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  1. is it normal for the Bodenplatte not to be selectable as a single player campaign? sorry if this is a dumbo question
  2. i am currently re-installing. is driving me crazy. after verifying gamefiles i am stuck more to the back on the right wing. it's like the box where my pilot is somehow moved. reset in oculus - does nothing reset in steam vr - no result verify game files - moved to other wing aaaaaaaaaargh
  3. So i play in VR and since yesterday no matter what i do i am sitting on my left wing. It is quite impossible and not enjoyable flying like that. Does anyone have any idea wtf?!?!?!?!?!? is wrong with my ga,me? i've reset the camera even tried restricting vr view and repairing files resetting vr but nothing worked
  4. I think rpm is a separate control, so no
  5. so what is the team speak address? what time does it start? will we receive a server password? is there any information?>
  6. sad about the Coconut server going down. Thanks for the good times ~$~
  7. the vegetation not rendering at a distance or when the settings are low is a real issue though. let's say a low end pc does not render the trees where your tank is hiding behind trees. a big map which graphic details are adaptable to the power of the system used indeed. minimum settings shud be enforced and with powerful anti cheat software.
  8. the vegetation not rendering at a distance or when the settings are low is a real issue though. same happened with arma III, where you would be there amongs tall grass in your ghillie suit under a bush and just get insta killed because from far away you were sticking out like a sore thumb. Guy in a gilly suit on a barren hill without grass or bush. This issue and in vr stuff only rendering where the turret is facing is making me wait a bit before plungeing in.
  9. better wait a month and invest in an Oculus S.
  10. maybe look at the gunner positions in planes too
  11. Henree

    [MOD] Sound Adjust

    does this work, which one shud I use?
  12. yeah, lol it makes ground targets invulnerable
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