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  1. Great stuff all about. But it will be emotional shooting down a V1 for the first time since Secret Weapons of the Luftwaffe. 😢 (now getting the V2 proved a bit harder, even if using the Komet to chase it on take off 🤣 )
  2. This explains why we have FC today, and fortunately so. It's in the present, and has a future. P.S.: I bought WOFF BH&H II just a couple of days ago. It feels like a very old game in many respects, but I'm still hoping it will have its charms.
  3. Flight Officer @Oliver88 please report to the censorship department.
  4. I trust/hope number of polygons to draw is dynamic with distance, i.e., that with increasing distance some polygons are discarded (maybe by having a "detailed" and a "rough" model for each object). I'll seldom be close enough to a paratrooper to require full detail on the chap.
  5. The N28! Every little step is one step closer to the Pup. 💗
  6. Indeed! But I wish you better luck than mine - they had to put the medal on my coffin! 🤔
  7. Congratulations, Husar! Well done. As for Larner, it goes without saying...
  8. Interesting topic. I find it hard to find a pattern: I fly a lot of different planes, and die in different ways accordingly. Also, things changed substantially since the lack of Entente players led Jasta 2 to fly on the 'wrong' side. I'll have to go with Trupo and say it's poor judgment.
  9. Deeply sorry to hear this. Chunko was a reference from my very first days of ROF multiplayer, a truly excellent fighter. He was always very cordial, and when I heard a few years ago that he was ill the news came with that feeling that there's no justice in Nature's ways. Ever since, when I saw him connecting to the game, I had this refreshing feeling that he had won his fight and he was well enough to come and have fun with us. To hear about his loss now to this dreadful new disease is disturbing. My feelings go to his friends, and particularly his brothers in Jasta 5.
  10. Some might value that it optionally carries a tiltable Lewis gun. 😉
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