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  1. I know you hate it homie, but it's a really good indicator that you need to fly back home.
  2. Who said I was losing to the F old friend? 😉 I jest.
  3. Slower in climb than the Fokker D.VIIF Slower in level flight than the Fokker D.VIIF, especially above 1000m Limited in service ceiling compared to the D.VIIF (6000m vs. 9000m) Not in any way built as strongly as an internally braced cantilever design such as the Fokker Dr.I and D.VII(F) Thats for....like....every entente plane. Turning (better off in a Camel) Diving (better of in a SPAD or S.E.5a) Guns... lots and lots of guns (better off in a Bristol) Friends... lots and lots of friends Then people call you a camelfag. Then people call you a coward who runs or uses tactics that aren't WWI. Then people complain about your AI gunner. Then people complain you never fly alone.
  4. We actually dont like attacking two seaters because we've been too often sniped in the eyeball by AI gunners. Your post is dead on for the most part. We aren't flying around with strictly balloon guns before either. Only until recently, when they came out with this ridiculously armored D7, have I swapped to balloon guns. This is literally the first time I've ever done that. In RoF I hated them, and up until this new DM there was no difference between them and vickers. I feel for you guys and they should listen to your complaints. If I were you guys, I'd get more planes in the air at the same time with nothing but AI gunners.
  5. It wasn't the actual Versailles treaty. It was the one prior to that treaty which outlined the manner in which Germany would cease fighting. "Hey give us all your shit in case you decide to back out of the deal"
  6. Because why fly anything than The Only Plane Listed In The Versailles Treaty™* *Because who wants inferior AEGs, Rumplers, Albatroses, triplanes, Pfalzes, etc.? And why would you ask the Germans to turn over SE5s, SPADs, Snipes, etc.)
  7. I asked you that first! 😆 I never said we never get shot. Oh Jesus, I'm out.
  8. Wings are coming off after minor damage of a few rounds. Nobody is complaining about wings coming off during the booming phase. We in the 3PG VERY RARELY pull our wings off in an initial dive. Thats not what folks are arguing. And yes 200m is sufficient if you have enough experience. We do it all the time. You made a mockery of the way we fly and I presented evidence that the game mirrors the reality of the war. It's your fault if you get caught in a prophang. Maybe shoot better on that first attack?
  9. I mean come on! This dude LITERALLY says "zooming up to dive again" 147th aero and their fake SPADS!!!!!!11!!!! My face has melted off. I am not ashamed for this wall of text. Need to get back to my real life now that I proved someone wrong on the internet.
  10. Yeah this never happens online... Bohme and his world renowned laserrrrrrr gunzzzzzz Gasp! I clutch my pearls of experience! This is a quote for Guttman's SE5a vs. Albatros DV by the way. (I've experienced being that SE5a thousands of times) Bring Down Your Hun - RFC document 1917. Describes BnZ. Captain John Wentworth, "Lessons learned" nov 1918. I mean, literally open ANY after action report submitted by a USAS SPAD pilot and this is what they describe.
  11. No idea. Our training map mirrors that of operations on the flugpark.
  12. Yeah I've been in that position hundreds if not thousands of times. What are you even arguing here? I thought the argument was BnZ didn't exist in WWI? MAYBE the real pilots flying flying real SPADs doing real BnZ actually ended up above their quarry about 200m OR MORE since that's what the damn history books say? Which mirrors what we see in game?
  13. Dude, I don't think you know what you are talking about.
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