the right direction, as would be expected. Am I missing something or is that a bug for Ju 52's compass? Thanks!
  2. J2_Bidu

    Ju 52 compass bug?

    I confused the compass with the course selector...
  3. J2_Bidu

    Ju 52 compass bug?

    Will try to reproduce, tonight maybe. Thx!
  4. ... Provided you own the Saitek ROF/FC Extravaganza Enabler Seat, of course!
  5. It's not that obvious The official starting time (maybe since daylight savings changes?) is now 19:00 GMT. And *in practice* by 22:30 people have really started to flee. When I stay until 23:00 there's usually only 6 or 7 guys and that is if no one has won yet. I would risk saying the clashing time that matters is really 19:00-22:30 at most.
  6. I think Cuban and Steve may not be 100% correct if they think different crowds are involved. I would fly both, although I will fly VM while it is happening, a personal preference in the present situation which I don't expect everyone to share, all free to do as they please. It's nice that we have some choice. I will still lament that the not-so-much choice we have happens to overlap, at least partially. Whatever. Let me just finish by saying that I disagree with labeling some people the "ROF crowd" and others the "FC crowd". There will probably only be an FC because there was and still is a ROF, as the sheer enthusiasm and dedication of the ROF crowd was certainly part of the reason why Jason and his crew risked this venture. They know the "ROF crowd" is not coming to FC - the ROF crowd is STAYING at FC, because FC is the continuation of ROF in every way. We don't deny the past or neglect the present. And we don't abdicate from the future. We're all with the development team and we share their continuing dream, which has brought us this far. For some the journey has started later than for others. It will also end later. I wish I'd be there to see it all. exeunt
  7. I don't intend to drag this discussion forever, but you mentioned ROF in this thread before I did, so I posted my view on what you had said. I will let the moderators moderate, though, while trying my best to stay on topic. Anyway, my post was not about ROF and I don't think yours was either.
  8. This Sunday, VM had 40. Just saying... I don't think this ought to be a FC vs ROF battle or whatever. Would be nice if some compromise could be reached. I would attend both. Not such a different crowd. I'm not an airquake guy and I'd join just for FC fun. Anyway, I'd like to praise GCF for organising the event. Just sad it happens to collide, and I'll have to skip a lot of it, same as many. All in favour of more participation in FC online! Inferior is a poor adjective here. It's a mature game. It's a completed game. It's a great game. Comparing the two is meaningless. Would you like to compare the career mode? The plane set? It's not the point here. Let me just add that if you read the ROF unofficial facebook page, you'll see that I'm not defending ROF against FC there. I'm actually letting people know that both exist, FC is the future, etc. But you need ROF player base to hold, and a nice transition. If you make me choose now, for instance, I'll drop both and head on definitely to BOX until FC gets mature, maybe. See you in my JU87...
  9. Thanks for your help! ๐Ÿ™
  10. I am more less dealing with the same problem: how to best use multiple quadrants, what controls to map to which functions, especially in IL2, given you can't easily have multiple control assignments for different planes and change them in game. I imagine the issue has a lesser scale for those wishing to fly just one plane type, or planes with very similar characteristics. Just off the top of my head, I remember an example of handy use for multiple throttles: I'm a Rise of Flight guy, and when you're flying the german Gotha bomber, for instance, it's easier to taxi it, make a turn in flight or deal with having one damaged engine if you have separate controls. I'm not seeing a use for separate mixtures or radiators, for example. I imagine these would be better controlled as a group. P.S.: Anyway, compiling solutions on making the best use of your setup would be something that might help the community. Is anyone aware of such a reference?
  11. J2_Bidu

    Developer Diary 213 - Discussion

    Although I'm not a complete ignorant on these subjects, I can clearly see my History and plane/tank knowledge is sadly insufficient for a full appreciation of your hard work. Thanks for your efforts in pleasing both the expert and the common guy. You may get some comfort in knowing that your excellent work is an incentive for some people to learn more. Thank you!
  12. J2_Bidu

    The meaning of this game

    Tonight I go to bed happy having played a simple mission with a couple good friends. Such a wonderful game. I'm so happy that 46 going 47 I had the chance to see it done and fly in it. Thanks to the great team that brought the game here and keeps pushing it forward. S!
  13. Just had a blast of fun with the new Flying Circus planes. Thanks to all the team!
  14. J2_Bidu

    Promo Code ending today - PM to get it

    Here (if you are logged in): https://riseofflight.com/store/il2_promo_code/
  15. Hi, I won't be using my promo codes, so PM me if you want one, the other, or both (mention which). First come first served. S! Promo code You are receiving this code because you have previously purchased a copy Rise of Flight or additional content for Rise of Flight. Please visit the official IL-2 Sturmovik webstoreto purchase Flying Circus - Volume One and enter this promo code before September 14, 2018 to receive your discount. ******** Here is an additional discount code for 25% OFF any previously released product in the IL-2 webstore (excludes Early Access titles) as a THANK YOU for your previous support. Please visit the official IL-2 Sturmovik webstore to make a purchase and enter this promo code before September 14, 2018 to receive your discount. *********
  16. J2_Bidu

    Fokker DR1 forward stick to keep level..

    Same argument could be used in favor of mouse control. I think the "more perfect" controls should be supported the best, and the others should be accommodated as best as possible, but without loss to the ideal solution. Is there no way to get out of this problem by adjusting response curves? Please don't interpret me as a "control elitist". I just think we want to get things as "real" as possible, in a reasonable and balanced way for everyone. But better controls should provide a better experience.
  17. J2_Bidu

    What size monitor do you run?

    It's hard to reach a conclusion of everyone's experience with such and such sized monitor and such and such resolution only. The actual distance you are sitting from the screen has a lot of impact. I'm less than 1m from mine. It's a 27'' and I'm using full HD. That's small, but I tried with a 32'' TV. I had no trouble with image quality, but I don't see myself using anything bigger at such small distance.
  18. Charm. Thanks to all of you guys!
  19. Thanks for the advice, I had indeed installed it a couple days ago and am still in the process of configuring the curves appropriately, I have some issues when looking back 180 deg. for instance. Also, I believe you can't actually look 90 degrees up with it too, can you confirm this please? More than with FaceTrackNoIR (without my patch) but not 90. I'm not going with my own "solution" since it is quite annoying to get those "file is read only" errors, and to be unable to change some settings. So let's so how it goes.
  20. J2_Bidu

    Menu Hangar low fps

    I have two overclocked AMD Radeon HD 5700 in Crossfire configuration. The best of the poor. ๐Ÿ˜€ Nope, not even that. ๐Ÿ˜ญ
  21. J2_Bidu

    Menu Hangar low fps

    Just tested, it makes no difference in my case. The feeling is that I'm moving the pointer like I'm curling: it's heavy and hard to stop at the right spot, as it picks speed.
  22. J2_Bidu

    Menu Hangar low fps

    Sure, no problem. I'd rather have other stuff too. It's just that I've suffered from RSI, so I'm probably over-sensitive with ergonomics. Erratic or sluggish mouse increases my hand tension. But you're right that 99% of the time it's a non-issue.
  23. J2_Bidu

    Menu Hangar low fps

    I don't run the backlog priority, so I'm happy to report my problems and let the team figure out where to focus their attention. I'm a developer myself, and have managed IT projects. I know it can't all be done...
  24. J2_Bidu

    Menu Hangar low fps

    It's rather bad for me, the mouse pointer doesn't move fluidly. Very annoying. Sure, I have a weak machine, but it seems too much.