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  1. Thanks for this terrific server! I enjoy playing whether There are eight or eighty people online! I usually join the side with fewest people and prefer tank driving . Nothing more satisfying than taking a long flanking drive and raining destruction, or more frustrating than getting whacked when you burst from a forest 200 meters away from the defense! As a player in my 60s I try to stay out of fighters and prefer the IL-2. This server gives you many ways to contribute to victory (or defeat!).
  2. I finished it. I changed the ammo load to all ap. I still ran out before the end. Luckily my wingman didn’t.
  3. Just wondering if anyone has been able to successfully complete the last mission “Inglorious Ending”. It’s like Custer’s last stand !
  4. I was “Bulletcatcher” when IL2 first came out. Was offline when my desktop crapped out around 2005. Didn’t buy another until almost two years ago just to play this game when I retired. Game is everything I expected, even more. Love TC. Never thought that would happen!
  5. Call it a wish list but for May 1940 campaigns there are a few French and British tanks of the era that would make for interesting scenarios.
  6. Very much worth the price. I’m going to have to learn voice comms to really get my money’s worth though. Really need to communicate to win on multiplayer.
  7. Thanks for Christmas break ! Hope you all are able to be with friends and family over the holiday season !
  8. New Guinea theater would be sweet. Bismarck Sea anyone ?
  9. Early registration as blue or red possible soon ?
  10. Well if a Yak 9 or La 7 show up you could have three sided scenarios. There were many instances of Soviet- US clashes at the end of the war. Oh, need the IL-10 too.
  11. I just got my first headset and hooked up to Discord. What are the “Do and don’ts “ when using voice comms? The headset I bought is a real cheap set (Hurts my ears after a while) and your input on them will be appreciated. Thanks !
  12. Happened twice, once with a 109k, again with a 110g. I could not fire my cannons or mg with the joystick or space key. I could fire them using the alt right key. Both times I had just fired a flare or had the flare gun ready. second bug is pretty minor. I sometimes get credit for shooting down two planes when I only got one. Sometimes I get points for a gk or ak without firing a weapon.
  13. As a person who normally flies bomber/attack aircraft, I would just as soon not be visible at all. 🤗
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