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  1. US103_Talbot

    Knights of the Sky Foundation

    I need to swing by! Will be headed down that way often coming up.
  2. US103_Talbot

    Skins - dirt or no dirt?

    If you just pay attention to where the exhaust is on the planes in historical pics, you can tell some were "clean" and others sometimes dirty just based on the exhaust residue on insignias or numbers there at the exhaust opening. I was also reading an article in cross and cockade the other day written by a pilot giving advice to new guys which specifically mentioned keeping a plane clean of mud as it affected performance or something. At the end of the day SOME weathering should be on there, if you like that, as opposed to crisp colors. It's all a matter of taste I suppose.
  3. US103_Talbot

    Skins - dirt or no dirt?

    I requested that mine be the most absolute dirtiest of the squadron and it is by far. If you download our newest skin pack there are around 20 planes in it all with varying degrees of dirtiness.
  4. US103_Talbot

    Skins - dirt or no dirt?

    Here's clean version. Larner made all of ours. He is our resident expert for sure.
  5. US103_Talbot

    Skins - dirt or no dirt?

    I prefer a dirty plane. More of a warpig rather than show bird.
  6. ^Give it a go. You won't be disappointed. Hell, $17 bucks is the cost for dinner.
  7. Yeah dude, you're going to burn yourself out before the game even comes out! That or you'll be the best camel pilot ever when the game comes out, lol I think the discord thing is working well. Plus there is this: https://il2.flying-barans.ru The FC servers just need to be on there/have one.
  8. US103_Talbot

    Skin 4k Pfalz DIIIa / Sopwith Camel / Spad XIII

    You should do SPAD XIII skins for each USAS pursuit aero.
  9. US103_Talbot

    Skin 4k Pfalz DIIIa / Sopwith Camel / Spad XIII

    Nice job! Posted this in our forums.
  10. US103_Talbot

    Coconut's dynamic campaign server

    Ideas: I know there aren't balloons now, but once they are here, need to have them coordinate with artillery fires. Shooting them down disrupts artillery etc. I don't know if its possible, but to add ground troops for strafing and vehicle columns everywhere. Could also do narrow guage rail transporting ammo, troops, arms etc from large railways to the front lines. Would be really cool if you could make the entire scenario revolve around actual events, st mihiel, meuse argonne- etc. AA trucks were moveable and in short supply. Could have them moving around the map staging at certain spots, rendering certain areas more dangerous than others. All these are long term suggestions of course. Should also figure out how to do "drumfire".
  11. US103_Talbot

    WWI Skins: PatCartier's Pot-Pourri

    Very good job!
  12. US103_Talbot

    The Flying Circus needs to end

    How about you just don't buy it. I appreciate the work on FC and it could be RoF with the inclusion of all those same planes, easily. I bought everything for RoF and don't feel that any of that is wasted money as it has provided YEARS of fun, and continues to do so. Again, it's a goddamn preorder.
  13. US103_Talbot

    Coconut's dynamic campaign server

    What is the pin thing and reserved plane about? This is cool and cant wait to see it tweaked for WW1.
  14. US103_Talbot

    [RoF] Join JG1 and 103d Aero on Wargrounds

    Hot off the press!
  15. I suggest a database, perhaps Google drive, to hold all these. Could also separate all the files into historical and nonhistorical. From there, entente/central. From there each country. Also a section for the various virtual squadrons. The link to the drive could be posted in the main forum here and you, or whomever you designate to run it, can be sent files to be uploaded to that main drive. This way, if someone only wants historical stuff, he can download only that, or only personal skins that they want.