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  1. All questions answered here: https://forum.il2sturmovik.com/topic/55853-new-flying-circus-players-faq/
  2. Not a dig in the least, really good vid. I enjoyed the music pairing.
  3. Looks great man. Only thing I'd do is speed it up and take the FPS down to like 30. Last time I made "old clips" was this one.
  4. Could do less hearing or even having a version of tunnel vision that is blurry instead of darkness. Have darkness for g lock. Blurry/diminished vision in the "periphery" to simulate fatigue.
  5. We've actually kicked this idea around several times at 3PG.
  6. Hey so where can I find the link to download PWCG? Might want to edit the very first post to include that. Yes I am just now getting around to doing this. Really wanted the skin pack but decided to grab the whole "game".
  7. Thank you very much for your work and write up. I enjoyed reading that. I look forward to seeing its effects in FC. I echo the sentiments of others in regards the the FC DM. There is no one, save for a regular dozen, that fly FC online anymore. This is just 4 -6 months from packed servers with wait lists. I hope you guys can find just a little time to sort it out and return life to it.
  8. "Flying Circus 2: The Adjutant" Typewriter font incorrect for period (thread locked) Paper tears too often when removing from typewriter inconsistentwith historical accounts(thread locked) We need variable typewriter modifications (thread locked)
  9. Publishing our unredacted operations report from last Thursday...
  10. Work women RNG is quite low where I'm at. 🤣 Go fly a D7 online, then go fly an albatros online, then come back and tells us which one was more fun.
  11. Omg that bristol at the end with the entire imperial air force in him lol
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