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  1. Still a great game and I'm having fun regardless.
  2. Thread is about lack of convergence on the wwi crates. It's pretty much confirmed until officially confirmed that there is no difference in setting sights near or far. I've been moving them all about after this and after the video I made. Makes no difference. Getting good gunnery practice in! +++
  3. Ummmm... how about the Dva's papier-mâché wings for a start? There's nothing new to say or debate here that hasn't already been said dozens of times elsewhere in this forum. At this point it's such a waste of time to engage anyone about it, which is probably the goal for someone who doesn't play this game.
  4. For some reason they are taking a day to post publicly. I dunno. We went right over you and attacked the fokkers that were ok you. Then more came haha
  5. Thanks for the turbulence drop. Was actually quite dizzying until like 2500m. Felt like the plane had tailplane damage and I seriously considered that I had busted up the tailplane on takeoff at points lol. Couldn't imagine what that would have been like in VR. Vomit factory. For future thought, can you change turbulence as the day progresses? Usually in the mornings in the cooler air the turbulence is not so bad. Maybe have lighter turbulence in your morning and evening times and rougher in the midday maps? Just an idea. Thanks again for all your work. Map certainly felt newer and unique last night when I flew.
  6. Umm.... it says it on bottom of pic? Ahhh nevermind. Reading is hard for me.
  7. yeah I'd rather just know if it works or not so people don't waste time chasing a number that does nothing. But at this point we pretty much know the answer.
  8. I've never had the completely invisible bug in WWI-land
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