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  1. In case anyone else has the same problem, I found that I had to uncheck Steam's support for controllers boxes.
  2. I figured I had to re-assign all of my axis's but was hoping I was wrong. I had limits of some of them that I forgot how to do. Thanks for the reply.
  3. I was trying to get one of those magic ninja fighting games (DSIII) to work and installed a DualShock 4 controller. I never got it working right and realized I don't like games, where you jump and tumble around like a cartoon ninja, to continue working on it. It left me a parting gift though. None of the axis controls on my stick, pedals, and quadrant work anymore. I have/had them mapped with a CH products control manager and all my settings look fine in the manager and in the key bindings in IL2. The buttons/switches on my stick and quadrant still work. Any advice would be appreciated. Thanks.
  4. Of course, I was just yanking your chain;-) No criticism was intended, just poking fun.
  5. That's odd, I don't see any P-38 pilots in the top 300 highest scoring aces even. No P-47 pilots either. Even in Europe. Hmmm, I must just be no good at statistics😉
  6. I have drawings of other aircraft's armor locations and sometimes information about the individual plates. I haven't found any for the Ju-87. Can anyone here share an image with armor detail about the model we have? Thanks again for your help. Oops, okay I do have one pretty good one "Haynes-H6141-page-3.jpg" but it is probably copyrighted and it may be naughty to post it here and it is a bit tedious to find the armor among everything else. With many other planes the drawing are dedicated to the armor.
  7. I'd really like to fly the 110 (and even Ju-87s) more, but not being Arianne Scharfi, I really need those missing advantages from my crewmate. More appropriate missions for the 110 would be nice also. Sorry to those this made little sense too, I am pretty tired and suffering from at least a cold. I'll reconsider it in the morning.
  8. Does one get any more benefit from any additional crew members their aircraft may have other than acting as a gunner? As far as I can tell one does not. You do pay the full penalty in performance though. Has having navigators turn on navigation markers in expert mode been discussed. Or do other crew members spot aircraft when out of their gun range? I imagine that a navigator wouldn't always be a great spotter but they should be able to spot a lot of the time, no? I imagine two+ seaters would be more attractive planes to fly if the crew did give the benefits they should.
  9. Can you change the pitch trim that planes start up with in missions, especially quick missions. When I start a mission, my pitch trim (camera zoom and rudder trim also in there own fashion) always appears to be set quite a bit to the negative. It is a hassle on quick missions and career mission where you take off right away.
  10. Was this unique to the Pe-2 or even Soviet aircraft? I had, perhaps foolishly, guessed that it was a widespread quite logical practice.
  11. I did read http://explodingfueltanks.com/pdf/ExplodingFuelTanks-chapter1.pdf some months ago and again before I posted here. I have found no credible source that indicates the 110 fuel tank protection was anything less than state of the art for wing tanks of it's day(s). The source above even goes so far as to say that RAF pilots during the BoB learned to shoot at the engines rather than the fuel tanks. I do realize the RAF was using mostly .303s at the time. Does anyone know of a source that has information about the protective measures taken with the 110G fuel tank, especially inert gas purging. I had always guessed that they were purged but have not source for that notion. Eric Brown for instance doesn't mention unusual flammability in his very positive assessment of the plane in Wings of the Luftwaffe in which he does speak directly about the fuel system. I am not positing that it was not very susceptible to fuel fires from battle damage but rather just trying to understand if said vulnerability was different than other planes with big wing tanks.
  12. Not self sealing or purged at all?
  13. What about the Bf-110 makes them more susceptible to fires than many other aircraft?
  14. Is the P-40 a turner though? They are still kicking ass on everything in my career missions.
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