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  1. lnstead of getting a divorce, one could theoretically try a full body and soul transplant on his wife. Theoretically.
  2. Saddest news. All the more so as he was too young. Nobody should go so young.
  3. And less ingame, I expect. (a clarification, for the benefit of the confused: fortunately last time we met you only had the chance to pay attention to my engines, and the Gotha is a great glider, although the factory ground staff may disagree)
  4. Thanks to Jasta 5 for another great work. You brought the community into the future, fellows!
  5. The key for happiness is low expectations. I don't expect you to agree, of course.
  6. Larner, you should definitely quit your day (pilot) job and do these wonderful things. Also, the news would be better for the german side.
  7. технический чат (...you're welcome)
  8. It seems easier to operate than I imagined, and to require not too much strength. The ingame gun angle is clearly incorrect. I think one might be able to hold it at a partial angle if flying straight approaching from below, and given enough time (i.e. Ball style), and maybe full vertical in a pinch. Operating it in other ways seems entirely fictional, I agree.
  9. The topic of the Lewis overwing gun has been an interesting point if discussion. I had never seen an historical video of it being reloaded and pushed back up, so I was happy to find this video (check 4'30'')
  10. I'll need at least 45 minutes. Someone may spawn in my spot.
  11. Additionally, if you only get the cow back, you can take off immediately in an RE8.
  12. And worse: farmer's daughters don't develop object permanence until early married life!
  13. I'm sorry but, put this way, it looks like a battle between honesty and hypocrisy. I'd rather go with the honest butcher. Actually, I don't think it is this simple. But I believe we can go around the whole moral problem, which is too hard and maybe impossible to solve, and just stick with the scoring / penalty issues.
  14. I think it's called "Pilot Awesomeness".
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