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  1. Thank you, Butzzell! I trust it will be another great success. Salute!
  2. Well, I did fly a grey one, but as it was Immelmann's skin on Eagle of Lille event, it could be anyone really.
  3. Are you sure it was me? I flew EIII A couple times, and then Roland the rest of the evening. I died once from ground fire while attacking the train; a second time when just after bombing the bridge I attacked a returning FE flying very low, and as he blew up the debris hit me; and last death was against SYN that managed to land their FE after a chase and shot me as I dived on them. Good fun, all!
  4. Oh, my dear raaaid, you thought the problem was in being several people at a time? I may have good news. But for whom?
  5. And if it says you got shot because I Got Shot shot you down, you were shot down by I Got Shot.
  6. Saw you testing your connection yesterday and thought I'd see a a blue Camel soon, but you didn't come back until I quit. Wish you a fast and complete healing! I'm spotted all over and recognize fully the dangers of sun exposure. Can't be too careful about it. See you soon!
  7. Many cheat / exploit? What do you mean?! I believe we have a very decent multiplayer experience at our disposal in this game. I strongly advise you to check it for yourself and see how it goes for you. Just been at Jasta 5 FlugPark with 45 people and it was great fun.
  8. A key point. Could be nice - as an option. Like the engine damaged messages, adjust mixture, etc. Just make it optional and everyone will be happy.
  9. Raaaid, I've seen an empty-eyed seagull eating a dead pidgeon on the base of a stone pillory, mouth a-dripping blood. I've seen a necrophile pidgeon trying to copulate with a dead mate. Don't get me started with pidgeons... it's all coming back to me!...
  10. And many FC planes don't have some or all of these instruments. The fact that these feelings may be deceptive for controlling the plane, and that these real life limitations would be transported to the ingame visual indicators is not in itself bad. It's a realistic limitation. I'd be quite happy with exactly that.
  11. I agree entirely. But let me add there are other relevant forces being felt, like the feeling you're being slightly pushed to the right, or left, or the subtle "climb" or "descent" feeling (some real pilot help me here). We should have that too. Let's call it Visual Force Feedback.
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