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  1. Didn’t HE 111s carry V-1s ? Just a thought.......
  2. Well I have to admit that I have done it in the past. Spend 45 minutes getting into position to attack a defense and getting whacked by someone in an ambush, then climbing into an attack aircraft to seek revenge. Takes a lot longer than a couple minutes though. Used to be not many ground guys and aircraft left you alone. Not anymore! Tanks are easy to spot when they fire. Aircraft actively seek player tanks. You definitely need cover, or expect air attack. Best to shoot and scoot when enemy aircraft in the area. Get on srs. and pray someone hears you !
  3. Well I am having fun ! Flying red attackers is really a challenge. Not much communication during my time slot. Usually outnumbered by blue unless I get up early or stay up late. I love the A-20 and prefer it over the P-47. I rarely fly fighter unless close to end of time. Then I fly mainly for training over friendly territory. Actually did get one kill when someone flew over my home field five minutes left. I am not really familiar with Allied aircraft preferring the Eastern front early Soviet IL-2s. I watching the YouTube videos and keep a notebook on each aircraft specifics; rpm, boo
  4. Teamspeak, SRS, Discord, and I am sure others are available but this leaves multi player in a somewhat confused state as far as voice communications is concerned. Any possibility of a dedicated system baked in to IL2 that everyone would have access to? Just a thought.
  5. Seems like not long ago there were only a few people and Bots on the server. Amazing growth of your site ! Congratulations on the job you are doing and best of luck for the future!
  6. I figured out why I couldn’t hear the radio very well. I had SRS configured with a hot mike instead of push to talk. Huge difference!
  7. How do I increase the radio volume without increasing background noises (Like engine, airstream)? Thanks!
  8. SRS issues..... I just installed srs and it works on other servers but not here. Is there some issues with it ? Thanks! I bought myself an early Christmas present, a gaming headset. Hoping to enjoy this!
  9. Sorry to the Red pilot I friendly fired the other day. There were FW-190s in the area and I nailed you with my IL-2. No excuse for it, I play clean and by the rules. Just a stupid mistake.
  10. Looking for reccomend wireless headset for under $200.00. Also would like to know if headset could be used to hook up to phone to answer calls while playing. I’m retired but wife works and she gets upset when she calls and I don’t answer. Thanks!
  11. Would it be possible to put in objects not on the map ? Call them targets of opportunity. Vehicle convoy, tank farm, stationary train..... targets for both air and ground players. Just a thought! Really enjoy the server !
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