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  1. This is a 10% effort / 90% functionality suggestion. It would be near perfect if the plane-specific files would just override the default. I'm just wondering what should happen when the user accesses the uni-dimensional GUI in an overriden plane...?
  2. Yes, I am well aware of that, and I'm not arguing about this improvement's priority, which only Jason and his team may fully understand. However, this is a non-expert programming task, should not be overly demanding, and potentially widens the player base, lowers the total cost to play and increases comfort for everyone.
  3. VR with one eye is kind of cumbersome. 3d effect comes from using two eyes, and even then, not everyone with two working eyes sees in 3d, you actually have to learn it, and that doesn't happen naturally to all kids, especially if they have poor eye sight diagnosed late. Of course, you will have a sort of head tracking device effect, perhaps better in some ways, perhaps worse. Probably not worth the cost, I imagine. Sorry to be so blunt, I mean it in the friendliest of ways. I'd be happy to have a better sight too. Didn't start with such a good one, and getting old, I guess.
  4. Bumping this again. If we want people to adopt the game, buy more planes, etc., it is completely counter-productive to make their life miserable when switching planes because they can't make the most of their controllers. The more controllers you need, the more expensive the game is in the end. 1) There should be a default mapping, as currently, for all planes. 2) Player should be able to change the default mapping for all planes. 3) Player should be able to override the default for any applicable plane. 4) Only plane-applicable controls should show up when overriding the defaults. As more planes are added, this is increasingly necessary.
  5. Don't get me wrong: I never meant to have my kills considered by any criteria differently than the parser's, or any special treatment. My suggestion would be, if at all possible, to change the parser criteria to score the kills on landing rather than mission end, in those cases when it ends abruptly, seems fair to me. Depending on the programming language, I could give a hand .
  6. Right, that can't be. However, it is easy tosee by tge logs that I landed twice. Guys tgat intentionally disconnect don't land before they do it... so there must be some way to do it on the parser, @J5_Baeumer. I'm a programmer myself but I have no clue on how the parser works. Still, enough info is there. As a side note, I'm having much fewer disconnections (I was plagued). But my game crashed...
  7. Lost two victories because of disconnection although I landed, repaired, rearmed and refueled two times, after each of them. Any reason why this should be enforced in such cases? Thanks!
  8. Flown like someone who actually controls the damage model. 😵
  9. Mine don't work either. They used to work though. But I've just been playing Flying Circus, and no use for them there. They work fine on the Windows driver test app. Any idea why this might happen? The pedals otherwise work fine. Thanks. P.S.: actually, after trying a LOT, I got it to work; instead of just moving the actual brake I had to sort of move the whole thing, or it wouldn't detect; that is, I had to, say, yaw left and break left at the same time, and quite a few times at that. Weird. In game it's fine!
  10. «Structural weakness of Sopwith Triplane??» Found this link o The Aerodrome page, it concerns the Sopwith Triplane, but nevertheless makes interesting reading: http://www.theaerodrome.com/forum/showthread.php?t=65902
  11. I had both Lego and Meccano. I had seen some metal Meccano before, but my father gave me and my brother our first wooden Meccano when I was about five. It was the followup of an unpleasant episode involving me fiddling with (and firing) a loaded shotgun left unattended in a rather unsafe public waiting "room" (more like a wine cellar) in a country hairdresser. My father disciplined me, amongst other things saying I was playing with toy guns too much. Just a while letter we got a Meccano set. My brother built a crane. I built my best machine gun.
  12. I loved your rigorous approach. Good job!
  13. I own this 32'': https://www.amazon.com/Samsung-C32HG70-32-Inch-Monitor-C32HG70QQN/dp/B06XT6WQCJ It non-officially supports G-SYNC. I run it at 1440p. Monitor sits at about one and a half arm's length. Can't say I have great visibility, in the sense that no way I can see the smaller dots easily.
  14. After our tremendous victories we had to do something with all that captured equipment. Took some assembling. Hardest bits to find intact: wings and controls.
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