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  1. New Guinea theater would be sweet. Bismarck Sea anyone ?
  2. Early registration as blue or red possible soon ?
  3. Well if a Yak 9 or La 7 show up you could have three sided scenarios. There were many instances of Soviet- US clashes at the end of the war. Oh, need the IL-10 too.
  4. I just got my first headset and hooked up to Discord. What are the “Do and don’ts “ when using voice comms? The headset I bought is a real cheap set (Hurts my ears after a while) and your input on them will be appreciated. Thanks !
  5. Happened twice, once with a 109k, again with a 110g. I could not fire my cannons or mg with the joystick or space key. I could fire them using the alt right key. Both times I had just fired a flare or had the flare gun ready. second bug is pretty minor. I sometimes get credit for shooting down two planes when I only got one. Sometimes I get points for a gk or ak without firing a weapon.
  6. As a person who normally flies bomber/attack aircraft, I would just as soon not be visible at all. 🤗
  7. Btw, does the P-38, P-51, and Tempest have automatic radiator controls?
  8. I was getting jerky action , ended up having to cut back on the graphics a bit to smooth it out. I disabled the distant buildings and reduced the horizon to 100 km and fram rate went from 40 to 60. IR smooth now.
  9. I was told I was cleared for takeoff, spawned on the airfield then told I could take off in 45 seconds then kicked off. I do something wrong?
  10. Does bad weather affect flak or gunner accuracy ? No complaints, just something I always wondered.
  11. I originally purchased BOS,bom, bok, and several collector planes through steam. I purchased Bodenplatte from the il2 site yesterday and downloaded it. I now have two separate games on my desktop. When i tried to register it I get the user name and or email address already in use message. Apparently I have two figured it out !
  12. One of those days. Couldn’t get on for several hours because server was full. Finally got on, spawn, taken out by bomb.....sigh. What they serving in the sergeant’s mess ?
  13. I had enabled the autopilot when playing offline just prior to the problem. I switched to expert and the problem disappeared. Go figure! Thanks aughter ! I was just about to order another stick when I saw your post !
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