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  1. No luck. The same problem with any value... I just wanna play. I think I'll heed your advice and I'll try to buy a 4,6 Ghz single core (or higher). Thank you guys
  2. Well, temperatures never reach more than 50 ºC in game. I have my corsair h115i set to the max cooling rpms. I guess the problem is the OC too, but I hope that it was a steamVR software issue. You know, something I could fix changing something inside a config file since the thing is that it happens with any game in this platform. I don't think is an IL2 issue. If I could start IL2 with oculus home app it wouldn't happen. As I said it's not even necesary to play any game in steamVR. Just opening it and inducing the "HMD not found" message it triggers the WHEA...
  3. Hi all. Recently I updated my system with a new CPU liquid cooler, an asus aorus 1080Ti and an SSD hardrive. I also decided to do a “mild” overclock with the wizard of my BIOS. Now I’m running my i7 7820X 3,6Ghz @4,6Ghz. It’s great cause now I get 45 -70 fps even in career mode (settings in high) vs the previous 25-45fps (set in balanced) previous to OC. I’ve checked the integity of my OC with stress tests like Blender and several benchmarks; I had no problems: high frames and no overheating problems so I decided start playing and enjoying… Well, at least I thought so because here comes the “but”: when I take my oculus headset off and the steamVR turns off automatically (or when I do not have HMD tracking), I get a WHEA uncorrectable error (also known as BSOD) that reboots my computer. Always. No matter how long I’m playing. It’s not even necesary to open any game. Just the steamVR app, and when the HMD tracking is gone previous to automatic turn off (in red), the BSOD again… (ONLY when overclocked) At 3,6Ghz there are no problems so I decided a softer OC at 4.0Ghz: same problem, WHEA uncorrectable error again… According to coolermaster power supply calculator I need 625 Watts to run this rig with no problems: my power supply is 750 Watts (I think it’s pretty weird that I pass a stress test with no faults but when I CLOSE the steamVR it crashes…) If I play games with oculus home platform there are NO problems either. I’ve been looking for info in several forums. There are a lot of reports about crashing steamVR app, but they are usually when starting, not when after playing during hours with no issues, it crashes and reboots your computer when you take your VR headset off. I updated my BIOS, firmware, motherboard, USB 2.0 and 3.0 drivers. I also checked connecting both, sensors and headset, in different 2.0 and 3.0 USB ports with no luck either. I’ve reinstaled steam, steam VR and oculus software as well. Nothing seems to help. When I un-overclock the problem is gone but I’d like to keep my CPU at least at 4,0 Ghz since the gain of fps is noticiable. If I run “whocrashed”, it says the crash is related to “hal.dll” and kernel. Can’t give you much more info… Any ideas? Any advice will be welcome Jordi
  4. It happens the same to me. Only in career mode, even no other AI nearby
  5. Yes, of course, we understand that, but what we mean is that we would like to see answers from devps like “ok, we are aware of that. We’ll try to find out what’s going on” instead a “ sorry, there’s no much we can do because It’s been a huge improvement. Try lowering settings or buy a better hardware” since I’ve got a good one
  6. Well, I really hope that someone does care in the future because it’s pretty difficult to believe that nothing is happening. Career mode is unplayable for me after update and I’m clearly above recomended specs... I think there’s something wrong with AI and CPU usage too. I hope devps care about it and sort it out
  7. First of all let me say that I really appreciate the patience an effort of all developers, testers and rest of the team. Thank you very much, BUT, in the other hand, as I've said in other thread I have 20 fps in career mode. I have no fps problems in QM even with 16 bombers at the same time. Yes, I play VR but I recently bought a Asus Gefore 1070 Ti, 16 Gb RAM, and an Intel Core i7-7820X @3,6Ghz processor to play with my VR glasses. Maybe it's not the best rig but definetely it's not bad either, imho. As I've read, there are people with much lower configs wich are not suffering any problems with the last update, so I must think there must be something else besides not meeting a high end computer. I don't know. I played with all maxed out so far. It's a big leap to 20 fps with lower settings... When I toggle tags over objects (i default key) there's a small freeze, as well (but ONLY in career mode) I've tested almost everythind you suggest in several threads: updating drivers, oculus trytool, bios overclocking, overclocking tools, win 10 performance tips, reinstalling the game, nvcp, vsync on, 4k textures on, and lowering settings to the minimum but there's no a big improvement, so that's why I thing there must be something else. Don't let me be misunderstood, I wouldn't like to appear like a thoughtless person, but the conclusion shouldn't be that I'll have to buy a new graphic card with each update to being able to play decently, specially when my computer is almost brand new and I've had no performance problems until two days ago. I really hope you can sort this out with furthers hotfixes/updates. I would really apreciate that, since I can't play right now, and as most of you already know, playing IL2 with VR is extremly addictive. Thanks again for your patience. My specs: windows 10 x64, 16 Gb RAM, Asus Gefore 1070 Ti, Intel Core i7-7820X @3,6Ghz, Oculus Rift
  8. It also happens to me. When I toggle the tags over the objects, the game makes a small pause/freeze. It ONLY happens in career mode. Then I played in Kuban map, in the same places but in the quick mission with 16 aircrafts and it does not happen. There are no stutters/bad performance at all and the tag toggle works with no freezings. It only happens in career mode as I said. As Jason said, I've tried to lower the front activity density but there are still a lot of action in the map. I've just flown a mission with ten 109's vs twenty IL2 and Yak's. That's a lot of people for a low frontline activity, imho (besides all AAA and vehicles on the ground wich are not few...) Or this option is not working or I can't imagine how many people will be there when you select "high". Furthermore, I've tried starting a career in Moscow/Stalingrad maps instead Kuban (never had any stutter or drop performance in those maps) and even when I began a mission with only four 109'2 heading to the objective with no one else/cities/smoke columns surrounding us, there were stutters and a really anoying fps drop. I've tried selecting the 4K textures option, lowering several settings, Vsync on, and many options from NVCP I've read along this threads but nothing seems to work. I repeat, this only happens in CAREER mode. I play always in VR. All maxed out (not anymore, obviously). I've bought my PC specially for VR and so far, I've never had problems with this game. It's obvious something is not ok, but what? I know there have been a lot of graphic improvements with this update and there must be a performance penalty, but come on, I've gone from playing with all maxed out at +100 fps to not being able to play under certain circumstances... I don't know what else could I say to help developers to find out what's going on. If you want to know more details just let me know. My specs are: windows 10 x64, 16 Gb RAM, Asus Gefore 1070 Ti, Intel Core i7-7820X @3,6Ghz, Oculus Rift
  9. Yes, same here. The first thing I did was trying to run a quick mission and I thought, "wow, it's still running smooth as silk", but after testing the new planes, new rain effects, etc, I started a carrer in Kuban map. Well, I must say the new carrer mode is superb, but the first mission was almost unplayable as SAS_Storebror said. We were at least 30-40 planes at the same time. I've never had any performance issue and, although I'm sure the new missions are most accurately historical, and the campaign mode is much better than the old one, in the few missions I've flown today (3 days/ 6 missions) I believe the are too many planes at the same time in the same place, imho. Huge fps drop. Anyone else has noticed? The rest of the new update I think is simply great. Thanks team!
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