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  1. I just rammed a Dolphin in the back with a DR1 and see no damage besides the DR1's propeller being broken. No damage to the Dolphin's tail. Was this kind of damage supposed to be available in Flying Circus too?
  2. Just wondering if there is any impact on FC...?
  3. I expected a thank you, too, since you owe me a fairly regular contribution to your streak, more than I ever planned to give, really. But alas, my generosity seems to have no bounds.
  4. Nobody sees invisible things. That is by definition.
  5. https://www.worldometers.info/coronavirus/ So far, 92880 cases, 3168 deaths. That's 3.4% of deaths so far. It may lower slightly, as people take less time to die than heal, but this effect is losing weight. Those who could care less probably don't have parents or grandparents in their 80's. Among confirmed cases, the death rate is in the over 80 yo group is 21.9%. I'm not so lucky.
  6. Glad to help! However I must warn all of you of a possible side-effect of the proposed workaround: since I had the file as read-only, I believe on the latest game update a few new lines that should have been added to the file were not so. What happened? I lost the ability to repair and refuel in Flying Circus, two new options, even though I filled in my key bindings in game. I had two insert those two lines manually. So be alert. Maybe we should back up the changed file, and make it writable before running updates, then comparing the two (with Winmerge, for instance).
  7. Jakob, I should have said that. ...see what I mean? 😁
  8. The difference is this: if they're not F's, they're F'd. P.S.: So far I think it happens with F's only. Anyone has info otherwise?
  9. Thanks for making this great video, I shall remember this patrol. Hope you won't mind that I posted it in the Jasta's facebook page. 🤔
  10. I stand by this! Remove all D7's immediately. (just replace them all by plain D7F's instead). Let's eradicate this evil bug! I'd love to moan about this, but the parser says I love DVa's better.
  11. I say not much, but if you abuse that altitude throttle you can still reach the mud before it happens. There's a guy near our balloon.
  12. We had another session of disappearance within our own squadron. Results are as follows: Drookasi is invisble. He cocks his guns. He's still invisible. Then he shoots his guns. He becomes visible. Trupobaw is invisible. He shoots his handgun. He becomes visible. They were both using ROF-based skins.
  13. What an awesome work, Larner. You set the highest standard for anyone wanting to do a skin, now. Hey! Why is every artist-to-be so depressed and leaving? On a side note, and inspired by your work, I am thinking how this will affect the way your plane will burn when riddled by my bullets. I have done my own investigation: I don't really understand the visual effect of this when applied to your falling plane, especially with the improved visibility adding to it, but the sheer thought has made me happy. Thanks!
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