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  1. I immediately though by gas that you meant gas attack. Why do some call liquid fuel a gas?
  2. What I would like is the stugIII or a T34-85. But I would love anything. A chruchill crocodile would also be amazing. Perhaps we could have a greyhound scoutcar or an 8rad armoured car. It would be a lot of fun to role play scouting missions. Heck I would love a towed at gun or an artillery piece as well.
  3. Lach. We should though consider that as far as I know, not looking into il2 Normandy at all, that the Normandy map is not built for Tanks. Therefore anybody that wanted to play in Normandy would find it looks horrible. I personally hope we see more tanks but I have my doubts.
  4. I find the gunsight does not change but the zoom does. I actually don’t mind this because you want to be zoomed out to move the turret wuickly and scan for targets you might have just seen as the commander. But it is a damned pain to zoom in again with the default keyset. I agree though that their should be an option to keep zoom settings. What I thought was that he was complaining about the turret drifting with no or little input when he jumped into the gunner station. Alternately he could be complaining that he does not know how to turn autopilot off to stop the ai gu
  5. Well. Tank Crew is 40% off in the spring sale now. Not as good a saving as the flash sale but still good value.
  6. If you go to the tank crewmans position (gunners position) and stay their does it the turret move on it's own? If so I think unplugging your other controllers to see if they are an issue is worth a try. But that is your decision. Because sometimes the order when unplugging is a pain to get right plugging things back in again. Otherwise perhaps you have a mouse profile or macros?
  7. Yeah I don't have a huge problem. But their is a setting somebody found for the mouse which might help. "Go to "input devices" look at the "mouse" section and increase the "tank aim amplifier" setting to your liking. (setting it to 10 means the circle reticle will never reset and stays where you put it on the screen)."
  8. I use mouse and keyboard. Are you using that or joystick? If you press T it should lock the turret forward by the way. It prompts the crew to engage the physical barrel lock pole.
  9. Be interesting to see if the field repair truck can do it. I suspect so.
  10. If they announce more tanks or even a half track to deploy infantry from then I would be more keen on the AA trucks. I have not pulled the trigger yet. Tempted though. I really think for tankers in multiplayer we almost need to command a mixed squad that we can switch between. You know. If you own the AA truck you can take it in convoy as support and switch to it when strafed. This would give the fly boys more competition and the tankers the flexibility they actually had in the field. I think like most tank based things in multiplayer that unless its a clan which will be rare, most peopl
  11. I wonder if this tank would be field repaired with spare plate. I believe the plate I lost was just a bolted on addon anyways.
  12. The enemy must have thought I was dead in this first campaign mission for the Russians. We were ordered to retreat, probably because I was trying to get my eye in for the Russian T-34 sights. However I decided to charge instead. My Tank squadron following me. The other 30 or so T-34s retreating. One of my the Tanks in my squadron was destroyed and my tank became disabled next to it. I could no believe my luck as the AI must have thought I was dead. The Tigers rolled past me and I took them out with side shots. Stopping the enemy advance and gaining a secondary objective completion. I'd say tha
  13. Love it! A simulator... a simulator! Not a pretend simulation! This is the kind of thing people like us want to know about. How the tech worked. What the problems were.
  14. Yeah I get the sense of urgency. But tank drive trains must be preserved until contact with the enemy!
  15. Good post Lachen. But I have to agree with the first posts point about a fair few of the tank crew potential exposure getting caught up in the il2 aircraft games shadow. Case in point is that the forum you are looking at their is for the base game which is about aircraft. There is no steam tank crew forum or sub forum. Tank Crew posts just get caught up in the noise of the rest of the aircraft posts.
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