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  1. Henree

    My last give away

    Hellow! Thx for the offer
  2. Henree

    VR Wow

    So aside from a little screen door, tech issues with 4k panels and interfaces, low frame rate at lowered settings, image jumping and Gyro tracking wandering it is great? This BrainWarp technology sounds like other HMD's should implement it as well! it's like SLI on a single GPU!!! In fact everyone should implement that!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Imagine the gains if you render like this to a single screen!!!! If your maximum framerate is 40fps and you start rendering alternate frames to each eye you in fact do not double your fps but rather halve the FPS per eye. Is that why it is called brainwarp technology? (like how 2x4k becomes 8k). Maybe you should invest in a 2080 ti without anyone noticing.
  3. Henree

    Steam Awards - Best VR Game of the Year

    :) did we win it?
  4. Henree

    Engine start and taking off with the Hs 129

    mixture does not seem to work at all for me
  5. Henree

    No Servers Showing

    good that I found this thread.
  6. i7-5960x watercooled at 4ghz 64gb of ddr5 and a strix 11gb 1080ti maybe I am just imagining it runs okay.
  7. strange it runs really well on my 16 cores.....maybe you need some more memory.
  8. it's an opt out update so you can opt out of using the home environment, though you'd be missing out.
  9. Being new to Sturmovik 2 I am lovng the Coconut server and the comyouneaty round it. Bought Russia, Stalingrat and them Moscow and JU-52 cuz of teh awesome. broken nao?
  10. the raytracing is only somewhat viable at 1020 rez so you can forget abt 4k raytracing unless you want star citizen performance while playing pacman other than that you get 2 or 3 extra frames here and there for a lot more money. It is an experimental feature at best which will probably work on the 3080ti a second 1080ti is a much better investment. (unless the price of the 2080 will drop drastically it will just not be profitable to develop for it as the userbase will remain tiny)
  11. I keep getting disconnected after take off
  12. 1- Disable OVRService from Task manager (Services tab) 2- Open Regedit.exe and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE > Software 3- Right click on the Software folder > New > Key and name the new folder "Oculus" 4- Right click on the Oculus folder > New > DWORD 32bit Value and name it UseSpud 5- Set the value to 0 6- Start OVRService again and put on your headset 7- (Probably) be amazed at how everything looks clean and black
  13. Henree

    [MOD] Draw distance increase (ships, stalingrad smoke)

    woah! it's like flying into the apocalypse!