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    Hello DEVS.! I gotta say I really enjoy this SIM in its entirety! Very good job by you all. However I think some things may have been overlooked. Trees for example don't seem to get blown apart when a 500k bomb blows up on them or near them. "Targets" hide n the trees for concealment or camo purposes and the trees block the blow of our bombs. Even on the next path, the trees are still doing their duty protecting the target. Shouldn't we be able to use our bombs to clear the trees so the next attacker maybe can hit the target? I don't have any snapshots of this but I have seen craters having trees still firmly planted in the hole. And I've seen buildings be destroyed with the trees still around them not even burned. Is there a possibility for you guys to look in to this please? Thank you from a dedicated 110 pilot.
  2. A new group will be forming if there is enough interest shown for it. There will be rules to live by for all the pilots who join up. Name of unit: Strategic Attack Group Blue Mission: destroy red targets to win maps primarily on combat box. Fighters will cover the attackers whenever attackers are flying, from base to target and back to base. Stay with the attackers. Attackers will attack the targets. If killed on sortie, wait for your team to return before respawning. This is to keep the unit together for each sortie. If there is shown enough interest we will look into skins for each aircraft having blue/white spinners, shark mouth on nose and blue triangles on tail, with blue numbers for each aircraft located on the tails as well. Will have yellow chevrons bottom of port wings for theater markings. We will not fly for the reds ever. If interested respond with a yes to this posting. I will check back here in one week. Good flying and good day all!
  3. That was quick Alonzo and Mobile BBQ! I live about 30 miles SE of Temple , The Republic of Texas, USA. in the country, no cable, no sat or DSL, only a mifi. The other stuff doesn't offer service here that's any good for the money. When I lose the server, I do back out of the game and re-enter. But I don't like taking the chance of loosing it again. My ping when I see one is between 80 and 100, I don't see it very often. I check the bad connection and locked server boxes. The trees don't actually "cover" the target but often do "surround" parts of it. I Understand the tack reason for them, because we would do the same when in the field, actually for the same reason. So when I am attacking a target traveling 700-800 kph {n a slow dive} it is hard to miss the trees, most of them are way taller than the target. Like the engineers at 3237 on closing the Ruhr pocket I believe, there is a group of hangers with trees on all 4 sides, with less trees on the side facing the town. like only one row of trees there. But the other sides have a lot of trees around them. that's what I meant about trees covering the target. And I do try to attack accordingly as much as possible. About Coconuts and a conversation here awhile back about airframe attrition. Coconuts used a point system for each player and you only had so many for each type of aircraft, unless u landed it safely at a forward base. In which case you had another on to fly until it was lost. Once you used up all the points for say attackers you had to fly something else, or not fly. This I believe was based on the moving of the front and supply, availability, and of course the pilots ability to "reserve" an aircraft. And the "better " aircraft cost more points to fly. So is this what kind of thing was being discussed here awhile back? I loved it and I don't think it caused many fliers to go elsewhere. Most of us really loved it and were lost when Coconuts was lost. I only see a few of those pilots today flying here, its a shame not to be able to see those guys much anymore. But I think using something like that here would work. Having said that, what u have here is as unique as Coconuts. One of a kind. That's why we r here! Im asking you not to ruin this server by doing like what I hear about other servers have done. Its home as it is! I Only wish more fighters would cover us bombers and attackers! LOL!!!
  4. I have a couple of questions and a suggestion. Q#1: Several times over the past few months I have noticed while starting my engines at any map, I was being shot at from some where, no enemy in the area. What's going here? I don't have vids or dates to review and the rounds seem to "splash" on impact and don't seem to be causing damage. Its annoying. Q#2: Somehow I lose connection with CBox severe but not with my internet connection or master severe, I don't understand how or why, but it affects my stats quite a bit and takes a long time making up lost "fair play index". I understand that if I were to leave the server n flight It should b held against me and reflect on my stats. But this just happens, most of the time without warning. Sometimes I get notified the sever has no position data on me. What could be done here? Suggestions? And a suggestion: there are lots of times I will be trying to bomb something covered by trees, the trees of course deflect the bombs but do not get destroyed at bomb impact area. They r still there for next sortie causing another "missed target". Can this b changed? I still enjoy CBox tremendously, please keep it fun to fly. I don't fly red so I cannot say much about their aircraft but the Bf110 is a sluggish large target in the air even though it is a heavy fighter. Its a real challenge to keep in the air when you are being attacked and worse when you loose an engine, flaps, etc. Its outclassed by pretty much everything in the air! Very hard to return from your sortie alive in this thing. Especially without cover! But I fly it because its a challenge to complete a sortie alive. So when I hear people complain about an aircraft or loadout, especially reds, I get more determined to b the best 110 pilot ever! {At least until the Bf410 and Ar234 come out.} Ok enough ranting.... Keep the sim/game going strong! Oh some of us Coconuts fliers were wondering if it would ever return or b compatible here n some way?
  5. thank u Turban! just flew y29. blues all worked as team for a change and we blew reds away with over an hour left on the map. but mission ended probably because we Won!
  6. I agree that if we blues would fight as a team, even when outnumbered by the red, the reds would never win! Even with the new aircraft. I see it so much when several of us attackers get a small escort, we take out our targets much faster and win more maps! But for some reason "we" cant seem to get working together as well as we should. I get shot down so many times because our fighters are out doing something else, and most don't answer when we call out for help. There are some who do and they give it their best but also get overwhelmed by the enemy. But that's what also happened in the war. too few, too late. I just wish we flew as team blue or team red and all wanted to win for their side! However I really enjoy Combat Box and hope for new missions! I also liked the old ones, maybe they could come back from time to time?
  7. Gents I cant tell you how much I miss Coconut's! And I also miss flying with a lot of pilots I don't see anymore because they haven't found a new home to fly at. I truly hope you can make it work! Thank You so very much! Good luck with getting it up and running again!
  8. Stu-Dh

