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  1. I really own only one expansion, so any BoX or aircraft would make my day. Btw, I really like the groove of this song closer to the middle of it.
  2. Honestly, it takes more time to write up your post then to google all of your questions. Although you do bring a point with not having any information on the store page about currently available aircraft for bodenplatte. It just says " Early Access program - fly these planes as soon as they are ready! "
  3. This wont win you fights by default, but having the knowledge will help.
  4. I play mostly multiplayer and have never experienced a single crash in this game. Can it be a hardware issue, or maybe some problem with the installation? I guess the obvious thing would be to reinstall, have you tried that?
  5. I would like to try myself at getting Bodenplatte, thanks.
  6. You're just not used to the game. Even the ace AI is very simple and does nothing but turn and bleed energy. Took me about 5 quick missions to figure out the AI pattern, so just keep flying.
  7. Isn't the whole reason for taking keys away that the il-2 store gets charged back by banks?
  8. If im not late, Id like to try my luck. Thanks.
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