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  1. I knew the 'maybe' would save my ass.
  2. But maybe you'll lose them in an earlier period map. And then one of the others will be the best... 🙂 Or Sizzlorr increases the recon height to 4k-6k, and then you'd wish you were in a DH4... I always preferred the VII over the XIII. And you could add a Lewis gun. Anything to which you can add a Lewis gun is great, except - maybe - a girl.
  3. The map in Flying Circus is showing the destroyed villages in the mud. Was this part of the change? Got me singing "Mademoiselle from Armentieres" 🙂 I also felt I was seeing different buildings in the mud, but it may be placebo effect .
  4. I used to think that too. It's the G's. I've had plenty of bullets in my Doplhin's wings. It can still be flown, and can still fight. You just can't pull much, need to make it gentle, as you really should most of the time anyway.
  5. That's how I do it, influenced by yourself. I feel, however, that usung this position reduces my ability to perceive the attitude of the plane, so sometimes I'm actually diving descending faster than I'm aware of. This has caused my death more than once.
  6. I start the engine at full rich, but take iff at max revs mixture setting.
  7. Submitting this as a bug is probably a good idea. The team might not be reading every thread...
  8. Once again had great fun flying alongside our team's great pilots! Extending also an embrace across the trenches to our valiant foes! Couldn't achieve this draw without you! 😀 And thanks to J5 for again hosting this event and sustaining the community!
  9. Just like WOFF and the great engine they have! Bright future ahead!
  10. Well, stats.jasta5.org seems to be down. But the main registration you have to do is at https://www.jasta5.org/phpBB3/ You should also register at the parser (i.e. stats.jasta5.org), but I think that's for scoring purposes only.
  11. Are you behind a firewall or proxy that's blocking that address? Perhaps it has some active flters regarding games, etc.
  12. Did you follow this? https://www.jasta5.org/phpBB3/ Then hit the "register" key, accept the terms, and fill your info. Or are you getting an error?
  13. My best streak ever was (mostly) in a Dolphin, for Christ's sake! 😁And I had to rip my own wings to die! A couple months earlier and I wouldn't have touched it with a flag pole. So much for my trusted DR1, that didn't carry me so far! What I mean is... let's have a little faith. See how it fares.
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