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  1. ^^^^^^^^ I second the thoughts and feelings on not knowing whether you actually put someone out of the fight. With the 3rd Pursuit Group claiming system its works really great with the historical immersion. How much do I want to risk just for a confirmation sort of thing. Initially did not like it but quickly saw the impact in style. Either way it never says it when you shoot the parachute.
  2. Well only one sentence difference, come now!
  3. I feel another "Fokker Blues" movie coming on. I've attached a screenshot of me trying to get the angle on the D7 right. I think I nailed it.
  4. Oh that guy? Oh he's the one you don't see that slips in behind and gets ya! 😘
  5. I wonder, since it seems connected to firing of the gun, if simply "test firing" a quick burst while on the ground might be a simple short term (fingers crossed) solution. Edit: I think I remember recording the incident of this happening on our training session. I'll have to check the tracks when I get a chance.
  6. This happened on a training night of ours awhile back. I don't think Larner was there. Baer was in D7, dont know if F or regular. I believe I was in a CL2(?) and I saw Baer entire time while Hunter could not see him. Baer in D7 sat on Hunters 6 and shot at him and all Hunter could see were bullets coming from an invisible plane. Was still like that the second time he spawned in and Hunter had to restart his PC to fix it. We had only 4 or so people in our training server at the time. We chalked it up to "well that was wierd." This is very disheartening because I was recently bounced by some fokkers that I know I should have seen. Likewise, I dont want to be bouncing parachutes when I'm invisible either as that's not very sporting.
  7. I know of only one dude knocked out like this and he was hit by an RPG.
  8. I like it because it forces one to fly very cautiously.
  9. Hes pinning another white max on his chest.
  10. ^ if you want to find the priiiivate I know where he his!
  11. Gc, I read that in Twilight Zone voice and was thoroughly entertained.
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