    no trakir, no vr

    Ok fellas, I wasn't trying to start an argument. Only asking a question. Even though it appears it didn't come out right. For my inability to properly convey my thought's I am sincerely sorry.
  9. Stu-Dh

    no trakir, no vr

    I appreciate all the help for getting cheaper gear fellows, but I could go purchase all new top of the line gear{PC, VR, HOTAS and pedals} and pay cash for it. Lack of money on my part is not a problem. My point is the AI could potentially get to a point where no one can defeat it, where does it stop? Do you want AI to be so good? The AI should be the easiest to destroy. Playing other players should be the toughest. I Just want to be careful and not go to far with the AI development. Maybe I opened a can of worms here. That's not what I intended. Time to Fly now. Thank all of you for your input and suggestions. Maybe we'll meet in the sky!
  10. Stu-Dh

    no trakir, no vr

    Thank you sir. My hat switch is set to snap and pan. Its not that I cant afford any of this stuff, its more about why should we have to keep on buying and buying. I have already planed to get new gear all the way around. And yes Meow Sharfi is a very good pilot along with lots of others! MY complements to them! Even with snap view, the AI can out move my move and I loose them. Players don't always move so fast.
  11. I loved this game, really enjoyed it. That's why I don't fly any other game or even play any other game. But it is getting to the point where those of us who do not have VR or Trakir cannot compete with even the AI. I understand its always being developed and improved for all our enjoyment. But we are being forced to get better computers for the graphics, a head tracking device or VR, all so we can see our targets better. Where does it stop? Should a person spend so much more money on a game and maybe a gaming system along with all the flight gear, to keep playing? There is already in place a way to turn off markers for those who don't want or need them. There are also multiplayer servers that have normal settings so you can use the markers on switch. So why limit the markers, and keep making the AI all fly like aces? Realistically most pilots were pretty much rookies before they met their demise. Unfortunately, that's why they died. To make every fight the toughest one to date is totally UNREALISTIC! And its not fun any more when its constantly a major struggle like true life is to fly this game. Do we have to keep tweeking the AI and markers? I don't think so, but its not up to me. Thanks to anyone who reads this an everyone have a good day!
  12. I also had problems updating the past 4 days! But I saw Spyboy's and Sneaksie's comment on deleting the "updates" folder, and it worked! I can fly again! No probs with graphic that I can see. Thank u both very much!
  13. I forgot to tell you that I purchased this game through Steam as a download, not a cd. And now I run webroot without any problems with the other games. Id rather just purchase it again and reinstall it. if that's ok. I did the delete, completely, and fresh install. renamed the whole folder and its working perfectly! Many thanks sir!!!
  14. Clod worked just fine after I got this computer. My old one didn't handle the game. I liked clod for the time I did play it. As far as what happened,I was trying to use the editor and make a mission.after I tried to save that mission, I lost the use of clod. I couldn't tell you what I did wrong. But anyway, I'll delete both folders and try for a fresh install later tonight. What do I need to do when I'm ready for the reinstall, just like if i were logged in on another computer? Thanks
  15. Hello Buzzaw, thank you for replying. At the time the game stopped, I had no antivirus on my computer. I'm not very literate about computers and don't know what you mean by cache. I don't mind paying for the game again and reinstalling it. It's not a problem for me. I haven't tried clod for several months because I've been playing bom. But last night I got an update for clod and 1946. Thaught it might work again. I have seen nothing on the sight describing the whole string missing. But when I verify the game is present, it checks out. Just thaught we could get it going again. I forgot to tell you that I purchased this game through Steam as a download, not a cd. And now I run webroot without any problems with the other games. Id rather just purchase it again and reinstall it. if that's ok.
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