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  1. So leave this new system but add button turret control instead of mouse. As simple as that.
  2. It was rude. BTW. In DCS without HUD i'm doing well, here also. Go to server with target icons and turn them off just for yourself. Oh, and don't blame the lack of icons if you lose.
  3. So true. I fly mostly DCS because i can't attract my mates to IL2 because this HUD. They don't even care about clickable cockpits, it's not that crucial in WW2 birds but they couldn't go with this HUD. The only thing you can do now is to turn it off only for yourself and lose against guy who don't have to move his eyes from the target even for one second like F-35... The only purpose of cockpits and gauges right now to obstruct your vision outside... I was hoping TAW would have this HUD turned off and admins tried but failed because it is not included in game option. Devs please have mercy and allow your game to attract more DCS people by adding this option to admin.
  4. The most populated servers TAW, WoL, Random Expert, Berloga. Half of them had GPS, half had manual navigation. Looks like GPS is a metter of preference and don't influence server popularity. In more skirmish oriented there is GPS, in more serious there is no GPS.
  5. Can't wait to use it in IL-2 Bodenplatte enviroment. Awesome machine.
  6. +1 Yes please, include the option to disable tech chat for server admins. The best virtual fronts in old IL2 didn't have any tech chat, even compass and they had the biggest player numbers. And they gave the biggest amount of emotions and moments to remember. CloD also can disable all chat in best servers. We would like to play using instruments just in one or two most hardcore servers. In Flying Circus also.👍
  7. +1 I could literally pay my money like for another plane to have this option added for server managers. Flying without this tips chat is like playing completely new game. And like old IL2 1946 virtual wars servers. One of best parts of my life.
  8. Trupobaw, Do you have an information about engine overheat in RoF? No. You need to look at steam behind the plane or at thermometer if you have one installed. Do you have an information about engine damage in RoF? No. You need to look at RPM indications, hear unequal engine work or look at dark stream from the engine. Do you have an information about Bingo Fuel in RoF? No. You need to look at fuel gauge. Do you have an information about structural damage in RoF? No. You need to look at the plane and it's behaviour. Do you have an information about guns overheat in RoF? No. You need to use a common sense shooting a weapon. Do you have an information about non optimal mixture in RoF? No. You need to look at RPM gauge to set optimal mixture. Do you have an information about fuel tank hit in RoF? No. You need to look at fuel consumption rate or a stream of fuel behind. Do you have an information about aileron/rudder broken or jammed in RoF? No. You need to find out by yourself how the plane reacts to the stick and rudder. Do you have an information about damaged cooling system in RoF? No. You need to find out by checking increasing temperature or stream of water from radiator. and so on, and so on, and so on... Do you really think it is no any difference having such unrealistically huge amount of information in IL2 comparing with RoF or real plane? Technochat in IL2 provides you an information richer, faster and more precise than modern fighter's diagnostic computer rendering gauges useless - not everyone have to like playing like that. IL2 without an ability to turn off technochat is a step back in this regard, it has smaller immersion factor in this regard, FC would be better in terms of graphic but more casual. So we hope for an option to turn this off when creating a server. Be happy playing the game as you like and let the others be happy playing like they like.😉
  9. And what if i want to create a server without this informations available (like i did in RoF)? I don't want to steal anything from you, why you are trying to tell me you are trying to steel something from me? Different people prefer different ways to play, i prefer the way i have in RoF. We are asking for an option, not to steel you something.
  10. With RoF there were beautiful times without this constant stream of text on the monitor which reminds me it's just a game.. I don't need any gauges in IL2 because artificial chat is giving me percents and information, sadly. 10 minutes bingo fuel, engine is overheating, gear is lowered, flaps are 43%😕 No need to look at gauges inside the cockpit... Trupobaw why you are taking away same people right to play differently? I would prefer to look at gauges and indicators instead of reading percents. I have nothing against you playing with technochat and 2d gauges. I would like to have an option when i create a server. Option means just a choice.
  11. It will be so nice to return to Flander Fields 🙂 I'm afraid only one thing when it comes to IL2 engine: this subtitle chat i can't turn off during server creation. It is giving a big advantage providing you different information without need to look at the cockpit gauges, but it kills the mood. Without the ability to turn this off as server creator it would make Flying Circus a shallower experience than Rise of Flight (but with better audio visual aspect). Ahoy!
  12. Graphics looks fantastic 🙂 Can't wait to see the WWI map.
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