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  1. If you love single player, probably. See what happens when infantry arrive. Unless its like star citizen that should be soon. As for air cover being great. I actually think that constantly having aircraft over your head specifically looking to kill a very limited number of tanks and even more limited flak is a mite unrealistic. I doubt much air ground cooperation even went on in ww2? I mean did the troops talk regularly with the aircraft as they were overhead?
  2. Yeah. That makes me think that on the forums they will remain in no mans land without a specific forum.
  3. Lachen. I just meant that they should belong with the tank crew vehicles in this forum.
  4. Yes I am very interested. Especially in how one of these small single flak cannons is expected do much even when it does hit against players aircraft. If they wanted the player to be effective they would have given them one of the heavier AA batteries. But then I guess they perhaps wanted AA that was around at kursk to fit with the player tanks. Are these vehicles supposed to be for tank crew? Or are they in no mans land? It sounds like they will stay as a subject outside of the tank crew forum. I’d prefer to keep all the player vehicles collected here where I do not have to search to hard for whats going on with them.
  5. Thanks. I dont really look outside the tank forum.
  6. How long have pre-orders been up for these vehicles? I had not noticed any announcements. https://il2sturmovik.com/store/collector-vehicles/ Sd.Kfz. 10/5 Flak 38 (20mm) Vehicle Mounted Anti-Aircraft Gun GAZ-MM 72-K (25mm) Vehicle Mounted Anti-Aircraft Gun
  7. Firestorm. You say fly.... I meant aussies who primarily or only play the tanks side of things. I know some flyers occasionally drive tanks, but I am more looking for full time aussie tankers.
  8. We are getting ai infantry. Nobody knows how well they will be implemented. It seems like its not an easy thing to do to add ai infantry. A real challenge for them. If players were to be able to play as infantry it would only be from the perspective of humans ordering large ai formations of infantry around. I don’t think you will ever see fps infantry. As an aside. Without the promise of ai infantry I would never have pruchased tank crew.
  9. That is all gentlemen. Good to see some progress. Although I am pretty happy with the mouse controlled turret.
  10. If you have a 6 month break or something. Or Tank Crew is just a check every now and then to see how it is progressing, then I would not want to get half way through a mission and realise I had done it. Besides. A screenshot of all those ticks would be very satisfying.
  11. The problem as I see it in the multiplayer part of this game “might be” that currently you are going to have a disproportionate and unhistorical number of aircraft compared to player controlled tanks. Their is a danger that the tank players would be discouraged by what aircraft players would normally consider vulching. I know people say, but what about your fighter cover. Well if player tanks are around I want the tankers to be able to switch into ai aa escorts. Then you can take your perfectly kitted out anti tank aircraft of choice. Otherwise it will be very frustrating to have your whole tank experience being one of constant air attack without any defence. Tankers should be able to do something about enemy aircraft themselves.
  12. I cannot wait for player controlled anti aircraft guns to come out and be tested. Should greatly discourage such low attacks.
  13. AT guns would be great fun. But AA guns as well. Let's see how infantry goes when they bring it out. That was the decider for me buying this game. I suspect it will be this games making or breaking feature. Because it will be a huge reason for people to get the game because of the immersion and historical possibilities infantry bring.
  14. I thought Hungary was mostly flat steppe like terrain. I imagine though that you mean all the ww2 battles in Hungary happened in mountains or forest, bocage or broken ground etc? As for tank simulations. The ww2 simulations I know of are: Steel fury - ostfront T34 vs tiger - ostfront Tank crew - ostfront panzer elite - westfront
  15. GReat idea. I primarily want a burning engine deck animation for when molotov infantry arrive 🤾‍♂️
  16. Ahhh sorry. I skimmed your post. My bad. I must try this in my steam account. I wonder if your friend purchased all his modules direct and you from steam making the steam link slightly different. In any case I fear I am of little use or help to you on this sorry.
  17. Because Tank Crew is in Alpha\Beta I don't think it is available in your steam version yet. I think it must be played through the stand alone client until release.
  18. You can drive and shoot at the same time. Just go to the gunners position and use the arrow keys to drive from their.
  19. I see. Thanks for the low down Mitt.
  20. Not for me. My internet is super quick and yet it had to be left on overnight when I got this game. I can download 20-50gig in about 20mins most places. I would more suggest ports anti virus etc slowing things. Perhaps even region.
  21. I’d prefer the western desert or italy to more russian style steppes . But will take anything. Also when you say the western front has been done to death, I presume by a tank sim, which ones? I know more Russian front ones I think. I had no idea tank crew were a 3rd party team. This is actually good news as it increases the chances of an addon if thr main il2 team does not have to do it.
  22. Exactly. Add to this that you did not learn anything from war thunder because their was no appreciation for the way it was or how to adapt tactics. It's also a problem in sports. You never get any adaptive tactics or novel ideas because you have created ww1 stale mates before you even start. It's gonna be a slogging match from the beginning.
  23. Another way to do it is simply to give points for holding the enemy with a weaker force for a period of timioe. Also you can make the stronger force only win if they achieve much harder objectives. Heck for us simulation guys is it even about winning? I think perhaps more emphasis should be put on surviving rather than winning. Knowing when to get out of a tank via the floor hatch and perhaps being able to respawn from there in another tank. I think part of the reason I think I will like coop more than vs is because there is more immersion and less emphasis on individual competition. Too many multiplayer games are played in an artificial bubble that could be considered cage fighting rather than war fighting and realistic objective based missions. would be cool to have a server up yhat ran a war 24hrs a day that all could contribute to against ai and if you happen to run into people then great. A persistent universe if you will.
  24. I actually think a scout unit simulation would also be amazing. Imagine a well modelled 222 or the russian 6 wheeler. Rushing through the lines to plot and identify enemy units and positions before rushing back through again. Dangerous work, reconnaissance is. I reckon these units were the real rock stars of the day.
  25. Gosh, I hope so. This is the only Tank simulator for ww2 that is not 100yrs old. I am hopeful that once it releases it will get more recognition. Right now, nobody has ever heard of it. World of Tanks or War Thunder chaps would probably come over I reckon if it gets good reviews. But for the most part we just have a few curious flight simmers crossing over at the moment I think, rather than dedicated hard core tankers. I am also hopeful that good infantry and other real world objects will make a huge point of difference over world of tanks and war thunder for tank crew. I think though that a huge coop campaign should be the focus for this products release. Those wot and wt boys are going to need something to collect to get them in. Perhaps the ability to achieve badges or add tanks to their stable as they progress. Personally I would buy dlc and think this game is the current king of the tanker genre. I'd suggest if players are playing with clans in WT and WOT, that coop or vs missions should come ready to go out of the box with clear tank slots to fill to get the coversion rate happening. This game is the next step for those people, they are used to being in queues waiting for a game to start.
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