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  1. Could be all sorts of things. My connections got better after I bought a decent router, instead of connecting directly to the ISP one. It just couldn't handle all the TV's, mobiles, laptops and PC connecting.
  2. Oh, I didn't mean it as a rant. I was just being factual. 🙂 I actually quite agree with what you said.
  3. I like it the way they went with the invisibility thing. Not much talk from their part, and they may have finally pulled it through.
  4. Well, they should redo the math then: subtract all WW2 content I've bought and add that to the FC subtotal. Because that money would NEVER have reched them but to support WW1. I'm a client BECAUSE of WW1 material.
  5. The problem with the devs is they don't learn with the best !!!
  6. So we could at least do with more feedback. If the DM is correct (if! if! if!) then I'd rather have some kind of feedback, even if a bit overdone (lots of wind sound, crackings, vibrations, shaking signal on the G indicator, who cares) than change a correct DM (if! if! if!). Wow, that's the alternate universe where I'm really happy.
  7. Yet to see a report of it happening on the new version ( Let's hope for the best.
  8. One of the beautiful things about flying is the way different effects come together and become more apparent in terms of their effects in some situations, while disappearing from your perception in others. People expect a linear behavior, then it isn't there and they get perplexed. It's just natural.
  9. At least we have a possible fix for the invisibility problem. Let's hope it's final, or a dramatic improvement. I'm quite curious to what people's experience will be like in the next few days. Some people complained it happened to them on almost every sortie.
  10. This is all so weird that I'm starting to wonder if the game uses any protocol to forward these events to the clients that allows for packet loss (UDP) and, at the same time, relies on the correct transmission of a very small number of critical events. This might explain why some people are so afflicted while others not so much.
  11. If you don't get excited with this interview you're dead.
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