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  1. I had enabled the autopilot when playing offline just prior to the problem. I switched to expert and the problem disappeared. Go figure! Thanks aughter ! I was just about to order another stick when I saw your post !
  2. My throttle works fine on takeoff, but won’t hold setting shortly after. It’s either 0 or 100%. I have about 400 hrs on it. No warning and I only play IL2 with this computer. When I check calibration in the key input section everything is fine. This started today, no prior problems. Bug or just worn out ?
  3. Mm1ut1

    Tactical Air War

    My first start to finish TAW and I thoroughly enjoyed it ! Learned a lot and can’t wait for the next one ! ....AKA Player-4489
  4. Mm1ut1

    Tactical Air War

    Drop a spy/sabotage agent near a defense and it will knock out flak by 25% for every one landed.
  5. Mm1ut1

    You know you are addicted to il2 when.......

    The other day I pulled on the interstate, set the cruise and then checked the rear view mirror to see if I had the fuel mixture right.
  6. Mm1ut1

    Tactical Air War

    Change your tactics to the prevailing numbers. If you are outnumbered play defense or team up to create local superiority. Take chances when the payoff is big, enjoy the challenge. It’s much more satisfying getting a good strike against the odds than when your side is dominant. My two cents....
  7. Mm1ut1

    Tactical Air War

    I was on for a while earlier today until I lost connection. Tried to get on now and says I have to register on taw. "...... never mind... got logged in finally!
  8. Mm1ut1

    Faces of the flying community!

    Another old fart enjoying retirement! Flying online as player 4489 (or something like that...I forget).
  9. I can’t stay connected for more than a minute or two. Just tried getting on WOL and KOTA. Sometimes I lose connection immediately, sometimes I can actually get airborne then gone. I got the game in July. Problem started a week ago. Computer is only used for this game. Frustrating! I run through Steam.
  10. I’m getting booted from most servers for the last few days. Weather?
  11. I’m in my 60s and started playing computer games in 1976. Didn’t even have monitors, just a printer (Klingon at sector 8-11 destroyed ! ). Trash 80s, 286, 386.....EGA. And expensive! I played hundreds of hours of SWOTL on a $3000.00 rig that barely ran. Marriage, children and now I am retired. I can’t pretend to know how modern computers work. Fell behind when CD players showed up. I went to Best Buy and told them I wanted a computer that would play BOS. That’s all I use it for . The game is fantastic! So immersive! Fantastic product guys and keep up the great work!