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  1. Rectal exams, sheep banging... MEPS sure has changed under Wilson.
  2. What is this "check six ww1 campaign" server??? Appears to be locked. (Ludendorff pounding on door with sword hilt at Liege) LET ME IN!
  3. US213_Talbot

    "Over There"

    Little recruiting video for our squadron. Enjoy!
  4. Larner spent weeks getting those feathers just right!
  5. Good lord. It's for fun. We are here and do all this for fun, right guys? Right? Guys?????? Hellooo????
  6. I don't. Your dr1 flies just like my dr1.
  7. Maybe he meant "pasties" as in the clubs he works in aren't full risque. I'm picturing roundels and iron crosses.......::shudders::
  8. Improperly executed Parachute Landing Falls. Most fun I've had with FC has been uninstalling Rise of Flight.
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