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  1. Haha, Yak's water radiator. Looks like opening it that much helped decreasing temperature maybe because of under pressure behind. Look at Tempest radiator in open position, it's even bigger airbrake but in Tempest's case it's being open only at the ground or steep, slow climb at high power when Yaks needed it more or less open during flight with full power/RPM.
  2. I would love to see a career mode for Flying Circus.
  3. This times most people forgot to check any gauges at all, there is no point since colorfull icons will tell them anyway, unfortunately. It's a step back. .
  4. Engine limits? Yes, but not only for P-39. Strict engine limits were implemented by the devs in kind of simplified way some time ago, i hope they will revise this issue in the future, but it's a matter of resources, not some bad will.
  5. It's something different. Yes 6 DOF even in Track Ir 5 help to some degree but even with Track Ir visibility in P-39 is poor and somewhat restricted. In VR it is lot better, it's hard to describe, i think it's a matter of representing real 3d geometry of the cockpit and having two eyes instead of one in Track Ir. Some planes benefit from that more than others.
  6. IRL P-39 was capable aircraft of the eastern front, it was liked very much by Soviet pilots. Alexander Pokryshkin, one of the best Soviet ace, refused to change P-39's in his squadron to La-5FNs because of Cobra being reliable, had good armament, sturdy airframe and it actually achieved factory performance contrary to most Soviet built aircrafts. Other thing is visibility - idk why but in 2d screen P-39 has poor visibility when in VR, which reflects real 3d geometry of the cockpit, visibility is very good.
  7. P-39, but only in VR. In 2d screen Cobra is spoiled by poor visibility when in VR with 3D cockpit visibility is very good and the percieved shape of the cockpit is very diffirent and only then i know why pilots like the visibility of the Cobra.
  8. Exactly like we have in BoX? So what indicated engine overheating in RoF realistic servers? Cockpit thermometer and steam coming from the radiator. No artificial help. And what indicates engine overheating in FC? "Engine Overheat" arcade message... So it was not exactly like we have in BoX. Unfortunately. No need to care about gauges in FC. In fact thermometer only makes you heavier in FC, no point having it. And RoF's throttle / mixture / radiator position were and are ok for people without good controlers. They are not arcade cheats. Artificial helpers like engine overheat, engine damage, running out of fuel, not optimal mixture, cooling system or oil system hit, elevator damaged, gun overheat and so on. What is even the point of this helpers in realistic servers?
  9. Especially in RoF servers there was nothing like that and people were happy estimating their parameters by in cockpit gauges, radiator steam, airplane bahaviour, thermometers and so on. And all the systems were the same. At least there should be an option for the more realistic servers. In this one particular regard FC is a step back from RoF.
  10. It's sad how this whole /technochat/ grew into the game. In RoF we just looked at thermometers or steam and everyone was ok. Now it is gamey. What is the point of looking at the steam or even taking thermometer on board if there is this chat. Thanks for investigating the issue @J2_Jakob
  11. Excuse me sir, did you ever fly other sims? Like let's say DCS? Or how you can imagine real pilot set the RPM? Reading an sms message with 80% percent or looking at the RPM or manifold gauge? Or how he set his flaps? Reading an sms message with 40% percents or by looking at flaps indicaton in the cockpit or over the wing? Even RoF didn't have engine overheat messages, damage control, non optimal mix, running out of fuel messages etc. No offense but people which seems to even forget there are working gauges and indicators modeled in the game and set their parameters by % are the most visible sign all this chat dumbed the game to the point it is dragging it from a sim category to a game-sim or you name it.
  12. I don't have any problem checking my 6, but i'm in very good shape. Maybe 10 min of excercises a day will make you far more flexible, you could say you are more healthy due to pc games.
  13. When even Kurfürst fans said the speed in a dive is too big there's something to know.😂
  14. There may be some problem with simulating radial engine planes (FW190A-3 and A-5, La-5 and La-5FN) above 6000 meters. Both manifold and performance.
  15. I hope not, this kind of planes or rather prototypes would change the game into War Thunder like prototype fiesta, alternative history, what if or 1946 scenario. IRL only ~20 planes were ever used. One such prototype and suddenly normal airplanes like D9 or K4 do not look so nice anymore.
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