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  1. Makes sense. But for burgeoning mission makers like us, it means we have to buy whole packs to be able to make missions on different maps. This may explain why some of the mission I wanted to take a look at in the mission maker I cannot edit to see what's happening in.
  2. Just wondering if it might be a good idea for the completionists, to include a green tick next to completed missions? I'd certainly like to see a green board for mission completion in my menu. Not just that, but two green ticks for missions completed on full realism.
  3. Just curious how many people down south in my time zone play.
  4. On this topic actually. I think it would be good to be able to buy all the maps without having to buy all the aircraft with them IF they are otherwise restricted. Otherwise I feel like I am playing DCS. Do tankers have access to all the maps in multiplayer? What restrictions to maps are their for tankers and mission makers?
  5. Here is something just released on the effectiveness of Typhoon rockets on Panthers: It seems it takes A LOT of rockets to kill a tank. Because most miss. Two entire squadrons only got one deadly hit with 64 rockets in two passes in perfect conditions on a white painted panther well marked without any opposition.
  6. The greyhound in the Tiger sight picture certainly does look like a toy to me. As for the scale of objects to the sight in game, yes an easy way to check the sight is working would be to check usage in game. I am pretty sure it is correct though from the few tests I have done. But this does not mean that other factors like how large the game draws objects at distance are not at play or the zoom to sight on the screen camera etc. Their are a whole lot of ways it could be done in game and "baked in", for me it's good enough and in all probably correct. Be nice to have some quality primary evidence though. Especially considering the triangle scale of some of the tiger sight drawings. In short I wonder if the devs actually got to see primary evidence for the sight when making the game. Perhaps they only got to see one sight? They would probably have photos to use for the game.
  7. I understood that when it was bolded the first time thanks.
  8. Yeah. We need a mission function that allows AI to be told to follow spawning players. Perhaps a way to choose a couple of AI "squad members" before spawning.
  9. All I meant (very tired here) was that you can go to "flight records" in the main menu to watch missions you have pressed ctrl-R to record in to look at the footage of your tank getting hit. That way checking of the rounds should have penetrated or not.
  10. That kind of makes sense. Considering they are simply made for aircraft to destroy. That would mean you would need an arty battery and a barrage of shells landing separately when making a mission.
  11. I meant to look at in the after battle recordings to see where you got hit and where. For troubleshooting purposes.
  12. The chieftain youtuber saying he does not play wot or war thunder as sims and likes sims better, he says war thunder not realistic and still arcade compared to tank sims ehich have a pre-requisite for realism called “infantry”.
  13. I meant TacView. Just tried it and it shows no penetration values and is in fact rather useless for tanks. I have however just discovered how to record in game to check the penetration values. Sorry for the confusion earlier. I agree with earlier posters here. Would be great to have a kind of penetration kill cam like War Thunder has for bug hunting.
  14. Do tankers get to take AA support? I doubt tankers will find it fun to be targets for aircraft. Especially since it is unusual historically for aircraft to take tanks out permanently with rockets or bombs. Let alone cannon. The problem would be getting ai to follow player tanks after they spawn and then follow orders not to fire at aircraft or to fire as the player allowed.
  15. Says this version is in english? But the preview certainly is not. https://www.amazon.com.au/Pantherfibel-1944-German-Generalinspekteur-Panzertruppen-ebook/dp/B082MLGXT4
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