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  1. I would really like to know how many spads are flying with balloon guns in one month. I'm betting quite a lot less than people make it out to be...
  2. Yeah just listened to a podcast again and it quotes Ball in a Nieuport with 1 in 3 Buckingham in combat with 12 albatri during the battle of the somme.
  3. Very old fashioned idea, I like it. Let's keybind the wood mallet on the SXIII into my hand so I can beat off the weapon malfunction with it. Would be cool to look with one eye down the shaft of the gun breech and see a stove pipe flopping in the breeze. We could incorporate the current DM and make the girth of the handles more or less stiffy depending on the plane so you could break one off in your hand leaving you finished in front of your man. Would make combat very hard on going for a lot longer than the average 2 minutes.
  4. Go read Albert Ball's combat reports. He used Buckingham all the time.
  5. I got lazrrr sniped and blasted by AA several times. Now I warn everyone else and laugh at them falling dead when they don't take my advice lol
  6. @J5_Baeumer You got me listed twice, I know it's because I'm twice as sexy as everyone else.
  7. Someone call up the MP's! The reserve MP's too! The entire 22nd aero is to be arrested and tried on war crimes!
  8. I quit. The war crimes we've accumulated are just unbearable to shoulder.
  9. So if I'm carrying balloon guns and get attacked, I'm supposed to just let you kill me? That sounds fantastically one sided.
  10. To the OP, it was very common. As someone who alternates balloon guns and .303 daily, it's hit or miss.
  11. Hey man, You realize that this is not WWI right? I mean, walk outside and see it's not 1918 and you're not an actual WWI fighter ace. [edited] I think you need to step away from the front...
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